Letters to Citizens for Pets in Condos
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September 10, 2014, posted on our petition

I moved into a condo after I made sure my realtor knew I wouldn't move without my cat. I received the bylaws after escrow was signed and it stated NO PETS ALLOWED. I'm legally blind and signed a lot of paper work with my doctor's signature and condo paperwork and have my cat. Unfortunately others have seen my cat and now are complaining and those that had a pet under past management were given an ultimatum to get rid of them. This is not fair and as you said there are many pets that get killed who we were like to adopt. Please help! [NOTE: Unfortunately we do not get contact information with signatures on our petition. Please e-mail us at info@petsincondos.org or call 954 366.4555.]

March 29, 2014, posted on our petition

I live in Williamsburg, VA. My hubby & I own a condo ... in Ft. Myers, FL. We have vacationed there in the month of Feb. for the past 4 years. We adopted our Siberian Husky, Celli in Sept. 2012. We took her with us in Feb 2013 and Feb 2014. She is always on a leash, well behaved, doesn't bark or bother people or other dogs. We always pick up after her when she does her business and this past Feb, decided not to walk her on condo common grounds to do her business but to take her outside of the complex instead. Yesterday we received a letter from condo association stating that only dogs 18" in shoulder height and under are allowed. We are devastated since we cannot give her up nor can we sell the condo because it is worth less than what we paid for it. We plan to stay longer next winter since we will become 62 this year. We would like to stay for 2 months. There are condo owners who let their little dogs poop and do not pick it up. Plus some of the smaller dogs are very noisy. 

August 10, 2013, posted on our petition

I'm so frustrated that as a pet owner I am discriminated against in housing. Our pet is considered a "restricted breed." I have spent several days looking for a single family home with a fenced back yard to lease. I've found several suitable houses that are in my budget and I have been summarily dismissed because of our pet. I have leased a townhome in Palm Beach for 5 years that I've shared with my pet and my current landlord has offered to give me an excellent reference, which my realtor would not even consider. Our dog has not damaged anything on the property and has never harmed anyone. He’s been raised indoors. He will never be left unattended in a backyard and is well trained. Realtors scoff at me and show me shabby homes that are incredibly over-priced and "might" allow my dog. This is a form of housing discrimination and responsible pet owners should have better options.

Feberuary , 2013, posted on our petition

I am trying to move to florida for a job i am 58 and may have to give up a job to live and have no means of paying my bills , because floirda does not allow pets.

Janurary 20, 2013, posted on our petition

We have a beautiful white female German Shepherd. She is as clean and better behaved than most children. We want to move to coastal S. Florida and are having trouble finding a condo to accept her. If an association accepts cats and small dogs can they legally discriminate against larger pets

Janurary 20, 2013, posted on our petition

I am sooo! frustrated about finding a condo that will allow two small dogs that were raised as sisters since birth. I cannot separate them. Florida !

October 17, 2012, 1:23 PM

Still can't figure out the stand of condos on this- all they have to do is provide a nice "doggie park" (maybe in conjunction with local Parks and Rec, as they did in Lake Orion.  Also a walking path in the condo grounds with a few "clean up stations" - I've fought for these for years here, and finally it looks like it's happening.  We have a beautiful park alongisde the xxxx River where people love to walk their dogs. 90% of the people carry "doggy poop bags", and it is a great place for residents to get together. --Bev Luther, Michigan

September 22, 2012, posted on our petition

I used to live in a condo and knew many lonely elderly people would secretly keep cats to give them comfort and companionship. It is a terrible crime to have so many adoptable cats and so many wonderful seniors and others who have loving homes available and desperately need the friendship cats provide. I also read about a disabled woman who had no family and no other support who was cruelly forced to give up her cat. This is a wonderful effort and will save and enrich the lives of both people and animals. A great cause!!

August 26, 2012, posted on our petition

I am renting out my place due to financial reasons. No studio will take my medium size dog who is a sweetie. He is 8 years old and is calm. Please consider lifting the ban on us older people. We need companions. Please.

August 19, 2012, posted on our petition

My husband and I are actively seeking a condo on the ocean in Florida. Our family dog of 8 years will go with us but we are having trouble finding a condo that takes dogs over 20-30 pds We will find one but our dog is 65 pds and very well behaved. Florida needs to reform these restrictions

August 12, 2012, posted on our petition

My husband and I are actively seeking a condo on the ocean in Florida. Our family dog of 8 years will go with us but we are having trouble finding a condo that takes dogs over 20-30 pds We will find one but our dog is 65 pds and very well behaved. Florida needs to reform these restrictions

May 5, 2012, posted on our petition

I recently sold my home and it was nearly impossible to find a condo that would accept my 10 lb Shihtzu. I was shocked to learn that so many people have to live alone with no animal companions. I believe South Florida has become anti-pets and it is disgusting.

February 8, 2012, 6:18 AM

I moved here four years ago from New Jersey.  When we purchased our condo we were not advised that dogs were not allowed.  We found this out two days prior to moving to Floirda.  At that time we had a little Yorkie Poo and we were very fortunate to find a very good home for him.  It broke both our hearts to know that after raising our little guy from a pup we had to give him away.  We were depressed for months as he was our little guy and part of our family. 

After we moved to Florida it became known to us that many owners had small pets of both cats and dogs.  Cats were allowed but dogs were not.  This appartently did not stop many owners from having a dog. 

My husband and I were extremely upset to see that many people had dogs and we had just had to find a home for ours and give our little guy away only a few months prior.  My husband became extremely depressed and had to seek medical treatment over the loss of our little guy.  We were given a note from the physician to obtain a dog for my husbands mental well being.  I went out and found a little toy Yorkie and he has been with us for over two years now.  He is the love of our lives. 

Recently, we were advised that although the rules and regulations for our association are allowing dogs that are registered with the office that if you are found walking the dog on the premesis you will now be fined. 

My issue is that our Condo Docs permit Cats, but not dogs.  Is this not discrimination?

What can we do to get this association to pass through its condo docs that small dogs are allowed. 

I personally feel that people should be allowed to have either a cat or dog.  Some are allergic to cats and some are allergic to dogs.  I feel everyone should have the right to care for a pet.  Our little guy can never replace our other little guy, but my husband has been doing great and has not had severe depression now for over two years. 

Can you help us to prevent them from fining us for walking our little guy.  We are responsible owners, our little guy never does his duty anywhere but in the house on his little green grass pad.  He does not bark when he is out on his walk.  He has never bit anyone, he just loves to be walked.  They want to stop this now and others.

It just is not fair that these other people can have cats, let them run free and those with dogs have to hide them and be afraid to walk them out in the public open and freely. 

February 2, 2012, posted on our petition

After looking for over year and a half, I finally made have an offer pending on a small condo that I was fortunate to get on the eve of my 60th birthday. As I was reading the bylaws tonight I noticed that one "ordinary" pet was allowed per unit. This included dogs cats, fish, hamsters -- and, most horribly -- birds. I have three parakeets right now, one a rescue 'keet. These little feathery chirpy things have been part of my life since I was seven. I've never had an issue with any of my multiple 'keets in any of the condos I've rented over the past 40 years -- and yet now ... I will not move if it means having to give up any one of my feathered companions. I have no close family and the majority of my friends live outside my state. The only jobs that are open to me at my age and in my field are here. Had I read the condo bylaws prior to making an offer, I would have not proceeded with the buying process. I can no longer climb the steps where I've been renting for 10+ years, but it's simply not fair to have only one tiny bird in a cage -- and I refuse to separate my own three, all of whom have come to rely on me and each other to meet the most basic of affiliation needs.

January 14, 2012, posted on our petition

Where I live want to kick us out because of having pets in. We have been living here for 8 years and had the dog for 2, almost 3 years. And now they having problems. They never knew we had an animal until now. My dog does not disturb anyone, or has hurt anyone before. I don't see the problem of having him here. (Orlando, FL)
November 4, 2011, posted on our petition

I HATE HOA's and the Boards that will not allow me to have my dog who has lived here for a few years due to their HOA rules of not getting a pet once your pet dies, you cannot get a replacement pet, and i got my dog after my step mother had put my fathers dog to sleep as a theraphy dog for my father! It is un fair, we are home owners in this unit, they should buy us out if we cannot have or dog here!

October 23, 2011, posted on our petition

Living in condo those days are hard.The board has all the autorithy to change or be againts pets. And the DBPR doesn't work.Pets are family,are the best company,confort and loving for nothing. Why you can help us to change laws regarding Pets in condominium.Please help us and we always be remember this with our vote and support. Thanks

October 21, 2011, posted on our petition

I have searched for weeks and hours on end for a 55+ community that will allow my 60 lb dog to no avail. Simply put I wont give her up and I'll stay in IN for the winter.

October 20, 2011, posted on our petition

Tenants should be able to go through the same screening and approval processes as owners. Just because we rent does not mean we are the scum of the earth. The pet crisis is serious and as an animal lover I would love to be able to foster and save animals but instead the associations are enabling renters and contributing to the death of so many animals that are wanted. This needs to change NOW!

October 17, 2011, posted on our petition

I am looking for a home in FL; as a former Florida resident I am aware of the problem looking for a home where pets are welcomed. Come on, they are part of our families!

October 8, 2011, posted on our petition

Both I and my husband have been awarded social security disability. As we age, the need for a companion animal grows by leaps and bounds............for both emotional and physical activity encouragement. The ban on animals must end both in New York and Florida. The likelihood is that this is becoming a national necessity due to our ever-increasingly aging population.

September 20, 2011, posted on our petition

Real estate lawyer rented us a condo that is supposed to be pet friendly so we moved in. The lawyer did not tell us there was a 25 lb weight limit, our chow mix is about 45lbs. Association said get rid of it or move, now lawyer has amnesia. Fair housing said it was his fault.My wife and I are both disabled and this condo was perfect for us.

September 19, 2011, posted on our petition

I am SO happy to hear about this!!! I had to use a legal loophole (meaning getting a doctor's note) in order for us to adopt our cat Chloe from the Broward Humane Society. If this passes, I know some of my neighbors (mostly elderly) would most definitely be interested in adopting as well!!! :)

September 13, 2011, posted on our petition

My husband and I are wanting to retire to florida..We have 2 cats that we dearly love...I can see there are a lot of condos that do not allow pets...I dont see why...If I own this space shouldnt I be allowed to have pets.

September 12, 2011, posted on our petition

I am trying to buy a condo in Palm Beach County, but I as is my wife, disabled. We have a dog that is essential to our mental and physical health. We are having a hard time finding a place that will accept our dog. This needs to be changed. Dogs have served humans very well. During my time in the military I used dogs for many tasks, all of which assisted with the defense and protection of the U.S.A. But no, they can't live in many places in Florida. Why?

September 5, 2011, posted on our petition

I have a larger dog (fatter) than the 20-30lbs most places allow. We adopted our dog when she was 4 mos old and came from abusive situation. She has thrived ever since and is the most loyal well behaved companion we could have asked for. She is now past age 13 and still going strong. I would not give her up and feel completely at a loss when trying to find a place to rent or lease where I can keep her. It is so not fair to keep us from having a decent place to live because she is too big or because I have her at all. Animals are proven to help people stay happy and healthy and my dog has certainly helped me and my family not only be happy but feel safe. Why should having a loyal companion be a problem for anyone? It has become ridiculous and unfair to try to keep a pet when renting or leasing and even when buying a home, condo or apt. Give us a break!

August 31, 2011, posted on our petition

I live in a condo in a small working-man's community. A Florida couple bought a unit and live here only seven or eight months out of the year and maintain their Florida residency. They are trying to change our policies here, including our pet policy (which has not been a problem for over a decade.) We are informed that "in Florida" things are done blah, blah, blah. There are two or three cats in this complex and in all the years I've lived here there have been zero complaints. I just happened to stumble upon your web site and found it uplifting. I hope your organization can make a difference when it comes to pets, people, and condos --- especially when rules are being changed "after the fact" after people have purchased and lived with the original set of rules with no problems.

August 22, 2011, posted on our petition

My townhouse association which is in a neighborhood with many pets owners and is great for walks, does not allow any size dog.

August 16, 2011, posted on our petition

In my condo here in xxxxx, they banned pets.

August 15, 2011, posted on our petition

I miss my dog really bad and I want to have she back home for the last 5 years but my condo don't accepted any type of dog what should I do? what letter from the Doctor I need any one knows? Thank You!!!

August 22, 2011, 9:39 PM

I had five different parties interested in renting my small unit in Jupiter area of Florida. Of these, two wanted to be long term renters. 

One of these two would have rented for years on end as she does not want to own a home. She has two small dogs, one of which is a therapy dog.

One of the ladies has lived in my complex for years and owned two different units.  She has a cat.  This lady loves Florida and loves the complex but no longer wants to come because her cat is not welcome by the association.  Behind the scenes, however, the minister told us that there are more than 50 cats in the complex illegally. 

I don't want to break the rules for myself but don't mine others living their own lives with respect of others in the complex.  This lady feels the same way.  My complex allowed animals fifteen years ago but someone got on the board who doesn't like animals.  Otherwise, we have decided that it was the new condominium complex manager arriving about that time who dislikes pets.  They pushed the rule in under the carpet so to speak when other items were being voted upon.

However, and to the point, because my condominium complex no longer allows pets, I was not able to rent my unit to any of them!  This is a major financial loss to me due to these people when at the time I moved here pets were allowed!

I am very, very, very disappointed to say the least.  I also have a dog but cannot bring her here at this time.

August 6, 2011, posted on our petition

Should not be weight limit on dogs, also how can a dog who is grandfathered in, suddenly be told to pay $100/day for their dog or get rid of their dog?!

July 28, 2011, posted on our petition

I truly believe that if MORE animals were allowed to live in Condos and apartments we would have less euthanizations being done and more people happily living with a pet. I believe that RESPONSIBLE people should be allowed to have the number of animals they can properly care for in a home, apartment or condo within the guidelines of local municipal regulations. Of course 'properly cared for' means the animals should have food, protection AND supervision so they do not become a nuisance to other homes or occupants. They should have a CLEAN environment to live in both inside and outside. ALL animals should be registered with local authorities in case of emergencies and to be assured that allare healthy and cared for. Local authorities should work WITH condo associations and HOA's to maintain and HELP individuals enjoy the company of their pets. [Citizens for Pets in Condos agrees with this post. The concept of CIDs or association-run housing is based on moving some city / county functions to self-run communities. Lack of government involvement has had negative consequences for responsible pet owners!]

July 26, 2011, posted on our petition

Miami Dade county bites and it seems all of FLA is following that path! This is crazy.

July 26, 2011, posted on our petition

was hoping to move to Florida eventually. Will never do so if this is the case.

July 21, 2011, posted on our petition

When I bought my town home, small pets were allowed. The rules changed, now pets are not allowed, not even allowed to have an animal VISIT. I have requested an Emotional Support dog alowance from my HOA, TWICE, I have been refused. I have submitted documentation that I am being treated for both anxiety and depression, on top of grief. I now have an attorney and am going to submit another request with intent to suit. I will be including documentation from my physician, and my grief counselor as well. I will also resubmit my commitment to keep my animal at under ten pounds, paper trained, and never left alone to bark and annoy my neighbors. Further I will submit my commitment to canine good citizenship training. I believe that pet ownership is indeed a commitment and a pet owner must be responsible for their pet. I have and will again, offer a monetary "deposit" that the HOA will have as a symbol of my commitment. I must object, strongly, to not just having to live with terrible grief, anxiety and depression,battling these, handicaps daily, but I must battle my neighbors as well. I must strongly object to being forced to take even more medication to manage my symptoms when my physician and counselor recommend an Emotional Support dog and a REDUCTION of my medication.

July 16, 2011, posted on our petition

One of my major requirements before buying a home was to verify it was pet friendly and had no pet restrictions. I was amazed at how difficult that was. I'm a responsible pet owner and believe that if I own my home I should be able to keep pets.

July 5, 2011, 8:26 AM

In my development it depends on the gate you live in.  In my gate peole need a medical note from a doctor to have a pet.  I am freindly with one woman in my gate who hasa friendly afghan hound, and some residents are upset cause her dog is large, not little.  In another gate dogs arenot allowed at all and in athird they are allowed without medical notes.  Very wierd here.

July 3, 2011, 10:48 PM

I have suffered from high anxiety all my life and Im on meds-my little chihuahua Aspen has been very helpful in keeping me calm in stressful situations but I still have to hide her in my condo eventhough Im under doctors care- been hidding her for 6 years- shes only 3 pounds- it very distressing but there nothing I can do - I could be fined if Im found with her in my building-thank you for all your efforts- if people only knew how medicinal dogs are to people like me...but they dont understsnd.

June 28, 2011, posted on our petition

at this time I live in my parent's home because I can't find decent places, or places that charge more $ than I can afford in miami if I have a pet, which I have 4 dogs, it's because of these animal haters that you have so many pets in the streets and shelters, they need to open their eyes and stop trying to fill their wallets

June 20, 2011 10:31 PM

I am a teacher. I have no children of my own. I have no companion at home.I have no pet for 13 yrs. I could not move due to financial reasons to a PET friendly Apartment/condo.

 I own my condo its paid off. I want to stay here.

What choice does one have like me for an emotional support to
come home to ??

Depressed, lonely, and sad. I even left my job for a year ( leave) I couldn't take it anymore. I volunteered to walk my friends dog during the day !

How many more people do you know with my situation ?
Have you ever "WALKED in my shoes" to empathize ??

Doctors agree pets are therapy ..

I got a note from the DR now and I HAVE MY ANIMAL ..!
I couldn't wait anymore ...........

June 18, 2011, posted on our petition

In the past year I helped a neighbor to get a dog for a pet free condo. We retained Ms Marcey LaHart and I'm happy to say my friend was able to keep her puppy.

June 14, 2011, posted on our petition

We live up North and own a condo in south Florida. We are ready to move down south but pets are not allowed. Our rescued dog is like one of our children. Could we just leave her behind? That would be sinful as well as detrimental to us.

June 4, 2011, posted on our petition

my sweet cat passed away and I am told I cannot have another one. It breaks my heart that I cannot save another.

June 3, 2011, posted on our petition

Humane treatment of people-let them have pets in their own homes-should be a constitutional amendment

May 30, 2011, posted on our petition

I visit Florida every year with my two dogs. This year, while our condo is being renovated, I had to rent a condo in Juno Beach and was made aware of this issue. What a disgrace that certain condo assoc. would make someone choose between their beloved companion ( and most of the time, better mannered than a child) and a place to live. It should be about pet responsibility and not how much a dogs weighs or how many you have.

May 27, 2011, posted on our petition

I own a condo that I presently rent out. If I could live there with my two dogs I would move there and save a lot of money since the condo has no mortg.

May 15, 2011, posted on our petition

Few condos allowed pets here 8 years ago. I finally found one however many make the compromise and it's so sad to see anyone leave their best friends behind.

May 11, 2011, posted on our petition

My family and I are preparing to relocate to Florida. It would be absolutely heartbreaking to my four children if we were to have to leave their beloved dog here in Virginia, just because we will be living in a condominium. It is a violation of our rights as responsible pet owners to not allow us to have our animals in our own, private dwellings, that we have spent our hard-earned money to purchase.

May 11, 2011, posted on our petition

condo docs allow pets, new board is trying to fine pet owners and trying to enforce old rules that have not ever been enforced. My life would be empty without my cat

May 7, 2011, posted on our petition

Secretly harbored animals for more than 5 years...any rights???

May 4, 2011, posted on our petition

My doctor has recommended me to have a pet as a companion because of my health condition (depression); however, I live in a senior community that does not allow animals. I have solicited to the Home Owners Association to allow me to have a dog, I submitted a letter from my physician and also an affidavit from my psychiatry, but the HOA denied me the right to have a pet as a companion and still asking for more and more paperwork.

April 14, 2011, posted on our petition

I am Living in a condo,after Husband died Had to resort to emotional support enimal,he is my live!!!! and thru Lawers and Hud finaly could have my little well behaved Maltese. Thanks for all the support.

April 14, 2011, posted on our petition

All her life, my mom had a pet. She always had a little furry companion (or 2) to keep her company. Once she moved into a private condo in the Boca Raton area, she was not allowed to have even a cat to keep her company. My father passed away in 2008 and she gradually sunk into a deep depression...not having any companionship with her I'm sure helped to expedite this depression.We finally moved her in with us as we almost 'lost her.' We have several pets in our home and while we're at work / school, they definitely help to keep her company.PLEASE consider allowing people in condos to own pets! Even if there were restrictions, this is a VERY important issue and needs to be changed!

April 27, 2011 9:41 PM

I have a friend in Boca and had dinner with him and his wife last Sunday. They condo doesn't allow dogs they told me and his wife really wants one. Seems like they are far and few between that do allow dogs.

April 1, 2011, posted on our petition

Trying to find an apartment for my aging mum and her companion dog, Fifi is proving to be a real problem as she relies on the dog for company and emotional support. Its a huge restriction that should be waived for responsible pet owners.

March 30, 2011, posted on our petition

I have a doctor's prescription urging me to get a small dog since my diagnosis of TBI (traumatic brain injury) due to being the victim of a head-on collision by a drunk driver last year. After 3 mths of waiting to hear from the BOD, they 'jerked' me around longer still and even though they said yes at first, they changed their minds without giving me a reason. My health has been declining tremendously since and I feel there is nothing I can do for fear of retaliation if I do get a small dog. The president of bldg has a cat living w him and others in bldg as well as other dogs yet without the board knowing.

March 27 9:28 AM

Thanks to your informative site, we leaned about ESA dogs and my husband has gotten a letter from his primary care doc and a therapist. Our condo is fine with the dog--who happens to be wee wee trained--but says we are still not allowed to have the dog walk on the property or go to the bathroom outside. I can't believe this is true since it is just chance that we have a small dog. Everything I've read implies that reasonable adjustments must be made and I would think allowing a dog to do his thing on the grass would be included.After all, if we had gotten a large ESA dog, it would have been impossible to house train him and carry him off the property.

Can you advise us about this and/or direct us to a place where it would be more explicitly stated?

[NOTE: We refered them to HUD at (800) CALL-FHA or (800) 225-5342 for clarification on reasonable accomododation to have a dog as an emotional support animal. We agree with the writer that a real reasonable accomodation has yet to be made in this case.]

March 13, 2011, posted on our petition

I would like to purchase a condo in florida but have had difficulty finding pet friendly buildings. Fortunately, i do not have to live there, but many people have no other option. I want to support those pet owners.

March 5, 2011, posted on our petition

I am an elderly woman and my husband passed away 3 1/2 years ago. I adopted 2 Pomeranians, and they are great companions and they give me a reason to get up in the morning and they make me happy. I cannot stay in Florida at my condo for long, because they are not allowed and I'm back feeling lonely and depressed. To be able to bring my babies here would take away the loneliness and the blues!

March 4, 2011, posted on our petition

We have a sweet little 8lb mix dog that we rescued just after we bought our condo. Now we are not allowed to take her with us.My husband is recovering from a closed head injury . He is very attached to our dog and can't bear to leave her behind. What are we to do? We took her with us last winter and no one knew she was there until someone regonized me walking her at the park.Some people are just hateful. I received a letter telling me not to bring her back or I will be fined $100 a day. If I could sell this condo I would. If I did sell it, the state of Florida would loose. all the revenue and taxes we generate for Florida. Maybe more people would be willing to invest in some of those condos that have gone unsold for months, if more Florida condos became a pet freindly state.

March 1, 2011, posted on our petition

My mother recently lost her husband, and lives hundreds of miles from her children and grandchildren. Her pet is a blessing to her and to us all; a true companion, friend, and clearly a benefit to any condo building. I do not understand why responsible pet owners are punished for the issues of a small handful of irresponsible pet owners and yappy animals. Please increase visibility of the importance of pets for our aging and beloved seniors!!

February 28, 2011, posted on our petition

We have to get rid of our ten year old cats. Our new home forbids them. I'm broken hearted and worried that they will look for us and meow with sadness. This is a purchase so what's the concern? Not fair to Cleo and Sheba; not fair to me. I love them so. It's the xxxxx (55+ community) in Coconut Creek, FL. ... I hope you can get rid of this rule. Thank you.

February 27, 2011, posted on our petition

My association requires some people to fully disclose diagnosis while not requiring anything from others. Very discriminatory. PLEASE HELP!!!!

February 23, 2011, posted on our petition

For 5 months i looked for a place to live and all the nice condo's in aventura did not allow dog, (HOA) needs to change...

February 20, 2011, posted on our petition

We own 2 beachfront condos in Sarasota, xxxxxx xxx. We have a dog who is not only a support animal but a family member. Please get this rediculous rule changed for all of the owners that would like to use what they paid dearly for but are discrimated against by the management companies and their boards.

February 16, 2011 5:35 PM

Our original bylaws state that small dogs under 20 pounds ARE allowed in our condo association. The new president gave us Rules & Regulations where he states NO dogs are allowed. I am not aware of any amendment to our bylaws regarding this issue. I am sending the Board of Directors a certified letter requesting copies of the amendment, Minutes of the meeting (Date also) and copy of where it was registered with the county. The Ombudsman office told me to do this. I have tried to look up our bylaws & amendments for xxxxx Condo Association under Broward County Official Records and have had no luck.

January 20, 2011 7:49 PM

...I am writing because all size dogs should be allowed.  Changing the situation for all dogs under 40 pounds defeats the purpose.
I am very strongly in favor of all size dogs allowed in condominium complexes.
The size of a dog does not determine the dog or problems with dogs.
If anything, small dogs bark more and tend to be more annoying and not so friendly.

I have a labrador retriever.  She is the daughter of a 9/11 Search and Rescue dog.  She is extremely smart and has stopped a heart attack in action among other safety acts.  She is amazing!  She rarely barks &, then, only once to alert you of something wrong.  There is almost always something wrong when she barks.  She shows love & kindness to everyone.  Big dogs that I know do this.  Of course, some breeds are different than others but labradors and golden retrievers the two most sought after pets and are loving to all.

Our condominium association allowed dogs, cats or pets in general.  
However, someone (s) slid in this rule to be voted with a rule change that was for something else.  We were angry as were others.  Many of the people vote with the board regardless of what the rule change is or in this case rules change without even seeing what is being voted on.  These people often are not residents of Florida so it is not something they may pay as much attention to but some are also residents of Florida.

People should be responsible for their dogs.  If not, fine them!  If they are fined three or five times in a quarter, then, fine them more with each issue.  However, people can be nasty when someone's dog has done nothing wrong, too.
Either way, the association is making money off of these person which helps the condo association & everyone's assessments.

January 14, 2011 7:29 AM

A while back, I lost my best friend and companion of 14.5  years.   I still am  not healed but I dveloped  bleeding ulcer and high blood pressure..
I just (last week) rescued a sweet dog who may have been a breeder at one time(her teeth are real bad) and she has been severely neglected by a string of owners. 
My Doctor wrote a letter saying it was necessary for my health to have a companion dog. 
The board said TOO BAD, get out.  NO DOGS  (she is only 6.5 lbs and I walk her out of the village 2x /day.    ANY SUGGESTIONS? 

Monday, December 27, 2010, posted on our petition

I will be forced to sell my condo if I am not allowed to have a visiting guest with her dog visit me in my condo.

Thursday, December 23, 2010, posted on our petition

I was able to get an emotional support animal but not without a lawsuit at my association. I hope this goes inot law soon. So many people need an animal.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010, posted on our petition

We wouldn't know what to do without our little 5 lb yorkie. He makes our later years so much more joyful. We were unable to sell our house and move into my husbands condo as planned because it would not let us bring our little one.

Thursday, December 2, 2010 12:19 PM

I have a "situation" that may me think you can help me. I have a 7 years old boy, he loves cats since ever, is a kind a love that I can't explain, it is amazing. I couldn't have more babies and for him it is not easy to make friends, so we decided to get him a cat, since this cute and amazing animals are so quite and peaceful. The problem is in the building we live it is that the pets are not allowed...

Sunday, November 28, 2010 12:15 AM

 I bought a condo in xxxx xxxxxxx in Delray Beach. I am trying to get my dog allowed in the condo and have provided a letter from a psychologist requesting the need for my emotional support animal. I have just recently moved to Florida from California and that is my issue.
Administration has not said no yet but is requesting another letter from California because I had only been seeing the Florida doctor for one month. Does not the letter already provided have enough merit being that the letter was signed and notarized by a licensed therapist under penalty of perjury?
In California I lost my business, let go many employees, some friends, lost all of my real estate holdings, sold personal assets to move myself and my 84 year old mother who lives with me for the last 21 years and her small dog "Buddy", moved to the East coast and then sadly and unexpectedly lost my mother on Thanksgiving Day last year.
My circumstance is true, I do not want anyone to lie for me but I could never live anywhere without this little dog, he is truly all I have left and we found him as a stray. I cannot abandon him.

Thursday, November 4, 2010, posted on our petition

I have grew up with dogs, and moved into a condo that allowed him, but the landlord let the condo foreclose and we had to move. The landlord to place we are in now said the dog was okay and there was nothing in the bylaws, but a lady knocked on my door yesterday and said we had until monday to get rid of him. There are other dogs that live in the building bigger than mine but she said they recently changed the bylaws to a 30lb limit. I am at a loss...my lease says he is okay, but I refuse to get rid of my dog. It's ridiculous how people put all of these laws. They should give them a chance and if they screw it up then say something to them. It's right before the holidays and now I have to worry about the condo association evicting us even though we were told we could have the dog...depressed about this.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010, posted on our petition

I would like to know where I stand with my condo board. I have written to them attaching a letter from my psychiatrist telling them a small dog (7-8lbs would help me with my depression. They refused. Can they legally do this? Help [Note: We do not get contact info when people sign our petition, so we have no way to assist this person.]

Monday, October 25, 2010, posted on our petition

I have to be a owner in my condo to have a small dog-found out the day I moved in and accepted the place only because I was able to get a dog-VERY disappointed

Monday, October 25, 2010, posted on our petition

I live in a condo with 3 buildings and one is allow dogs and mine is not!! How unfair is that!!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010 5:10 PM

I moved into a condo about 14 years ago, knowing that they did not permit dogs or cats. During the first 4 years I reside, I saw many owners and renters with cats. Some of them were even board members and also the President of the board. I found a kitten in 1999 and adopted him, and then in 2003 I found a lost cat who I also ended up adopting since his owners could not be found.

Whenever an issue came up regarding the owners having cats here, the board said we are not discussing cats here anymore, and they even wanted to update their bylaws to have cats legally here.1 owner voted no, while everyone else voted yes, but because of that 1 vote, it was dropped, and the owners and renters continued to have their cats.

It is now 14 years, and my cats are 11 and 10 years old. I am in a lawsuit with a neighbor which unfortunately involved the board too. Anyway, the president came over to me and told me that because my upstairs complained about my cats, she is now going to enforce the no pet policy here in our condo. I have been informed that if you have a pet for x amount of years, you are grandfathered in to keep your pet. I am not sure if this works for a bylaw that was never enforced.

Sunday, October 03, 2010 5:10 PM

I have owned a condo on Ft. Myers Beach since 1996. At the time of purchase there were no bylaws specific to pets, but we were told pets were allowed. Then, in 2003 the bylaws stated no pets. I thought since we had purchaed in 1996 our pets (two small dogs; 7lbs each; would be allowed. Now they say the law says no. The pets had to be born before the purchase year. Attorneys in my present home town disagree. I am trying to get the name of our association' attorney, but keep getting the run around.

Friday, October 01, 2010 5:10 PM

I have an emitional support dog and very happy that I won my case. However I have seen other unit owners be denied. We really need our government to step in. It will lower court cost and lower health insurance as well as improving our heath over all!

Thursday, September 30, 2010, 1:27 PM

I own three dogs which are my children. I recently started renting in a condominium that seemed very lenient on the dog restrictions. My next door neighbor owns 3 dogs and there are many dogs over 30 lbs. However, in the bylaws, it states only one dog per household is allowed. I recently received a letter stating that I was in violation. At this point, I'm at loss and have to start looking for a new place because I would NEVER part with my babies.

Monday, September 27, 2010, 1:27 PM

My dog is part of my family and my responsibility. I drive her away from my condo development every day for a walk. She never steps foot on condo property outside of my house. She weighs less than a cat. My neighbors like her, yet I'm being sent letters that I will have to pay $100 a day to have her in a condo that I OWN.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010, 1:27 PM

xxx xxxxx dog owners are receiving threats from Association to change the rules and denny renters with pets. They are trying to maintain the building clean. The solution is education of pet owners on responsible ownership and citizenship plus more areas where dogs can relieve themselves

Monday, September 13, 2010, 1:27 PM, posted on our petition

Pets are ohana, don't overburden local shelters by limiting the amount of available housing.

Sunday, September 12, 2010, 1:27, posted on our petition

I'm in a legal battle with my condo over my service dog. I can imagine what other folks are going through. Stop the madness!

Friday, September 10, 2010, 1:27 PM

Due to my emotional support animal, I have been caused a mountain of problems due to one man on Board of Directors in one small section of a large condominium (about 3,500). Due to my health, I was prescribed an emotional support animal. I have no choice but to now live with my parents where dogs are allowed when you move in, but once they die, you cannot get another one. However, cats are allowed regularly. The way I and my parents have been treated by one or two particular men trying to do whatever they can to get every dog out of this section of this large community due to his hatred for animals, which was told to me. First they said I had to become a permanent resident, which I have. I had letters from my doctor in Kansas City, the one who originally prescribed this animal. That wasn't good enough for them, though the letter was updated from him for this year. They then wanted a letter from a Florida psychiatrist, still not good enough. They then said I needed to be put on the Deed as an owner with my parents. They then said I had to be put down as a renter from them for just a dollar a week. My parents then received a letter stating "We want to know when your daughter's husband died and why and when she moved to Kansas City. My personal information regarding my health has been put out there like it was in the newspaper. My parents are under so much stress it is effecting their health, my health and also our relationship tremendously. We have complied with every request they have made and they even had the nerve to say they had a complaint I wasn't picking up after my dog. I have always, it was one complaint from someone who makes faces at me from her window, she has her own mental problems, though I don't know the letter came from her, due to no proof of any complaint being filed against me. People from other communities walk their dogs in this area. In addition, I heard in the other sections of the condominium all that is needed is a note on a prescription pad from a doctor stating they are in need of an emotional support animal.

I'm sorry to go on and on, but want to do something to fight this and make people like this not able to have such control over others in need of an animal due to their own preferences and their position.

Saturday, September 4, 2010, posted on our petition

my family owns our own condos - we as pet owners are knowledgable enough to care for, and pick up after our pets and should be allowed to bring them into our own property.

Saturday, August 29, 2010, posted on our petition

We live in a condo at xxxxx codos. Had to move back here after we had to forclose on our home in Ocala with our dog. we have been here for 2 years now, since 2008 and have had the dog the whole time and now they are telling us we are going to have to get rid of him. He is a service dog in training and posses the CGC and has been though 2 years of training. We do not want to get rid of our family member.

Saturday, August 29, 2010, posted on our petition

My boyfriend and I have three dogs. It took us a year to buy a home because of the ridiculous laws that these associations apply to having pets. You pretty much need a 2 lb dog for these associations to consider your application. One association actually told us to get rid of the dogs! As if you can just get rid of your loved pets for some property. We ended up buying a home where there's no association present to delegate what we can or cannot have. Best of luck with this petition! It's very much needed

Wednesday, August 25, 2010, posted on our petition

My 86 year old mother would love to have a small pet-she lives alone in her condo and is a widow-no pets allowed!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 9:57 PM

I have a 13 1/2 yr old service dog who has had to retire from public "work".  I just acquired a new dog in training to be a service animal.  I own my villa and am well aware of my rights to own service animal(s) both under federal and state laws.

HOWEVER....My HOA board sent a certified letter demanding that I "dispose of 1 dog w/in 15 days".  I mailed a response to them w/ an enclosure of FAQ's from the Dept. of Justice re service animals.  I stated that "neither dog is considered a "pet", both are service animals and neither will be disposed of".  I also informed them that under Florida law an HOA cannot "selectively enforce HOA rules" and since they have chosen to overlook the many homeowners with 2 "pet dogs" or homeowners with "pet dogs" far in excess of the 20lb. weight limit, they cannot just choose to enforce the rule with me.

Monday, August 16, 2010, posted on our petition

I've never been without an animal in my 33 years. Since the economical crisis I've had to move into a condo that does not allow dogs. And I am miserable without my animal.

Monday, July 19, 2010, posted on our petition

1:57 pm PDT, Jul 19, Lucky canine mom Florida, Florida
My condo association came after me 5 yrs ago even though my dog had been living here for 4 years. I hired a lawyer and fought back. Needless to say they finally approved my dog without me having to go to court. I was one of the lucky ones, but no one should have to go thru the trauma and battle to keep their loving, precious animal companion. This should absolutely be against the law for any association to infringe upon my personal rights and try to dictate who and what can reside in my home

Sunday, July 18, 2010, posted on our petition

...Maggie.... [a] white and black Rat Terrier of fifteen pounds... is the sweetest dog we ever had. Her love for the family is unprecedented. I must make a correction before I start talking about Maggie. She is my mother's dog. I bought this wonderful friend while my father was fighting with cancer. She never left his side and watched over him day and night.
When dad passed away she knew her duty was to take care of my mom and cheer her up whenever she could. To this day if not for Maggie my mom would have not survived losing dad after 60 years of marriage.

With the way life gives and takes we were faced with a real challenge just after we sold her house in Port St Lucy Florida to move her closer to us in Pompano Beach. To find a residence where a dog is welcomed is not a small task. We have a thee bedroom condo on the beach which could have been the perfect place if not for the condo rules that prohibit pets in the building. I went political which is not my nature and attempted to change condo rules. When the votes were counted my story did not have enough sympathy to make the change in the condo laws.

We were required to purchase in the vicinity in a pet friendly condo. I do not need to explain the hardship and financial strain it presented us in times of this tough economy. Maggie is a part of our family and the most important possession in my mothers life.

...I faced the similar problems finding a residence with my than ten year old daughter coming to Florida which proved to be cruel and resistant to children at the time. Their laws prohibited and barred children from most of the condominiums. We faced hostile boards and little or no pity as they turned us away. Thank God those days are gone. I wonder if there ever be a legislation that will prohibit condominiums to exercise the same rules effecting pets.

...I still am working on this project of having my mom move in with us. While at the present she enjoys her freedom and living alone with Maggie I am preparing for the time that this will not be possible. I gave my word to my mother that she will never go to a nursing home I will take care of her and Maggie. ..

Sunday, July 18, 2010, posted on our petition

due to my husband's stroke we moved to a condo two years ago. however we had to give up our beloved dog, Sophie. We still miss her everyday and long for a dog here in our new (to us) place. it doesn't even feel like home without a dog.

Monday, July 12, 2010, posted on our petition

My husband and I moved to this condo in Edgewater, NJ in 1984. We have always had a dog. We are grandfathered by the rules and regulations of our condo, but others who are owners or who want to sell, cannot have any pets. Our board is totally against pets even though there are 2 dog walks in our complex. We are working to get the newer rule rescinded.

Thursday, July 8, 2010, posted on our petition

We will be relocating to our condo in Boca Raton and our dog, who is a certified THERAPY DOG will not be allowed on the premises. Folks need to know the positive aspects of a pet friendly condo environment We would like to voice our opinion and help in the movement to change the laws regarding pets in condos.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010, posted on our petition

I am currently in a battle to keep my small dog in my condo. The past practice of no pet rules are outdated and unfair not to mention a violation of my right to privacy and pursuit of happiness.

Monday, July 5, 2010, posted on our petition

Since this is an adult community most of our owners are 55 and over, having a pet would greatly calm and enhance the lives of many of our owners. One in particular got a letter from her doctor and still she is being harassed.

June 2010, comment on YouTube to our PSA

I cry as I watch this as I think about what it would feel like to have to give up my best friend. What POSSIBLE reason could there be to deprive this woman, and so many others like her, of their companion animals because of some arbitrary rule. I hope this injustice can be corrected . . . what was the final outcome?

Saturday 6/12/2010 11:15 AM

I am writing you to make you aware of a truly tragic situation. I have a neighbor who is 88 and has dementia.  Her psychiatrist wrote a note saying she should have a companion cat.  Her husband adopted a cat from the local humane society.  The cat has done wonders for Bea.  We live in an "over 55" community in Stuart, Florida.  Our Association Board of Directors, on advice from counsel, is pursuing the legal removal of the cat.  The couple were actually served papers by the local sheriffs department last Monday at 6:30pm.  They are devastated and in total confusion. There is no doubt in my mind that this whole issue will shorten their lives. A Vero Beach attorney has taken them on pro bono but does not appear to be staying on top of it.  It would appear that this should be covered by the American Disability Act but I am not a lawyer.  Our BOD insist that because the couple singed an agreement to "abide by the rules" 18 years ago that the Vista Pines Rules and Regulations trump state and federal law.

The local media (TV, radio and print) has taken off with the story. Her is a link to a front page article from our local Stuart news that appeared a few days ago.  Notice the number of comments.  http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2010/jun/09/eve-samples-condo-association-forcing-88-year-to/ .

My wife and I are disgusted with the total lack of compassion on the part of our BOD.  This is an inside (declawed) cat that bothers no one.  The BOD is not aware of the changing make up of who is buying (on the rare occasion that a unit is actually sold) 55+ condos.  They also appear to be uninformed about the significant benefit that a small pet can provide to the aging process.  They are afraid that if they give an inch we will be surrounded by pit bulls!

Thanks for listening.  Your cause is fantastic and we totally support it.

Thursday, May 27, 2010, posted on our petition

Iam a volunteer at a high kill shelter, and the number of owner pet turnins due to downsizing is growing every day. If more properties were pet friendly people would be able to keep their beloved pets with them.

Saturday, May 22, 2010, posted on our petition

I have a little dog but the condo's wont allow dogs they'll alow 4 cats per condo which is unfair. 10 years ago they allowed dogs in the condo but bad owners ruined it. I don't want to lose my best friend who treats me equally and respects me. Dogs don't care who you are they'll love you no matter what. [NOTE: This is why Citizens for Pets in Condos recommends forming pet owner/guardian committees.]

Saturday, May 22, 2010, posted on our petition

I want to have a little dog in my condo but the rules are " you can't", plus they only allowed cats and thats 4 cats per household, but no dogs at all. We already have a little dog and his name is Billy, he's a yorkie but unfortunately we would have to give him away if they don't let us keep him. My kids are in love with him, he's adorable and very smart, potty trained and vacinated all together. It will break my heart to loose such a beautiful and loving little pet who loves us equaly. Please help my kids and me. [NOTE: We would love to help this woman, but we don't get contact info from the petition site. Please contact us directly at 954 366-4555 or info@petsincondos.]

Monday, May 17, 2010, posted on our petition

I am in the process of trying to get my condo association to allow me to get an emotional support animal. The president of the association and 2 other members are only here for 3 mos a year and keep asking me to get my physician to be more specific about my disability. (violation of HIPPA?) The president even suggested that I move...

Sunday, May 16, 2010, posted on our petition

This signature is for a dear senior friend who needs a companion to overcome her loneliness but can't because her condo is a "no-pet" condo. Lets work together to change this!

Sunday, May 9, 2010, posted on our petition

I live in a condo in Michigan. The current by-laws allow for dogs but when I submitted another request to have a dog the board wants to change the by-laws. I had NO complaints about the dog that past away and I am a very responsible dog owner. I am devastated at the thought of not being able to have a dog in my life. I have been a dog owner for 40 years. I am looking for any support I can find to help me with this issue.

Thursday, May 6, 2010, posted on our petition

I don't have any children and suffer from depression, anxiety disorder and alcoholism, which is treated through a 12 step program. My doctor, who has treated me for all, has signed off on me having my dog with me as an "emotional needs" type service dog, the form was also co-signed by the vet attesting to my dog's nature, health and vaccinations. By law, I cannot be denied my dog. My anxiety levels are so much less with my dog around. I love her like a child and I can't imagine being told by a few busy bodies who have an issue with dogs that I can't have my dog. Since me or my dog do not bother them, and I clean up after my dog ALWAYS, they should mind their own business. They don't pay my mortgage either, so until then, they should have no say in what I have in my place. This weight limit is ridiculous also, my dog is a lab and goes beyond the 25 lb. weight limit. She is gentle, friendly and loving, yet she's not acceptable, but if I had a 25 lb. pit bull of questionable character, that would be okay. Thank God for the law. But what about those who love their dogs too, but don't have medical clearance to classify them as service dogs? Does that mean they should give up their beloved companions? I think not!!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010, posted on our petition

We have lived in a "luxury Co-op" for over twenty years. My partner's mother has lived here for over fifty years. Six years ago, she suffered a stroke and a heart attack. When she came home from the hospital, the doctor advised an emotional support animal for her depression. Our building has always been a non-pet building, but has never enforced the rules. We now have a new Board of Directors, and they want to get rid of all the pets. Needless to say after five years, my partner and I have fallen in love with "Eloise". She has become our child. We would all die, if anything happened to our six pound baby. After having her for five years, is there anything the new Board can do? Very scared in Chicago.

Friday, April 30, posted on our petition

I am an immigrant to this wonderful country from Europe, a continent with a rich history of oppression. People came to America to escape oppression. To live the dream in freedom and in the pursuit of happiness. For the millions of us who are disadvantaged either physically or emotionally, our pets are our freedom, they are our happiness. To deny us these rights is surely morally and hopefully in the fullness of time, legally wrong. Stand up America. Unity is powerful. (New Jersey)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 11:33 PM

I am a 52 year old partially disabled man living in a development ran by a ruthless a home Owners Association. I have two quite serious medical conditions ...which again causes me pain and muscle atrophy. Having these two conditions and living with constant pain also makes me very depressed. At the moment I'm not being treated for depression but have in the past.

When my wife and I married 5 years ago. I brought my 6 month old puppy to live with us. ... my dogs have always been my babies. Neither of us at the time where aware that there was a no dogs rule. We live in a town house.  I concede that maybe we should have checked but I just didn't think. I am from England a nation of dog lovers and have never heard of anyone telling anyone that they can't have a dog. I love my adopted country but, didn't expect this in the land of the free.

Someone told us about the "no dogs" rule  4 years ago and we stopped walking our dog in the street. He's a 30 lb Lhaso and we have a medium sized yard, so we could live with that. We did hear about people being sent letters threatening to fine dog owners $200 a day if they did not get rid of their dogs. To avoid this dog owners would farm their dogs out to family for a while until the heat died down which it always did.

Just recently there has been a change of the HOA board and a new President. She has publicly stated that she will not rest until every dog has been "removed or destroyed". She say's that she only moved into this development because there were no dogs and I understand that but I live 3 blocks away from her and our dog never leaves the house. How can that impact on her life? She is making this personal and vindictive and has hired NJ's top Real Estate Lawyer who is also anti dogs. It seems like we don't have a chance as this week five families I know got the dreaded "remove or destroy". This time they mean business as they intend to sue.

...I have given my life and my love to my dogs, the most beautiful, loving creatures that God in his grace ever created. Without them I don't now how i would ever have overcame all the many trials I have endured due to my health issues. ...

[NOTE: While south Florida is the worst place to be able to find a place to have companion animals, New Jersey probably comes up second. While 63% of US households have at least one companion animal, there are a number of problem areas that are out of sync with the rest of the country.]

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 8:21 AM

... the PBC equal opportunity office has taken my case and the PBC Legal Aid Society has also taken the case and is suing for retaliation and harassment. The condo board actually took the $100 out of my maintenance payment and shorted me making me late and fined. They said it was for legal fees but that is not the way they billed it.  

[NOTE: This case only serves to underline how out-of-control and power hungry some of these condo boards can be.]

Saturday, April 24, posted on our petition

I am a homeowner with indoor cats. My home doesn't stink. The cats are quiet. Adults need to be responsible with their children likewise with their pets! Communities suffer from obnoxious neighbors, and their unsupervised children, not from pets. We have to live with people why not with people who have pets? Why can't we all just get along.

Friday, April 2, posted on our petition

I live in a place where no dogs are allowed.........u can keep any kind of other animals....no dogs....I have newer heard of a law for no dogs only..........Is there any?

Thursday, April 1, posted on our petition

I live in a condominium where its says NO DOGS." everybody has a cat ,or other little animal,and i have a bison frise little 7 lb puppy. Somebody made a complain and the association wants me to give up the dog wich will NOT Happpen !!!! IT SHOULD say NO PETS ,not to discriminate dogs from cats....whats the diffrence anyway?...cats r cry in all night nobody picks up their poops nobody wathes them...I clean up aftre my puppy and he is quiet to.Iff the will kick me out with my dog than they sould kick everybody out with their cats. very upset ....

Monday, March 29, posted on our petition

I am having a hard time finding a place to live in Broward County. I have a labrador and she is a wonderful pet. she brought a light to our family. we can not live without her anymore. evrywhere we go trying to rent a place, we are denied because of our dog. they tell to give her away or we are going to live on the street. we might have to live in a place that we do not want because we willnot give our loving dog away. that is cruel!!!!

Thursday, March 11, posted on our petition

I have a small dog. Got her after my husband of 25 yr passed away. She is an Emotional Support dog. My condo assoc is giving me a very hard time about keeping her even though I've submitted doctor letter and prescription. Since having the dog I've been able to stop all medication for anxiety etc...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 12:40 PM


Friday, February 26, posted on our petition

As former military/now retired we realize how dear a pet can be to a family. Countless military have faced the terrible decision when confronted with unwilling landlords and animal hating apatment mgrs. I have had to assist many in fostering and finding new homes for a beloved pet all the while seeing family members in tears over the loss of a member of the family. The Florida population has a large constituency of former/current military voters who have had this experience and identify strongly with this situation. A few terrible irresponsible people condemn all who would share thier lives with a member of the animal kingdom. I have family and friends all over Florida and contacts who feel strongly about the issue of being denied the right to have a pet by a few control freaks who hate animals would crush the right of OWNERS to live in thier homes that they pay for , to have a reasonable , responsible existance with a furry friend. For some, these are the only family they have.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 10:06 AM

[I am] a retired dentist living 1/2 the year in xxxxx, Florida.  I have been  legally disabled since 2010, and had to give up my practice years before I should have.  Up until three years ago I owned a dog that my daughter cared for for the few months I was away as the condo we live in does not permit animals.  After the dog died we were unable to get another dog as our daughter went back to work and couldn't take care of one any longer.  Since that time we've been trying to sell our condo but due to the depressed housing market have been unable to do so.
       The stress of not selling the condo coupled with the inablility to have another dog has severely increased my chronic pain from my cervical stenosis as well as caused me to become more depressed over the passed couple of years.  Despite not having sold our condo, I've decided I can no longer wait to get a companion dog and are picking up a goldendoodle pup in two weeks.  We have the intention of having to rent another place in Florida next season if our unit hasn't sold.  I cannot stay in the Northeast because the cold exacerbates my symptoms.
      This becomes an extreme financial hardship-one that we had to assume or so we thought, until we met someone who told us about your organization.  Do we have legal rights to remain in our current residence until the housing market turns around and we do not have to suffer an extreme financial loss.  I have been legally disabled since 2000 and have been collecting social security disability since that time.  I am also under quarterly care by two physicians.

Tuesday, February 23, posted on our petition

I would have moved to a condo years ago if they would allow all my children to be with me.

Monday, February 22, 2010 10:17 AM

My pet is dead.  Thanks to people that are way worse than so called do gooders who are killing way more pets than michael vick.

Monday, February 22, posted on our petition

I have a very serious situation in my condo, which I own and have had a chihuahua, who is not hyper and barely barks, in (as many, many other residents here) for over 8 yrs and only 2 yrs ago, pets "just so happen" to not be allowed. I need legal advise.

Sunday, February 21 , posted on our petition

I am a Clinical Psychologist and the positive impact of having a pet has been long documented in the mental and physical health of all . The restriction of this right has led to the needless displacement of many loved companion animals as well as the anguish of their guardians .

Thursday, February 18, posted on our petition

I was interested in possibly retiring to Florida [from New York]. However the number of condominiums which deny pets may render that decision impossible. I have a small dog. I would not be comfortable living pet less.

Monday, February 15, posted on our petition

My cousin and I recently moved to xxxxxx in Tamarac. I from CA, she from Costa Rica. I did not have an end point when I came and brought my cat. Now I'm told I have to get rid of her or sufffer fines and legal pursuit because of a no pets ruling here. She has seen me through a number of terrible events in my life and has given me immeasurable comfort when I had none. This bias needs to be changed and right away.

Sunday, February 14, posted on our petition

I'm recetly widowed, and I am finding it very difficult to be alone. I think a fair pet-owning rule wouldbe to fine a pet owere who is not responsibly caring for pet: i.e.leaning up

Saturday, February 06, posted on our petition

My husband and I have lived in a pet restricted condo for ten years. Last year we fostered a puppy mill dog and then adopted him. My husband is 85 and has become very attached to the dog, as have I. Last year, due to my husband's ill health, we were unable to travel to Florida. This year we can but are unable to bring our pet. With enforced rules governing the responsibilities of pet owners, all condo owners should have the right to at least one pet.

Monday, February 01, 2010 11:13 PM

My daughter has had to recently relocate to NYC for work and as a result is trying to rent her condo in Miami-Dade. 

She has found a responsible couple who own two small dogs.  While the condo-docs say renters cannot have pets; other owners have in the recent past rented to people with multiple pets (within the last year, one owner rented to a couple with 2 dogs and a parrot).  Owners are allowed to have a pet.

While other owners have had their tenants move in without board approval, my daughter ... abided by the rules and had the respective tenants meet with the condo officers to get approval.  One voted yes and two voted no.

This is very upsetting on several fronts. 
First the board knew that this was a time sensitive matter and did not meet with the perspective tenants for several weeks
They have never enforced the condo-laws before to other unit owners who rented their condos and it feels like my daughter is being singled out because she tried to follow the rules
Finally, in today's economic environment, it is tough to find good solid renters and she cannot afford to keep the condo if she can't rent it nor can she afford to sell it at today's market rates.

My daughter was accommodating to the board and included verbiage in the lease that stated if the renters' pets became a nuisance that she would take immediate action up to and including potential eviction.

Saturday, January 30, 2010, posted on our petition

Pets are a necessity to my life. I lost my husband 5 weeks ago and will have to sell my house for financial reasons. I plan to move into a condo and hope I won't be forced to lose my little dog too. He is all that keeps me going.

Friday, January 29, 2010, posted on our petition

Unable to move to condo in xxxxx where I have inherited a condo, my dog Anderson a Maltese is therapeutic to myself and my wife who suffers with fibermyalgia.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010, posted on our petition

Pets/animals are a huge health benefit to everyone, especially older people. They can lower blood pressure and ease depression and loneliness. My parents have had a very very hard time trying to find a condo-type home that would allow them to have pets. I am so happy that they did and that their pets keep them going, active, and happy. Please - more pets allowed! And I say this even though my son has animal allergies!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010, posted on our petition

size restrictions in condos are stupid. my very large dog is very quiet. All animals should be allowed to live in condos.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 8:19 PM

On the advice of our Doctors Our Cardiologist in 2007 gave my wife an Rx prescription to get a pet. ...{The writer details a lengthy process which finally resulted in getting the dog allowed in 2008.]

On July 5, 2009 when she returned home from the hospital my wife, xxxxx, passed away in my arms. We were married for 50 years 4 months and thirteen days.

I visited with our New York Psychotherapist twice before I returned to Florida ... the last week in August 2009.

On Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving (2009) I received a letter from the Association’s Attorney demanding I get rid of the dog within 10 days.

I have been seeing my Florida Psychologist every week since December 2009 through January 2010.

I sent a second letter to the Board of Directors requesting who authorized the letter from the Attorney. I never received any notification from the Board. I now have received a second letter from the Association’s Attorney.

I requested and have received a letter from my Psychologist regarding this issue.

I believe this issue should be reported to HUD’s mediators so a situation like this should never happen. Once approval of any support animal is given whether it is for an Emotional Support or a Service Animal, Blind, Hearing, etc, should not be revoked so callously. There should be an amicable “Grandfathering Clause” initiated. The Emotional Support Animal is considered a member of the family the same as a dependent child.

Thursday 1/21/2010 12:30 AM, posted on our petition

Our son and daughter in law are expecting their first child and we want to buy a condo to help babysit over the winter. Otherwise they will need to pay someone. We have 2 well behaved dogs and cannot find anyplace that will accept them. They are larger breeds and we are responsible pet owners....please get the law changed.

Wednesday 1/20/2010 12:30 AM

My husband was disabled for many years and had an Emotional Support Animal "Kitty" with proper documentation. Recently, he passed away from Brain Cancer and I'm concerned about the status of "Kitty" since his death.

We live in a condo with a "No Pet" policy, and I fear that since I am not disabled under ADA criteria, they will make "Kitty" vacate the property. "Kitty" continues to provide emotional support during this time, and I'm asking if there is any precedent that will help me retain his status.

Monday, 1/18/2010, posted on our petition

Although my doctor has given me a letter stating that owning a cat would be beneficial to my health and wellbeing... the Condo president refuses to give me written permission. I live alone and would love to give a good home to a needy cat.

Friday, 1/15/2010, posted on our petition

In the past 3 years we tragically lost our 37 year old son-Feb 2, 2006, My Mom-Jan. 16 2009, and my aunt Dec. 24, 2009. My husband and I are on medically supervised medication for anxiety, and were advised by our doctor to get a service animal-NOT A PET which has helped us a great deal. We have submitted a letter to the office from our doctor, however, are experiencing a great deal of animosity from residents. We support you in you efforts.

Thursday, 1/14/2010, posted on our petition

I have a nine year old small cat that I must leave in the Northeast every winter when I spend time in the co-op I inherited from my parents. It is expensive to pay a cat sitter and keep part of my home warm enough for my pet. These issues are not as important as how much I miss my dear Russian Blue. I believe, strongly, that seniors and younger people alike, benefit greatly from the companionship of pets. Condo associations are inhumane when they refuse to adapt to pets. A quiet cat can be 100% confined to a private apartment and any responsible owner should obey a set of rules to make that feasible. I am for adequate security deposits for pets and strong rules in regard to cleanliness, avoidance of damage to common areas and noise. There are no good reasons to ban well behaved pets from private apartments. The enrichment they bring to their owners cannot be overestimated.

Monday, 1/11/1010, posted on our petition

This is so important to me. I have 2 pets that need medical attention and I am unable to have them with me when I come to my 2nd home. This is so hard on me. I am here to take care of my son and forced to choose between 2 great animals and him. The[y] of course have to get left behind.

Thursday, 1/7/2010, posted on our petition

I have lived in a condo for 5 years and have tried numerous times to petition the board to allow pets in condos. I live alone and would like a companion to keep me company. I also suffer from depression and anxiety and think an animal would help eliminate this disease.

Sunday, 1/3/2010 7:26 PM

My Mom suffers from Alzheimer's disease and depression.  I want to get her a small 8lb or less dog for companionship. While visiting my daughter she has a small dog and it seemed to make her more at peace and a lot calmer. She wanders and sometime get out of hand. Having a small dog I think would really help her condition. I got a letter from my doctor and gave it to the board but they didn't approve it ...

Sunday, 1/3/2010, posted on our petition

I am currently a resident in condo and got a dog for my autistic son last Jan. Since then the improvements in his social skills, his grades at school and his sense of responsibility for himself and his dog have been unbelievable. His teachers, our friends and family, and others he interacts with have noticed the improvement. I have to admit that we are currently in a "battle" to keep the dog. Because she is an emotional support animal getting rid of her is not an option. At least not as far as I am concerned. However there are many cold hearted people that are more interested in "bi-laws" then in whats decent and right.

Wednesday 12/16/2009, posted on our petition

I've had experience with having a hard time finding a home for my dog and I due to CONDO policy not allowing dogs.

Monday, 12/14/2009, posted on our petition

I'm moving to Miami and looking for a condo is more difficult because I rescued a dog from a shelter. Would love to have this be easier!

Thursday, 12/10/2009, posted on our petition

I moved into a condo in Feb. and had to give up my dog. She was my best friend and not a day goes by that I don't think of her

Friday, 12/4/2009, posted on our petition

I've known multiple people who have had to abandon their pets because of this. Animals become part of the family. Personally, I'd live in my car with my pets rather than give them up. People shouldn't have to make that decision. There's a way to work through this so animals don't have to be left out. Please find a kind resolution to this problem.

Saturday 11/28/2009, 7:06pm, posted on our Facebook Group

I live in miami with my mom and my sister. We live in a condominium. We have been living here for four years. Six months ago, we decided we wanted to adopt a pet. Before adopting him, we checked the condo's rules and regulations and the pet policy said that pets were allowed as long as they wer...e not a nuisance. As a result, we decided to adopt Bouncer; A beautiful two-year old rat terrier. Two weeks ago, we received a letter from the Board of Directors saying that we had to get rid of our dog, or we would receive a $1000.00 fine. I Can't "get rid" of my dog as if it was something disposable. He has become a part of our family and I can't imagine my life without him. Since he has been living with us, my life is so much happier. I don't know what to do. Besides, we are not the only family with pets in the condo; there are two more dogs and many cats.

Sunday, 11/22/2009, posted on our petition

Some people can only afford condos what are they suppose to do with there exsisitng pets and what if someone wants a companion it shouldn't matter what type of housing you live in in order to have or get a pet.

Tuesday 11/17/2009, posted on our petition

i to am being forced out of my home [in Florida].........i will leave to stay with my beloved dog

Tuesday 11/17/2009, posted on our petition

Please do something about these absurd pet rules. I happen to live in Europe most of the year where pets are allowed everywhere. The majority of the time they are more well behaved than humans. I have gone through hell here in Florida trying to find a rental at times when I come to visit. My little shih-tzu was always well behaved, never barked or caused problems for anyone. He passed away back in May of this year and the people I knew here still ask about him and mention what a lovely little dog he was.

Tuesday 11/17/2009, posted on our petition

I live in a condo were most families in our building want a dog desperately. The town-homes that face our building are allowed to have pets and the owners walk their dogs right in front of our property everyday. I find it unfair that i can't have a pet but others who are allowed can walk right by me with their dog. Many dogs are being Euthanized and we can save some of these animals if condos would put a policy in place for responsible pet owners.

Tuesday 11/17/2009, posted on our petition

I recently purchased a condo in FL, which does't allow pets; people sneak them in anyway. It's sad that people have to break the rules because giving up their pets is inhumane. The FL legislature should do something about this.

Tuesday 11/17/2009, posted on our petition

I have been diagnosed with major depression / bi polar disorder and was put on three medications, all of which is great, the only thing that helps is the puppy i was told to get and this condo wants to get rid of the puppy and me. Please help.

Thursday 11/12/2009, posted on our petition

Originaly our condo was a "NO KIDS, NO PETS ALLOWED" today we have kids around, they bring life to our building! and now we need to fight for the pets. Like an expert wrote: "Pets such as dogs and cats provide unconditional, nonjudgmental love and affection. And pets can shift our narrow focus beyond ourselves, helping us to feel connected to a larger world"

Sunday 11/8/2009, posted on our petition

My cats are my family. I will not leave them behind. I moved out of my condo and now rent it. The condo GANG has one trouble maker who has ruined it for all. I am outraged and want to move back to my condo but can not..I had hoped to retire there but unless a NEW REGIME comes in I am doomed. [Note: This person was lucky, being "allowed" to rent her condo. Law firms have pushed the idea of not allowing rentals. As a result, condo boards have firmer control of people who don't follow the rules. If she was not allowed to rent, she would have either had to remove her cats or sell out at a loss in this afflicted housing market.]

Saturday 11/7/2009, posted on our petition

Our little toy poodle, Lucy is a very significant member of our family!!It is panifull for us to leave her in Ohio, when we go to our condo in Naples, Florida. Florida accepts pets, in outdoor dining areas, shopping centers, and other public facilities. why not living with us in our Condo?

Thursday 11/5/2009, posted on our petition

My parents bought the last remaining condo (model) in Jupiter, FL back in the 1980's. At that time, pets were allowed. Somewhere along the line, the new Board decided that this was no longer an option. Since then they overturned the By-Laws that were in effect and changed the ruling to no pets. My parents have since passed away and the condo came to me. I took my dog down one day and knowing that no pets were allowed, I did not have her walk on the grounds but put her in a carrier when it was time for her to do her business and drive her to the nearest park - three times daily. No one has ever complained. The last time I was down visiting (and I only go down for a few days at a time) my neighbor complained to management and I was sent a letter saying that if I brought down the dog again they would get their attorneys involved. Under much duress, i recently put my home up for sale and put an outrageous price on it so it wouldn't get sold in the hopes that your organization will somehow prevail...

Tuesday 11/3/2009, posted on our petition

I am disabled and living in a condo in Florida that does not allow pets. This was my parents condo and I came here to help my father until he passed away 2 years ago. Because I am limited in what I can do and live with chronic pain I am very depressed and lonely; I long to get a small dog for the companionship but present laws prevent me from doing so. I doubt if I will be able to afford to move to another area that allows pets so I have to hope that people will wake up to the advantages of companion pets.

Wednesday 10/14/2009 1:24 PM

I recently moved into a condo in Illinois.  I have 2 dogs that I have had since pups. They are small indoor only pets and are taken out only to go to the bathroom. I received a letter from the condo association that I am to get rid of 1 of them within 14 days or they will come in and remove the animal.  Do I have any legal grounds to stand on or can you suggest what I might do? [While we are NOT lawyers, we have collected some good info from legal experts. We referred her to our legal info page.]

Monday 10/12/2009, posted on our petition

I personnaly lost my job in Michigan and moved to Florida I am living in my mothers condo and she is in Michigan with my small dog which I miss so much and I can not have her here and my mother can't come to visit due to the fact you can not have pets I think this is so unfair. I have a very hard time with this. Another story I have is my mother's good friend lost her husband 3 years ago and six months after that her sond passed away and has 2 beautiful children and they had gotten a dog when I did. Last year it was to hard for the daughterinlaw to take care of the dog and children so the mother inlaw took the dog and she loves dogs but know she can not come down to her condo because she has a dog and the dog has helped her so much and would like to come down to Florida but can't because she can not bring the dog. This dog has brought so much joy to her mentally and physically. ...

Saturday 10/10/2009, posted on our petition

My husband and I owned an Apt. in Key Biscayne and we are not alowed to have a dog or take my dog into the building,I love my apartment and I will hate to sell it , we love our dog and we will never get rid of her,so we are force to stay in a huge house because of this law in the bldg.

Tuesday 10/6/2009, posted on our petition

I am being told I cannot keep my ESA and it is disgraceful. People in my buildings have cats, birds and those are pets. This is outrageous and I am going to fight to get this turned around.

Sunday 10/4/2009, posted on our petition

We have been affected by these changes in condo rules and currently debating whether to place one of our pets in adoption because we can't afford to move out. No one should go through this terrible ordeal, our pets are like family and there are many more responsible pet owners than irresponsible ones. We need to change these rules.

Sunday 9/27/2009, posted on our petition

We have receive a threatening letter from our community association asking to remove our physician prescribed "companion dog" from the home we own. Doing research has opened my eyes to the wrong doing that our association and other associations have been doing to scare home owners from having pets. While I agree with putting reasonable restrictions on pets, none have been instituted in this development. Something needs to be done with regards to regulating community associations with regards to pet ownership. I have personally been approached by elderly home owners asking how we have a pet and how they can get a pet because they are lonely but are too afraid to go up against our board of directors.

Monday 9/21/2009, posted on our petition

Have been denied having a dog in our condo. The board voted againt my petition to change the condo. rules...

Friday 9/18/2009, posted on our petition

The president of the Condo has a CAT! but she wont allow the rest of the neighbors to have a PET! is absurd.!!

Friday 9/11/2009, posted on our petition

My hubby and I would love to move into a condo, but because of the no pets allowed policy we cannot, and we will not give up our 20lb dog Clancy. We walk him and clean up after him, he is house trained, friendly and loving with strangers and other animals. So come on it's been proven that pets and the elderly are great company for each other.

Wednesday 8/26/2009, posted on our petition

If I had to move out of my house and into a condo - I would NEVER consider moving somewhere where they would not allow pets - my dogs are like my children - for someone to tell me my pets or my children could not live with me is a violation of my God-given rights.

Tuesday 8/25/2009, posted on our petition

I'm alone,I don't have any relatives or friends.I'd moved from NYC to Florida in March 2008.In NYC I had 2 siamese cats .They were my best friends.Beiing forced to move to Fl.into a condominium where pets are not allowed I gave my cats to a family in NYS.Shortly one of my cat died because of stress.My heart is broken.I suffer from depression,I have nightmares,and I'm at the limit of rezistence.The most I want is to have a pet with me.PLEASE HELP ME AND HELP THE ANIMALS FROM SHELTERS THAT THEY CAN NOT BE ADOPTED BECAUSE OF SOME NOT UNDERSTABLE RULES.PLEASE BE HUMAN!

Monday 8/10/2009 3:39 PM

i have recently moved into a condo. i  rent from an owner. the association that runs the condo does not allow  pets. i have a dog 15 pounds named snoopy. i have had her for nine  years and love her very much. my landlord allows dog but the  association does not i found out. three weeks ago i was robbed  at a 
stop light with my daughter in the car and snoopy.  my dog bit the man  in the arm and then proceded to jump out the window and chase him. she 
was almost hit by a car . my dog saved our lives. i already loved her  very much, and now i have a profound attachment and  do not feel safe 
unless shes around. she is me and my daughters protector! what can i  do legally to keep her. i can not give her up, especially now that i 
owe her our lives. please help!

Friday 7/31/2009 12:40 AM, e-newsletter from Jan Bergemann, Cyber Citizens for Justice

We always hear from board members that owners should obey by the rules and people who don't want to follow the rules shouldn't move into community associations. But why do many board members feel that they don't have to follow laws, statutes and rules?

[for example:]
In a a condo association in Boca Raton some owners of emotional pet animals are harassed by the board making some so far unknown demands. We know that "pets" are a hot topic in many associations. But what if this board is not following the statutes in the first place? Please read: Dog lovers hot under collar in Boca condo clash at: http://www.ccfj.net/condodoglovers.html (and please read my [Jan's] comment at the bottom of the page.)
If you read carefully you'll see that the two main players on the condo board are husband and wife. Last I heard -- and read -- that's a violation of the Florida statutes 718.112(2)(d) 1. ... Shouldn't the board clean its own act first before starting to "enforce the rules" on others?

Friday 7/31/2009 9:41 AM







Sunday 7/26/2009, posted on our petition


Wednesday 7/22/2009, posted on our petition

My Aunt is an ESRD Patient , who is severely depress, and has a lot of anxiety problems do to her losing her last 2 Dogs When she got Very Ill. All she wants is a Small Dog to make it a happier place to be In

Tuesday 7/21/2009, posted on our petition

I own a co-op in Palm Beach. I rarely go there as it has a no animal rule. I also could have sold it a couple of times but prospective buyer(s) had an animal. This is also not helping the real estate market.

Sunday, 7/19/2009, posted on our petition

I've had 2 transplants and always had a dog but the last one Died and she was my real Baby . She's been dead almost 2 years and i have 6 years about 6 years to live i just want a Small Dog that would make me Soooooooooo Happy I've been severely Depressed and my like is so bad with out small Dog I always pick up poops and put them in zip lock bags when i owned a Dog My life is not complete i just want a Dog to fulfill my heart , i don't have a husband and any babies. I Truly would rather have a Dog In My Home then anything in this world , i know if i had a dog i would not be so stressed and anxious i would be happier and not Depressed and would probally go on longer Please I'm Begging

Saturday, 7/18/2009, posted on our petition

Please eliminate unreasonable weight restrictions in favor of reasonable safety restrictions. I have a black labrador that weighs 80 pounds that couldn't pose a risk to any other creature on the earth and yet she is technically not permitted to live almost anywhere in a condo in South Florida. Labs are one of the safest and calmest breeds that exist. I have nothing against any smaller breed, but I think it's safe to say that there are small bad dogs, large bad dogs, small mean dogs, and large mean dogs. All of these are MUCH rarer than the abundance of good and safe dogs of various sizes. Discriminate on obedience, discriminaste on temperament, or discriminate on actual behavior, but don't arbitrarily discriminate on size or breed or color of dog!

Thursday, 7/16/2009, posted on our petition

My dog improves my quality of life and I can't imagine my life without her. My condo association doesn't believe that we should have any dogs over 30lbs. Most of America's favorite dogs are larger than 30 lbs. and I don't believe it is fair to discriminate against my sweet dog...

Tuesday 7/14/2009 8:01 AM

I live in a condo that does not allow dogs.  you can have a dog for health reasons ONLY.  we have two cats.  I would love a dog but will not go thru the bull that goes with getting a dog, so cats are our answer.  we walk in morning at deerfiield.   I am so happy to see older adults walking their DOGS and getting OUT of their apartments.  I am thrilled to see older adults stop and talk to each other about their pets, the day, whatever.  I don't understand why a dog can be taken into a hospital or senior citizen facility to play with the people, but to own a dog and have it live with you is a no.  that the same wonderful feeling you get watching another with a dog is not allowed in your home.  life stinks.  there is enough stupid laws out there to hurt people, why must a dog, known to be man's best friend not allowed to make your heart feel good.

Monday, 7/13/2009, posted on our petition

I was forced to move out of my condo due to the condo's rediculous no pet policy. I was fortunate to have the resources to move to another location to keep my pets. We have to acknowledge the importance of pets in our lives and give them the priority and respect they deserve by changing the condo policies accross the U.S.

Sunday, 7/12/2009, posted on our petition

I lost my daughter and three grandsons in 2007 and then I had a Laryngectomy a month later, so I lost my voice. I would love to have a small dog under 5 lbs. but my condo does not allow pets. Any help would be wonderful

Saturday, 7/11/2009, posted on our petition

I presently live in a condo of 176 units and I took a poll to see how many residents would approve of allowing pets and I did acquire a large majority however not the 75% needed to change the rules. Now do I have to go to a doctor and prove that I need a pet ... to get one. I think this is quite unfair.

Friday, 7/10/2009, posted on our petition

My husband is an amputee...home bound...and feels lonely..we always had a dog in our home...and feel we should be allowed a pet in our condo, now that we live in one....I have to work, and he is always alone....and it is not right to be restricted...

Thursday, 7/9/2009, posted on our petition

I am a physically challenged human being and live in a horrible 55+ ghetto where no animals are allowed, even in a visit from friends! There are numerous research confirming that handicap, children and the elderly do so much better health wise but also mentally taking care of a animal. What if I need a service dog?? The fight would be enormous.

Wednesday 7/8/2009 11:07 AM, from Andrea, the woman who inspired Maida's poem: Crazy for Animals. She gave up her cat Quinn, she's NOT HAPPY.

I got your message last night.
It was too late to call you back.
I have been going out after work
and staying out late because I can't
stand going home to my empty condo.
My poor cat is at my girlfriend's
but he is not eating or moving around much.
I don't know who is suffering more!
I want to see him but I'm afraid it might confuse
I still can't believe this has happened....  
By the way, I listed my condo today.
I can't wait to get out of there.
Until things get better, I'm going to look for a pet friendly rental that I can afford.

Wednesday, 7/8/2009, posted on our petition

I grew up with pets, and it was hard for me to live anywhere that didn't allow them.

Tuesday, 7/7/2009, posted on our petition

I live alone, recently lost my wife a small dog would really brighten my life

Sunday, 7/5/2009, posted on our guest book

I too live in a condo although able and not elderly, I do have 2 children who'd like a pet at home.

Unfortunately I had to leave my (under 6lb) chihuahua, in which i've had for 5yrs, behind due to the 'no pet' policy. Fortunately he was able to stay with family where I lived previously. What I can't understand is what's the big deal with the 'NO cats, birds and/or fish.' I understand possibly no noisy barking dogs, or people that dont clean up after their pets outside. But not even a quiet, mess free pet like a fish, or a pottie trained cat????

I really do hope that while still in my place, I'll get to see that change.

Sunday, 7/5/2009, posted on our petition

I had to leave my peak [tanya] when i moved here [stupidly]. i have been pineing for her, even tho she is gone. i look at dogs and wish i had one. but the condo does not allow it. i am 87 yrs. old and i still miss them. i came from boston, and always had a dog...

Saturday, 7/4/2009, 5:10 PM

I don't know how I'm going to get my cats to the vet now. This new board has put surveillance cameras all over the building. I used to be able to get them out by putting a towel over the cage.

Thursday, 7/2/2009, posted on our petition

I am a single person living in a condo where 90% of occupants are Canadian and gone 50% of the year. It gets very lonely. How nice to have the love and protection of a nice dog as I move thru my senior years. It is cruel to me and to the dog I am unable to adopt. Apartment buildings surrounding my condo allow pets so I see people happily walking their dogs in front of the building where I am denied this joy. I hope something can be done!!!

Thursday, 7/2/2009, posted on our petition

i've had so many depression breakdowns because i didn't have a pet, and so many people go through the same thing. i grew up with pets all my life until i moved here to the US, no wonder people are stressed all the time it hurts me that i cant give my son the same joy of growing up with his puppy because most condos wont allow pets and the worst part is that they're just letting them die everyday, while there are so many families longing for a pet...

Tuesday, 6/30/2009, posted on our petition

When I was looking for a condo in Florida I had a very hard time finding one that would accept my 2 cats. I had to get a place in an area farther from where I wanted because I will not give up my pets. I live alone and they are my only companions and bring me much joy. Why should I have to settle for a place I did not really want just to keep my pets?

Friday, 6/26/2009, posted on our petition

A condo association i am involved in just voted on whether to allow pets. The vote turned out to be tied. therefore, they chose Against having pets!!!!!!!! How ridiculous is that??????

Wednesday 6/24/2009 2:32 PM

After a year of letters, phone conversations, and meetings, their attorney issued an approval [of his mother's emotional support animal] based on completing
several items.

Two of the items were a full psychiatric profile from 2 independent psychiatric doctors. This included a full biography and copies if licenses, etc....

We began the process bit after 2 months of visiting the first psychiatrist, her health began to fail. She is now to sick to walk the dog or to care for it.

The condo board got their wish. They strung things out so long that they outlasted a dying old lady.

Sunday 6/21/2009, posted on our petition

I have been out looking at condominiums in Boca Raton -- how dismaying that it has been so difficult to find a cat-friendly home. My two cats, Jasper & Elsa, are neutered/spayed and are indoor cats. Now, where is the problem? I will not surrender them to a shelter, but I know that many others do. We are a nation that condones exploitation of our companion animals as they are often left to suffer and die alone in shelters or on the streets.

Sunday 6/21/2009 10:12 AM


Thursday, 6/18/2009, posted on our petition

I am one of the people in a no animal condo association. I would be a responsible owner..Having always had two or more dogs in my life,I am without even one little tail to wag at me when I come home.

Thursday, 6/18/2009, posted on our petition

Pets are our best friend with unconditional love and with proper training can be a blessing to all. I miss my dog every day of my life and wish I could have it back; because of a mean person on my street, ay the wrong time in mylife I lost my dog.....my companion!

Monday, 6/15/2009, posted on our petition

I am a disabled individual having permission to have a service dog in my condo. For the past 3 years my parents & I have had numerous lawsuits against us from the condo, costing thousands of dollars & health problems arising from the stress. HUD represented me 3 years ago, granting me permission for my service dog, and my building keeps charging me with fake allegations & charges trying to get me to remove the dog. I need HELP & don't know where to turn?

Saturday, 6/13/2009, posted on our petition

I am upset my condo wont allow me to have a small dog

Wednesday, 6/10/2009 12:18 AM

I am 76yr old female senior<my income is very low so I cannot afford to even own a small condo,I rent & unfortunately,the least expensive rentals are in senior comm(mine along w/ most others -do not allow pets(I have a hidden cat-I,ve had "PB" "Pretty Boy" for 7 yrs---I will not give him up;& infact I,d really like to get a small dog,but as a renter,& they even frown upon owners getting a small dog -(even w/dr,s letter of depression,that they need a companion dog--they still do not allow in a lot of cases----SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS,OF ALL THE PEOPLE THAT SHOULD HAVE PETS,RESPONSIBLE SENIORS SHOULD BE 1STTTT!!!!!!! ON THE LIST----CAN,T THESE RULES BE REVERSED IN MY LIFETIME!!!!!

Monday, 6/8/2009, posted on our petition

When I bought my condo 28 years ago, I had a small dog, and pets were allowed. However, the bylaws were changed about a year or two later to disallow cats and dogs, but my dog was grandfathered in. I began a campaign in the building to change the bylaw again, to state that cats and dogs are allowed. However, the board is furious and sent all unit owners a vicious letter stating the drawbacks of having pets in the building. Some of their information is either not true, or exagerated. This still will not deter me from trying to have the bylaw changed.

Thursday, 6/4/2009, posted on our petition

I am a diabled person who is currently about to get into a legal battle with my complex on their no-pet policy!!

Wednesday, 5/27/2009, posted on our petition

I've moved twice and got turned down by apartment/condo associations a zillion times to keep my pet of eleven years. Now I say, enough !

Wednesday, 5/27/2009, posted on our petition


Wednesday, 5/27/2009, posted on our petition


Sunday, 5/24/2009, posted on our petition

I and my friends are really thinking about leaving the state of Florida. I've never encountered such negative thinking people as I have here. If a cat,dog,bird or goldfish enhances someone's life, keeps them from being lonely, keeps them healthy, then why should anyone be so narrow minded, and hate the fact that someone else is happy!! No one is being hurt by letting folk's have a pet.

Thursday 5/21/2009 7:27 PM

hat I was wondering is how to go about keepin your pet that you have had for 5 yrs. without any complaints. He is very good and has been kept inside unless taken out in his travel bag to the park to walk.He is very quiet and tiny. Less than 6 pds. He only barks if he hears something and otherwise he is quiet. A girl down the hall has a large dog and she has taken him out and lets him poop and does not pick it up so someone has seen her and complained and now they have posted signs regaring the NO pet rule.

I am older and have health issues that my little dog has helped me deal with and my blood pressure has never been lower and He keeps me company as I live alone. I would die if I had to give him up. I am sure both my heart dr and other would give me a letter stating this.

Sunday, 5/17/2009, posted on our petition

I want an small dog but they don't allow pets in my Building. Other Buildings in this same Community have ammended their Documents to Allow Pets and I see the owners walking their dogs around the gardens and the sidewalks. Shouldn't every Condo owner have the same right?

Sunday, 5/10/2009, posted on our petition

My building allows 20 lbs or less dogs. I have a standard poodle she is 20+ lbs. She is an emotional support dog they are still deny her residence. The board members all break the rules regarding their pets and other things why are they so rigid about a few pounds? My friend wants to buy in the building - his dog is 29lbs. and they .... How foolish in todays economy!

Saturday, 5/9/2009, posted on our petition

back in 2005 I had to sell my condo in boca raton. the association sad the dog goes or we will fine you. my wife and I both agreed that Oscar was more important than some stupid condo. the 3 of us are now happy living in our home in coconut creek where dogs are welcome.

Sunday, 5/24/2009 06:13:30

My husband and I may be relocating to Florida from Montreal for professional reasons and we are both animal lovers. Presently we have only two cats because our labrador Nina passed away in Febuary, but we are planning to adopt one or two dogs.

As we search for a condo to purchase, our main prerequisite is that the property allow dogs. We see many ads that outline 'restrictions' in relation to pet ownership and I was wondering if there is a state law that 'trumps' the condo regulations.

I ask this because a similar situation exsisted here in Canada until a condo owner, who had been told he had to get rid of his pet because the condo contract he had signed listed a 'no pets allowed' regulation, took his case to court. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada and the Court's ruling was that the condo board had no right to tell condo owners what pets they could keep in their privately owned units.

Do you know if any such law exists in Florida?

[Answer: The only pets-allowed legislation we know of is the law in California that we cover on this section of our web page - http://petsincondos.org/suggestedbills.htm:

California already has a law to allow pets: California Civil Code Section 1360.50, effective Jan 2001.  It states  that:

’No governing documents shall prohibit an owner  of a separate interest within a common interest development from keeping at least one pet within the common interest development subject to reasonable rules  and regulations of the association."   The  law also applies to mobile home parks. Under  California law, "governing documents," by the way, includes "operating rules."’

Wednesday 5/6/2009 7:58 AM

It's such a shame as in life a few people make it hard for the majority.  My Lab is obedient trained, loving & well behaved.  My husband & I made sure of that.  Even putting a barking collar on her when we leave.  Unfortunetely most people don't.  Thanks for keeping me updated.  What a difficult battle.

Monday, 5/4/2009, posted on our petition

I leave in the xxxxx. I have a small 10 pound Malteese. They do not let me have my dog. My dog is a emotional pet, after having very difficult times in my life..Pets are like your kids. How can I let her go? Please someone help me out with this matter. Thank You.

Sunday, 5/3/2009, posted on our petition

I live alone in Florida as both my children and their children live overseas. A small dog would help compensate for their companionship. However, Condo rules prohibit this small pleasure for a responsible senior.

Sunday, 5/3/2009, posted on our petition

We purchased our co-op the beginning of February, 2002. At that time the Management company in charge of the co-op had given us the co-op paperwork which included an application for our eight year old cat, all that was required was to fill out the paperwork and take a picture for submission. After much time had lapsed we arrived at our co-op interview to learn that we were given the incorrect packet of paperwork for this particular co-op and that "pets were not allowed". With the closing two days away and the previous owner returning to Canada directly after the closing. We decided to go forward with the purchase. We enjoyed 6 more years "undetected" with our precious girl "Beau" until Diabetes took her from us on March 14, 2008. Nothing has been the same since. I cannot convey the heartbreak that this has brought to my husband and I. We cannot bring ourselves to adopt another "sweet girl" for fear that we will be discovered.

Sunday, 5/3/2009, posted on our petition

I had to move out of the condo I lived in after 17 yrs because I could no longer live without a cat. Life without the companionship of another living creature is intolerable. I suffered major depressions and thoughts of suicide. My life has improved tremendously since sharing it with a cat. I am afraid I will become old to maintain a home of my own and will have to go back to a condo. Even though it was a beautiful condo, it was like doing time.

Sunday, 5/3/2009, posted on our petition

We bought a condo recently, and we have been harassed because we brought our 12 year old dog with us. The residents who have complained the loudest have never seen our dog, nor have they been bothered in any way by her presence. Because of the horrid behavior of said people, we are selling the condo.

Thursday, 4/30/2009, posted on our petition

I bought a condo which did not allow pets about four years ago, intending for my cat to live with my daughter from then on. At least I could visit the cat. The cat became quite sick, having a previously undetected flea allergy and could not take the flea medicine. I had to take the cat back, and a neighbor reported seeing it through the window. I was miserable without the cat anyway, I do not like living anywhere with no companion. I work full time but that is not my whole life. At the time I had a letter from my physician stating that it would not be good for me psychologically to give up my pet but the manager said that unless I were disabled and needed a service dog I could not have a pet. I had to leave the condo, it is now worthless because I cannot sell it and I am living with someone I can barely tolerate just to be able to keep my cat. A cat of all things cannot bother anyone else if they stay inside, it makes no sense to restrict them.

Tuesday, 4/28/2009

"I live in a 55-and-older community where many residents, and the manager, go ballistic at the mention of the word pet. Our condominium rules prohibit pets in any unit or on any portion of the property. Pretty cut and dried. I equate people who do not like pets with those who never use their fireplace for fear it gets dirty..." -- quote sent to us from the Tampa Tribune, "Want pets? Take it to the board"

Thursday, Thursday, 4/23/2009, posted on our petition

New neighbors in my family's formerly pets allowed Florida condo banned pets. They had no problem asking my dying father to move out or get rid of his pets. The pets were so well behaved they didn't know what he had and a neighbor was harassing our visitors trying to find out. It has been a very disruptive and devastating nightmare for our family and has caused us severe emotional distress. Don't worry folks, Dad's pets are still with us. We would never ever abandon them but we are abandoning Florida. Florida homeowner associations can ban pets anytime and make it effective immediately. Our condo has been for sale for a year but most people have pets so we haven't had any offers. This is very draining finanically and many Floridians don't have the money to move out of their homes to keep their pets.

Saturday, 4/11/2009, posted on our petition

Our condo says they oppose even goldfish or small birds under their "no pet" policy, much less a small dog or cat companion! So much for Am.with Disabilities or widows!

Thursday, 4/9/2009, posted on our petition

I have found that my association (xxxx of Fort Myers, FL) may have illegally ammendend our bylaws approximately 12 years ago and forced a no Pet rule. So far I have discovered that the only way to appeal this misfortune is to petition.

Wednesday, 4/8/2009, posted on our petition

my association is trying get me to get rid of my dog..even though in 2005 they approved dog to stay. Old ladies that have nothing better to do.

Wednesday 4/1/2009, posted on our petition

Since I have been forced to give up both my cat and dog just to be able to live in the only decent place we could afford in this area, my life has been very sad. They were our little friends. I had raised the cat from birth, and was deeply attached to her. Just to have a warm little furry friend would be such a comfort to me.

Sunday 3/22/2009, posted on our petition

I have 2 rescued dogs just need to be able to keep my dogs. I am divorced and they are the only ones I have.

Tuesday 3/17/2009, posted on our petition

I am living in an over 55 Condo in West Palm Beach. I did not move down he intentionally but came to live with my father (original owner) and help him out. He was 91 at the time. I myself have been on disability for over 7 years and now that my dad passed on I am living alone in a Condo that the age is too old for me. Because of finances and the economy I am unable to get out of this situation and have become very depressed. Because of my disabibilty I don't do many things and I'm very lonely. I long to have a dog as a companion but am restricted by the condo rules. When my parents moved here in 1971 if you had a dog when you bought you could bring the dog but not replace them when they died. A some point the rules were change to forbid dogs or cats at any time. I believe this is unfair to those people who want and would benefit with living with a pet. There are many reports on the mental and physical benefits of pets especcially on seniors. I hope a law forbidding condo associations to stop peolpe from having pets will be pass and asap.

Sunday 3/15/2009, posted on our petition

I use to live in Hallandale Beach, and I could not have pets (only fish...imagine). I was a witness on how they forced a neighbor to get rid of her cat once. It was a very sad event. We tried collecting signatures, but the board didn't pass it through. I moved from that place...

Monday 3/9/2009, posted on our petition

I have owned my condo for 9 years and have a had my dog for 7 seven now they are telling me I have to get rid of her!!

Monday 3/2/2009, posted on our petition

I want to move to Florida to be near friends and relatives and the main thing stopping me is the ban on pets in most places I look at to buy......it's insane and very disappointing.

Monday 3/2/2009 11:49 PM

I have been living at this residence since 1996.  The President even cared for my cats when I went out of town for years...that is until I disagreed with her tactics and illegal ways of running this building.  I served on the board as secretary for one year.

She did not pay her maintenance for over 2 years.  Three residents, myself being one of them, reported her actions to the state and she has used our monies to pay for attorney fees to pass an amendment retroactive so she did not have to pay the building back.  $9,600.. Unable to prove the false votes and proxy letters, she has been getting free maintenance  for 5 years...THE AMENDMENT STATED that the President was to be compensated in the amount no greater than the monthly maintenance.  When the accountant was questioned he stated that it was "just a  wash".  NO 1099 form has ever been signed .. No checks written to her for services.This is how all this started.  Another complaint was she did not hold annual elections because "No one was stepping down from the board".  The state did not fine the board as they faced up to $25,000 in fines and penalties.  The state could not believe that the people of this building passed this amendment.  This is a nightmare.

Wednesday 2/18/2009, posted on our petition

I would like to have a law to allow the pets over 50 lbs in Florida condos because I would love to have my Kirby, golden retriever back. I am living alone and would like to have my best friend and guard back. Did you know that taking care of a pet add 2 years to your life? They are always there for you and give you unconditional love. I miss him terribly and the condo rules here are not fair. I have to drive 8 hours EVERY holiday just to see him.

Wednesday 2/18/2009, posted on our petition

I have a beautiful, quiet, and calm Golden Retriever that I want to keep. The condo allows small pets under 30lbs. Why allow a small yet vicious [dog] but not a gentle but large Golden Retriever? Many people live in condos to reduce costs and avoid rents from apartments. Also, these are privately owned residences that should allow owners to live with whatever pets they desire. Only if the pet is disruptive of neighbors should any consequences occur.

Monday 2/16/2009 10:32 AM

We live in a condo and our dog was grandfathered in when the board decided no more dogs in about 2004, but yes to cats and birds.
Is this fair, I am beening treated for deep depression since the late 90's
When my beloved little boy Rambo pass's on what will happen, very upset, our directors are fighting this  tooth -n-nail for no dogs.
Do I get a letter now from my doctor before something happens .
 (Rambo is very ill we spend what ever it cost to keep him here with us  he's 13yrs. )
They become your family when you have no one near and my family is up North.
 My husband and I will be devasted when the day comes and we no longer have our son.
Can You help me? I'm in my late 50's and afraid of being alone someday.

Sunday 2/15/2009, posted on our petition

I am in the process of keeping my dog,my wife suffers from depression and fear that cancer may return. She is a cancer survivor and the board could care less.I need someone to contact me concerning this matter. [Unfortunately we were unable to respond. When people sign the online petition, we do NOT get contact info, just name, city, state.]

Sunday 2/15/2009 3:52 PM


Wednesday 2/11/2009, posted on our petition

my grandma should have the right to have a pet! she is so happy when she sees my dogs, i would love to see her that happy with her own little dog.

Tuesday 2/10/2009, 12:04 PM

...How many people have carnies, parakeets and love birds out on their terraces and after many years are told they have to get rid of the bird or leave? People have always had birds on the balcony here in the 30 years I have been here. Quite frankly I was shocked when I received the 10 day letter.

Tuesday 2/10/2009, posted on our petition

I live alone in a condo and would love to have a dog as a companion but the association does not allow dogs.

Tuesday 2/10/2009, posted on our petition

I have had my dog (a toy poodle about 10 pounds) for 6 years. She is like a child to us. She sleeps with us at night. I plan on moving to a condo in Sunrise in a couple of months. They have a no pets allowed at the condo. I refuse to put on dog in the pound. I battle with depression she helps me on a daily bases with this. I need this bill to be changed so I can keep my Jadie with me. Please help me to get this changed in Florida.

Saturday 2/7/2009, posted on our petition

When we moved into the xxxxxx Villas 20 years ago they allowed pets..that is why we bought here Then they changed the rules midstream...NO more dogs... they allowed dogs already in villas to remain...now with time there are none left...our Casey died in 2004...miss him and miss dogs...this is very unfair

Tuesday 2/3/2009, posted on our petition

I live in a single family -2600- to 2900 square foot private home; I am the owner- My association has outlawed pets in xxxxxx Village- I do not feel this is right- what can one do? Thank you .

Tuesday 2/3/2009, posted on our petition

I feel that condo boards are much too powerful. I have pets in my condo and I feel that since the President of my board doesn't like dogs she can make a motion that all members feel as though they must agree with. If the decision is to ban pets, I have absolutely no recourse. I feel as though I am living in a prison.

Monday 2/2/2009, posted on our petition

Last Christmas I visited my mom in a Delray Beach senior living community (complete with the condominium association aka condo comandos). I have two yellow labrador retrievers who are every bit a part of my family than my husband and his two children. The length of my visit (one week) was too long to board them. My mother informed me that they were allowed to have pet visitors so I brought them along. I made the mistake of walking them along a grassy area near the entrance to the community. Neither was "ready to go", when all of a sudden this senior woman called me an "Idiot" and screamed across the lot to walk them outside. I'm no stranger to rules and follow them when I know what they are. (By the way, my dogs are CGC (Canine Good Citizens) and I signed an oathe to clean up after them.) I was approached by numerous seniors in the community including the board director informing me that NO PETS were allowed on the premises. This was a constant until the day I left. And, unfortunately, made for a very nerve-racking experience when I had looked so forward to spending the holidays with my family (it had been 6 years since last I saw my mother for a significant holiday). It is my opinion that these seniors are miserable and have no concept of properly expressing "the rules." It is they that do not know what happiness and enjoyment our furry family members embark upon us, nor the role they play in our lives. They are ignorant and extremely miserable. Perhaps a cat or dog would do them some good. I thought long and hard about writing a letter to the board on their rudeness, unkindly mannerisms, and non-welcoming welcome. It would serve the board well if their seniors were enrolled in a Communications and Manners 101 class vs. the screaming at other humans about rules approach. What can we expect though? Their own children most likely don't visit because of the way I've found them to be.

Sunday 2/1/2009, posted on our petition

I just recently found out pets are allowed in our condo except for dogs. I have 3 little girls whom have been asking for one so bad, since we had to leave their friend back home in MS. I don't see why it is such an issue especially if he is trained and you pick up after them. My children have been very sad since loosing their grandfather in May and I know a puppy would be great for their emotional problems. I will do whatever is in my power to help my daughters cope. Its not fair to them or anyone else who could sure benefit from a 4 footed loyal companion.

Saturday 1/31/2009, posted on our petition

Our Condo complex will not allow pets, rental, visitors more than 30 days, children jumping in the pool, floats or them to play with anything in the pool. This puts so many limitaions on the owners who wish to just live in their unit as they would in their own home. That is what your condo is!!! We think the laws should be changed. When you loose a partner it is very comforting to have a pet to love. I would like that choice.

Wednesday 1/28/2009, posted on our petition

Pets are being abandoned by the thousands because condo and housing associations will not allow pets. I know they do so because there are irresponsible pet owners, however they can reinforce and charge for those owners that do not comply with clean up rules. Assessments will more than accommodate for accidents and the pets deserve to live long, healthy lives. Having a pet will help to ease stress and tensions that will also decrease hostility between neighbors.

Wednesday 1/28/2009, posted on our petition

As people are forced to downsize, many people are having to give up their pets because they are unable to move to a place that will allow them. It's making the already considerable problem of homeless animals even worse. In these increasingly difficult times, a pet can be very comforting. Why not ease both situations by allowing pets in condos in a responsible manner?

Tuesday 1/27/2009, posted on our petition

I have a large lab/hound mix so I would like the law to approve large dogs as well as small ones. Currently we live in a condo that does not allow dogs but the policy has not been strickly enforces. My dog has not caused any problems.

Wednesday 1/21/2009, posted on our petition

Our friends would not buy the condo here in Florida they really wanted because of the "no pet" rule. They bought a condo in South Carolina. Is this what we want?

Thursday 2/5/2009 4:51 PM

I am trying to rent my condo and we have 2 separate associations within 1 community because of the different times they were built and there are differnt rules on weight between the 2 sets of restrictions and declaration documetns. and I would like to challenge the HOA because I have lost 4 prospectiv tenants because of weight and # of pets they have.

Monday 1/19/2009, posted on our petition

I have a 2 lb. dog and a 4 lb dog. They are very much a part of our family. When my parents passed away I had the opportunity to move into their condo, They only allowed one dog. It could be up to 30 lbs. My two only added up to 6 lbs. I had to sell the condo at a loss because of the regulation.

Monday 1/19/2009, posted on our petition

At the time I was widowed in August 2005, we owned a 2 yr. old toy poodle and lived in Dania Beach, Fl. and Connecticut. In October 2005 Hurricane Wilma destroyed our home in Dania Beach. "Rescued" by a good friend, I now live in Delray Beach for 4 months out of the year...but I can't have my dog because of condo rules. It costs $1000 to board him for the season - $3000 to date. He's just about all I've got emotionally, so the separation for me is agony. This year, I couldn't afford the $1000, so my stepdaughter took him. He's bonded so well my stepdaughter is miserable at the thought of parting with him. The situation is intolerable. Even if I let him stay with her I can't replace him since I'll be in the same position. The power of the cruel, meddlesome, and intractable Florida Condo boards must be legally metigated to allow compromise on this issue and, towards that end I urgently entreat everyone to sign this petition.

Monday 1/19/2009 4:02 PM

I have been involved in a terrible (and expensive) battle with my condo board that resulted in them getting a Court Order banning my Therapy Dog from my residence.  It is a cruel and unnecessary rule that lets small minded people feel powerful by controlling other people’s lives and freedom.

Monday 1/19/2009 10:16 AM

I live in a condo (55 and older) and literally had to go through hell to keep my 12 lb dog here. I had letters from my neighbors, doctors, and even the building captain. The story was reported on channel 4 news by Joan Murray.
My husband is a WW2 veteran suffering from PTSD. The hyper vigilance and the emotional parts of this illness was  wreaking havoc on our marriage, until our lil guy "Randi" came to live with us.
I had to go to the ADA for help and got it, but still had to have the support of my Directors to allow "Randi" to stay. "Randi," is well known all around my building and others too. My neighbors adore him and often come to the door to see him.
I don't believe anyone should have to go through what we did to keep "Randi", but I do believe in restrictions and owner responsibility to keep dog quiet and no mess left where the dog would go (proper walking areas).

Monday 1/19/2009 10:16 AM

I am a senior citizen whose husband died unexpectedly a little more than 5 years ago.  A short time later, I obtained a wonderful dog who has been and continues to be the joy of my life.  Fortunately, I do not live in a condo or apartment where dogs are forbidden.  Nevertheless, I am aware of how dreary my life would have been if I had not been permitted to keep my dog.  I feel so bad for the thousands in FL who are trapped in homes where their rights are restricted by absurd and unfair housing laws. 

Monday 1/19/2009 9:06 AM

My dad had Alzheimer's and my parents had a rescue Scottie that brought not only great comfort to my dad but my Mother as a care giver literally survived with the quiet times she had walking the dog - a time to decompress from the stress.  I purchased a condo for my folks so they could escape the harsh Michigan winters.

In the last three years my Dad has passed away, Barney the Scottie has passed away and my 80 year old Mom has gone through both knee replacements, both hip replacements and a heart attack.  The condo that we have will not allow the replacement of a pet once it has passed away.  It is obvious to me that for my Mother to flourish she needs to have a dog to care for - - - a reason to get out of bed and push herself to walk and exercise - a companion that fills the void caused by the loss of my dad and frustrating health challenges.  Because the condo where we were has been absolutely unreasonable about their dog policy and have fined other $75 a day for violation even with a doctors letter of need- - - I needed to find another place for for my Mom to live.  Unfortunately it was during the time the housing bubble was at it's biggest so everything was inflated.

I purchased another place and the bubble busted.  I now have two condos that I can't afford - - - because I can't sell the condo with the unreasonable dog policy.  We have gotten a rescue dog for my Mother and THANK GOD she and the dog are flourishing.   The new condo is not working out well because it is new and you have to use the elevator to go outside - the other condo was a villa and you could open the door and let the dog out in the morning and late evening.  I worry for my Mom's safety going down the elevator late at night.  I am currently in short sale hoping to avoid Foreclosure.  All because unreasonable policies won't let an 80 year old woman who certainly has suffered enough these last several years have the emotional comfort of a companion animal.

Monday 1/12/2009, posted on our petition

I was operated in 2007 due to my having part of my lung removed. Due to being depressed my doctor wrote a letter stating that a dog would help my depression. In Feb.2008 I got a small dog which was the light of my life.Then in Oct.2008 I received a letter telling me the dog had to go as no dogs are allowed.I cried and could not sleep for weeks I still miss her terriby.

Monday 1/12/2009, posted on our petition

We recently adopted a 2 year old puppy, who was born blind and would have otherwise been put to sleep. Due to new rules being imposed by our condo, they are insisting that we "get rid of our dog". We would appreciate any help that you could offer. I know many of our neighbors are supportive of us, and we are so thankful for that.

Wednesday 1/7/2009, posted on our petition

My mother is being harassed and threatened with a law suit by her association for having a house cat. She lives alone and has the cat as a companion. Simply incredible.

Monday 1/5/2009, posted on our petition

I would like to live in a condo when I retire, but only if they allow pets. I have a dog and a cat. My mother is 87 and in good health. I am convinced her pets have a lot to do with her good health.

Sunday 1/4/2009, posted on our petition

Our Condo Association does not permit pets. I went to the SPCA one day with a friend and saw a beautiful Calico kitten. I went back the next day and saw her again and decided to adopt her. I am 70 years old and not a lonely person but Snickers (my granddaughter named her) has brought companionship and many laughs and smiles into my life. She is an indoor cat and never goes out. So she bothers noone. I hope that this rule can be looked at and re-evaluated as there are many seniors today who live alone and are living longers. These pets bring much love and happiness to many people.

Sunday 1/4/2009, posted on our petition

The association I live in is now threatening me with legal action and all attorny and court costs of necessary on their part if I do not get rid of my "indoor kittens." When I say indoor, that is exactly what they are. They never go out our front door unless they are both in the carriers to either go to the vet, on vacation or visit with family. I will fight them with every ounce of strenght that is in me. I am a 70 year old woman with five immune diseases and my doctor has said over and over again that the kittens able me to relax and deal with my health issues. They are so loving and giving and all they ask for in return is a clean comfortable home, food, love and lots and lots of fun. They receive all of this which is much better than being put down if they had not been rescued by my daughter and me. We need help and support for our city, state and government to help us and our pets.

Friday 1/2/2009, 5:33 PM

Lucky needs a new home

"Lucky" needs a new home [Mail like this just breaks your heart. If this dog is not adopted, he will be euthanized. This happens all too often!]

Miniature American Eskimo, about 6 years old, excellent health, groomed regularly, loves to play, totally house trained, loves to sleep in his crate, great with kids. Lucky will move to his new home with toys, crate, bed pillow, food, and all medical records.

Owner is moving to Century Village (NO pets allowed).  Looking for good home, as soon as possible.

Friday 1/2/2009, posted on our petition

Asking someone to choose between comfortable living conditions and their beloved pets is like asking someone to give up a member of their family. It's like ripping out your heart, to have a decision like that, and beyond cruel.

Friday 1/2/2009, posted on our petition

As a pet owner I could not give up my dog and cats, they are part of my family. I would love to buy a condo but because of the associations no pet rule I can't. I will not give up my pets for anything. Pets bring joy to their owners. As an RN I know the health benefits of having a companion animal/s

Friday 1/2/2009, posted on our petition

My association has now threatened me with legal action and responsibility of their legal fees for keeping my two cats in my home against the rules. I adopted my shelter kitties due to at least three other members of our community, including a board member, having cats in their homes already. My babies have helped me with bouts of depression and have given me great joy over the past year. I will continue to fight to have the rules against pets changed. Thank you.

Thursday 1/1/2009, posted on our petition

...why then are our apartments not selling or renting, or even being shown? This gives reason to wonder, even given the slow economy, why OPT is not a more sought-after place to live. We should start by asking ourselves the question........ if real estate is all about “location, location, location”, with xxxxx Park Terrace having a great location just 1-1/2 miles from the beach and downtown, ½ mile from shopping, and near major highways for easy in/out access, then what is it?

It certainly cannot be the appearance. Our board has been very proactive since the hurricanes repainting the building exteriors, installing new roofs and doors, and sprucing up our roadways and parking. The landscaping and grounds are attractive and well kept. We have amenities not always found in a complex this size; heated pool, tennis and shuffleboard courts, and clubhouse.

One reason I’ve heard mentioned is that our maintenance costs have increased over forty percent since 2006. This certainly contributes somewhat, but is not likely the main reason as maintenance fees have increased for other condominiums as well, so I think the field remains level regarding maintenance fees. •

Maybe the rejection is due to the age of apartments. Constructed during the mid to late1970's, many apartments are dated and ready for remodeling. Again, this should not be a valid reason to be shunned because, based on 2008 sales, ($80-90,000 range), a buyer could afford to spend twenty-five thousand dollars for remodeling, bringing the total outlay to $115,000 for a 1,250 square foot apartment. Given such a scenario, the buyer should still enjoy positive value when compared to values in similar communities.

Another reason might be that our condominium documents are too restrictive need to be revised. There are rules in our documents that residents may want to rethink and ask the board to revisit. Issues such as vehicles, visiting children, length of rental, and pets.

With respect to pets, our personal experience tends to bear this out. We have been contacted by five parties in the past year about either leasing or purchasing our apartment. Every one of them had to be turned away because they all had pets. So, it’s entirely possible that dissatisfaction with our rules, rules maybe well intended at a point in time, are having an adverse effect on sales and rentals, rules so restrictive that interested parties are turned-off and are looking at other communities. ...

Friday 12/26/2008, posted on our petition

My husband was forced to stop working at age of 53 and loved when we lived in our own house and had a dog. We are not allowed to have one now where we live. He has a few diseases which has him pretty much homebound and lonely.

Thursday 12/25/2008, posted on our petition

I don't feel safe without my GS. I had to rehome her because she is not allowed in my apt. where I moved recently. She has apt. behavior. She behaves like a small dog and just follows me everywhere. My heart is broken, I did find her a great home but I miss her terribly and the safe feeling I had is gone.

Monday 12/15/2008, posted on our petition

...I have been a Realtor selling real estate for nearly 40 years on Marco Island, Florida. You can't imagine how many people Can't come to most of the condos on Marco Island because they don't allow pets. The saddest experience I have ever had was when one of my customers had to leave her cat behind with a friend up on Sanibel Island because her daughter was moving she and her alzheimer stricken husband to a nursing home in Miami that did not allow pets. Taffy Barbara xxxxxx's cat had been her life support system. The morning of the move I found her sitting on the corner of her bed cradling Taffy in her arms and crying hysterically over having to leave her behind. Her husbane no longer recognized her so Taffy was her family. Barbara's caughter called and told me her mother was constantly sobbing over leaving Taffy behind. She wouldn't even eat she was so upset. She ended up passing away within a month of the move and being separated from the love of her life. She literally died of a broken heart over the loss of her cat. That was over 30 years ago & I vowed that my mission was going to be to allow pets anywhere people were allowed to live. I have files full of articles & medical research proving that pet owners actually have a 7 year longer life span than non-pet owners. I am determined to get rid of the "No Pets Allowed" rules everywhere. Seeing eye dogs are allowed everywhere and I want to get pets classified as "Companion Animals" necessary for the survival and good health of pet owners. Once an animal qualifies as a "Companion Animal" they would be allowed everywhere just like Seeing Eye Dogs are allowed. I could fill a book with examples of the benefits of pet ownership. I even had a customer who paid several hundred thousands over her budget & had to borrow money to buy a condo where she would be allowed to bring her two cats to Florida from California. Pets are allowed everywhere in California and she couldn't believe how hard to find a condo that would even allow one cat. Pet owners who lovingly care for their pets are more responsible than non-pet owners. The values of Pet friendly condos would increase rapidly if pets were allowed. I know because I am a Realtor dealing with these issues. People will pay more to keep their pets with them. The statistics on money spent on pets are showing billions of dollars. The condos need to do everything they can in these tough economic times to atttract buyers and pet owners are amont those buyers. Please look at the research and the trends of the future...

Saturday 12/6/2008 7:59 AM

It ridiculous that this property can have RV's, boats, signs in windows, which is against the docs but I can't walk my service dog on the property. We will get an approval or a court date needs to be set. my mom had a stroke from all this harassment.

Tuesday, 12/2/2008, posted on our petition

I live in townhome association that doesn't allow cats or dogs, and have seen firsthand the pain and greif it causes.

Monday 12/1/2008 1:51 PM

...I moved into a condo about 20 years ago.  At that time they allowed dogs up to a maximum weight of ??.

Since then they have banned them.  My best friend died about 4 years ago and I am finally getting ready to get another one.

The first question on my list when I bought this was did it allow pets.  I selected the complex I did because they did.  I think at a minimum the owners should be grandfathered in, not the current pet at the time of the rule change.

My neighbor is now facing an order to remove her puppy.  We want to fight the rule.  ...

Thursday 11/27/2008, posted on our petition

I had to give up my animals, because I couldn't find any condo's that would allow pets. I'm still heartbroken.

Monday 11/24/2008, posted on our petition

i have lived here with my dog, Mollie for 6 years -new board says she is over the 25lb. limit (51) I have had no problems until now -I am heartbroken

Thursday 11/20/2008, posted on our petition

I live in a 55+ condo and prior to moving in my pet died. Our midrise/highrise has 1 dog who was "grandfathered in". I don't know what that means; but if they can have a small dog why can't I.

Monday 11/17/2008 10:52 PM

...I cannot tell you how much your organization has helped me as well as 19 other neighbors when our Natzi board elected themselves into office last year and put several of my neighbors, myself included, into hell for 3 months…  until they all went back up north for the summer. I’m sure that door isn’t closed just yet
either. Your website was an invaluable resource!

 I think I will run for the board in 2009! We all enjoyed 30 years of peaceful living with (openly displayed) pets by almost half the unit owners until last year!

Sunday 11/16/2008, posted on our petition

My 87 yr old mom lives in a condo. She loves my 2 well behaved greyhounds. They are not even allowed to visit her because of 1 neighbor who hates everything. They sure make her day more enjoyable and 1 is actually in training to be a therapy dog. Allowing pets in condos would improve the people and the aniamals lives. Why should a few people that don't like animals control everyone else's world.

Thursday 11/13/2008, posted on our petition

Due to economic circumstances I have to find a home for my cat. If the Condo I am moving to would allow cats, I could keep her. She is only used to me / her person. Strike 1 - she is afraid of people no one will take her Strike 2 - she is a black cat, no one wants the black cats strike 3 - she is 8 years old, people only want to adopt kittens or young cats I don't want to have to give my cat up, and I have no choice.

Tuesday 11/11/2008 8:27 PM

I recently moved to a pet friendly condo community.  When I moved in, I was told by the President of the Association to walk my dog on the grass & mulch in the center of the circle where my home is.  I complied.

Now the "Board" changes the "rules"  and posts a "no dogs" sign on the area where the residents were told to walk their dogs.

I called the managing agent, and after a few calls & no response, she finally called me back.. Her voice mail to me was, that she was sorry, but the dogs have to walked on the concrete, where they have to urinate & defecate.  I should get some mulch and bring it woth me & train the dog to relieve himself in that way. 

Monday 10/27/2008, posted on our petition

We are renting a condo and we were told that our dog could not weigh more than 27 lbs. We could have two dogs. We had to surrender our Cairn to CPCR before we moved. He weighd 30 lbs, but was loosing weight. I don't believe anyone should have to give up a companion to live in a Condo.

Friday 10/24/2008, posted on our petition

It should be a homeowners right to have a pet. Not only can a pet protect a person from harm they also detour possible vandals... They also provide the needed love and companionship for people. When I bought my condo I was told you could have small dogs and then after my purchase was informed I could not in this particular building. I have always had an dog and I always will what an important part of living do some people miss is they have never experienced the love and devotion a pet can give you

Wednesday 10/22/2008, posted on our petition

We are NOT allowed to have 2 cats in our fully paid for unit. Only can have "pets" of up to 20 lbs. Have asked board to allow us 2 cats that would not be in the common areas and was told no.

Tuesday 10/21/2008, posted on our petition

Pets that stay indoors bother no one. Because home invasions are getting so common here in Florida's mobile home parks, I would feel much safer with a dog in my house. Police say that criminals often avoid entering a home when a dog starts barking, and that means that fewer people will be murdered or robbed.

Saturday 10/18/2008, posted on our petition

I would love a pet to keep me company, but cannot have one in the high rise condo I live in. Having a small pet would have a positive pyschologic impact on me; indeed, on most who love animals and cannot have one. Please help us accomplish this goal.

Monday 10/13/2008, posted on our petition

i've had my dog 13 years. my tenant moved out after being in my condo over 4 years. i cannot get enough money in rent to cover expenses and need to move into my own condo. i am taking my dog regardless. i'm 66 years old and pay plenty in property taxes and condo fees. my dog is well trained and is my constant companion. this is an outdated code for everyone trying to run someone elses life. it is the people that have ruined the condo's not the animals. get a real life to those of you whom do not like animals and refuse to let someone else enjoy their animals. If i own it it should be allowed. renter's no as they have no pride in ownership and ruin things regardless

Wednesday 10/8/2008, posted on our petition

I am a single retiree who lives alone and has a six pound poodle that was rescued from Animal Control, homeless and ill cared for. This good dog is safe and I am gratified to have company in my life. We need help. My building in Fort Lauderdale currently permits owners to have a small dog but wants to change the regulations for future owners--and disallow me from having a companion dog if anything should happen to my current pet. I thought that, at the least, as an approved dog owner, I would not have this right taken away from me after it was granted to me at purchase.

Wednesday 10/8/2008, posted on our petition

My Service Dog has rights but the condo that I reside in is made up of old people that have nothing better to do than complain about an innocent Service Dog that doesn't hurt or bother anyone. I have been sent to the condo attorney which I will fight in the court system, I will prevail... Times have changed and having a four legged companion is helpful in extending the lives of soo many old people. This would also give the opportunity to give the domestic animals a new life for themselves instead of being killed upon the arrival at shelters. We must change the legislation to allow all domestic animals on "no-pet condo properties."

Friday 10/3/2008, posted on our petition

My condo wants to charge an astronomical amount of money for allowing me to keeping my dog per month is that legal?

Wednesday 10/1/2008, posted on our petition

I am a snow bird resident to a condo mobile home park in xxxxx Beach, Fl. I experience real loneliness in my yearly move to Florida but the warm climate is necessary for evidence of Post Polio symptoms. I hope to bring my cat this year but I know I will meet great resistance to change.

Wednesday 10/1/2008, posted on our petition

My name is xxxxx xxxxx and I am a South Florida resident. Unfortunately,my husband walked out on me after 25 years of marriage. As a result of this emotional distress, I was diagnosed with a severe depression. I couldn't get out of bed for days. My psychiatrist advised me to get a pet, so I got a toy yorkie which became my baby and helped me tremedously. When I first moved into this apartment I was given a booklet with all the building regulations,under these rules small animals are allowed. 7 months passed by and all of the sudden I get a note saying that there had been some changes to the bylaws of this building which predated the date I moved in. Under these regulations pets are no longer allowed. They gave me 7 days to get rid of my dog or else I would be taken to court. I am in tears as I write this down, I can't bear another loss (my daughter also died a couple of years ago)...I can't find a purpose to live at the moment.

Friday 9/27/2008, posted on our petition

No matter where one resides, SOME people have no other avenue for the constant companionship they seek than that which they would receive (and provide to) a beloved pet. My mother lives alone in a condo she owns that does not allow pets, she cannot afford to move to another condo, and she dearly wants to have a cat - planning to adopt one from a shelter IF her condo will eventually change their 'no pets policy'.

Wednesday 9/25/2008, posted on our petition

bought a dog home that some kids on the street were trying to unload. The dog was rescued from hurricane Ike and brought to Florida. I took the dog home w/ me not thinking wheather or not I could keep her beacause there are other people W/ dogs. This is one development w/ 4 condos and each has there own president. They want me to get rid of the dog now,but the lady in the condo next door can have one!? She walks the dog right in front of my apt! I'm going to meet w/ the board Oct. 2. Wish me luck

Monday 9/22/2008, posted on our petition

Before purchase 23 years ago I checked that pets were allowed.Today Sept 22 a notification dated effective August 25 is received prohibiting pets. My cat is 18 years old. No one was allowed to vote.

Monday, 9/15/2008, posted on our petition

I have been in the position of choosing my pet or my home. No one should be forced to make that decision. Responsible pet ownership in condos should be a given

Sunday, 9/14/2008, posted on our petition

We would love to move to condo we have owned for 5 years and downsize. But we just came to the realization that as we age we want the company of our dogs even more then now. I am thinking of getting dog certified as therapy dog to get around the law...but with restrictions I think animals should be allowed in condos you own

Sunday, 9/7/2008, posted on our petition

I have recently fallen in love and moved in with a man here in Florida! Which is great except for one thing... I'm also the happy mother to a dog. And my boyfriend owns his home in a community that excludes pets. It is a patio home community. Our recourse seems to be to 1. live illegally (and someone in the community verbally assaulted us on my very first visit here as we walked down the street) or 2. to sell this place - in this economy definitely at a loss if at all. We love it here other than the pet thing and my boyfriend has lived here for 10 years. Cats and small dogs were allowed when he bought his place and now even those are illegal. We believe in dealing with trouble one case at a time, ie, personal responsibility. Outlawing pets due to potential problems seems ridiculous. Everything could potentially be a problem! Pets are a part of the very person that I am. I understand that someone else might not feel this way, but how are they to say what we can and can't do in our personal home (excluding actually illegal activities, of course, if that needs saying)?!!

Friday, 9/5/2008, posted on our petition

Please allow us to keep our beloved pets! My condo decided to change rules regarding pets several times expecting owners to move or give up their dogs when the association met and decided to no longer allow dogs over 30 lbs. These dogs were causing no trouble or harm a single vote of a non animal loving board member could mean the loss of a cherished family pet. Please allow pets of all sizes in condos!

Tuesday, 8/26/2008, posted on our petition

I am retired. I am planning to move to the Adventura/Miami area in about two years. I have been searching for some time for a condo that will take several cats, to no avail. This will influence my decision to move to the area.

[Citizens for Pets in Condos comments: We believe that no pet-deed restrictions have a huge effect on the slow real estate market in (especially) south Florida.]

Monday, 8/25/2008, posted on our petition

I am recently divorced and the only thing I have left from that is my dog. I bought a townhouse not realizing until closing that they had a pet restriction. Two months go by without any problems and then I get a letter saying I have violated the CCR's. At least 10 other people have dogs the same size or larger including one of the board members. Why are you selectively enforcing the rules on me?

Monday, 8/25/2008, posted on our petition

I would love to rescue some animals, but my condo association won't allow me to! Please help.

Sunday, 8/24/2008, posted on our petition

I am about to move to Florida. I am purchasing a Condo in what I thought was a pet friendly building but as it turns out they have changed their rules in the past couple of years. My dog is considered a "service" dog although he is really an Emotional Support Dog. I have had issues with depression in the past but after getting my puppy (he's 11 months now) I haven't had one bad day. I go out every day and I have better relationships with people. I have to go infront of my Condo association in a couple of days and hope they don't nix me because of my 5.5 lb dog. Believe me, once I move in, I will make a big fuss on this petition! Dogs help everyone with their health and everyone should be allowed to have them in their homes. No Condo association should be able to stop you from having a dog in your home!

Sunday, 8/24/2008, posted on our petition

I am 52 years of age and recently have begun to feel the effects of the stress in my life resulting in high blood pressure. I am finding it too exhausting to take care of my house inside and out and may soon have to find myself in a smaller environment with no or very limited outside work. I would not be able to survive without at least one pet in my life. I know firsthand what "life" pets bring to one's everyday existence. I have recently met more elderly people very concerned and upset over the limited housing available that allow for them to care for pets. Go to a mall and you will see many "empty-nesters" walking their small dogs in carriages or in their bags and you'll witness the owners getting the additional health benefits of walking their pet. Too many people can no longer maintain their own private housing and why should they lose the right to pet ownership?

Thursday, 8/21/2008, posted on our petition

My family & I have had dogs all of our life. We are looking to downsize right now and would love to live in a condo. We have 2 dogs and apparently if we don't get rid of our dogs then a condo is out of the question. I can understand if we were renting, but we are looking to own. I dont think it should be dictated to us that we cant have dogs in a home that we own!

Wednesday, 8/20/2008, posted on our petition

I have been trying to find a condo that will accept larger dogs for over a year now. It has been impossible! I think that it is not fair to be discriminated against because you have a pet and wouldn't dream of giving up your pet for an apartment. The mere fact that we are willing to search so hard for housing that allows the pets that we love, shows the kind of people we are...responsible, loyal and considerate. If we behave like this with our pets, wouldn't we make great additions to any condo community?

Wednesday, 8/20/2008

We are moving back to Broward county from Georgia after 6 years. Our daughter finishes school in May and we would like to move back "home". We had a large house in Florida and would like to downsize to a condo. The problem is that I cannot find some sort of list that says what condos allow pets that are not small. My dog is a mixed dachshund and weighs 44 pounds. She is sweet  and elderly and I cannot leave her behind. She is truly part of our family.

Thursday, 8/14/2008

I am a single woman living in a "no pet" restricted adult community.  xxxxxxx in West Palm Beach, Fl. to be more specific. That community is synomymous with anitquated attitudes and inflexability. Unfortunately I cannot afford to live elsewhere at this time.

I am and have been, for over ten years, on Social Security Disablility, and as such believe to be exempt from the "no pet" restriction. ...
I desperately want to provide a loving, nurturing home to a needy pet, and in turn would be so grateful for the emotional, mental, physical healing that having a companion animal would bring into my life.

Wednesday, 8/13/2008, posted on our petition

We are being told to get rid of our 6 month old Golden Retriever after having him prior to moving in, and before the condo association gave us the guidelines after moving in. We just can't get rid of him. It's not going to happen.

Tuesday, 8/12/2008, posted on our petition

reside in a mixed, townhome and condo, development. There are 2 associations. The townhomes association, which has an easement (shares our common areas), is home to large dogs (such as a Great Dane, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Labs, etc). I reside in the condo development, which restricts pet weight to 20lbs. I have a 40lb terrier-boxer mix that I rescued, and have been told that the board wants me to "get rid of the dog in 30 days." I must review my condo documents, but I know I will contact my neighbors and petition the board to amend our condo rules. Further, I know that at least one unit owner has a cat that is over this 20 lb limit, hence, "selective enforcement" by the board. Perhaps I should request a "weigh-in" of all animals in our condo complex, prior to seeking to amend our condo rules.

Monday, 8/11/2008, posted on our petition

I'm an owner of a condo unit and was very hurt when I was told after signing I wasn't allowed to have pets. I had to give up my Cat a year ago. I can't even tell you how much it hurt me to give him up. I have Colotis and with the condition having a pet help my condition. Please do something about this rule.

Friday, 8/8/2008, posted on our petition

I'm a homeowner in Florida and was disappointed while shopping for a home that I had to rule out so many places because of this ridiculous no-pet deed restriction. I will pass this (our petition) along to all of my friends to sign!!!

Friday, 8/8/2008, posted on our petition

I own in xxxxxxx HOA in Port Orange, FL. I am currently fighting for the right to have an electric fence installed in a fenceless, leash restricted community. The city officials tell me that electric fences are considered electronic leashes. The systems are desinged for fence restricted areas. Someone has already installed one but now the current Board is saying no! The dog in question is not a risk to anyone and the tenants are responsible pet owners.

Thursday, 8/7/2008, posted on our petition

I am lucky enough to live in a condo that allows dogs, but have some friends who recently had to downsize from their house to a condo and had to give their dog to a family member because they couldn't find a HOA that was in their budget and allowed pets

Thursday, 8/7/2008

I am the owner of a condo in Boca Raton Florida. I have owned the unit since 2004 and have had the same tenant for the entire time. The tenant was in prior to the unit being turned over from the developer to the association. The original bylaws state that only the owner of the unit is allowed to have a pet. When I bought the unit, I was granted the right by the developer that my tenant could have a dog and when the unit was turned over to the association, I was told by the board that I was grandfathered in and my tenants can keep the dog. There were and still are tenants with pets on property and the rule has never been enforced. I have a new tenant in the unit who has a small dog and I am now being told that they are enforcing the rule. I believe this falls under selective enforcement since I was allowed to have a tenant with a dog for 4 years without any issue and there are other tenants with pets there now.

Monday, 8/4/2008, posted on our petition

I was told to remove my puppy. I said no. Do to my kids I can not do these. When my kids found out they were crying and huging the puppy. I can sure use everybodys help. thank you.

Sunday, 8/3/2008

I bought my condo last year and moved in at the end of August 2007. I was given the bylaws and declarations, which stated we could have two pets.  I have two cats and have had two cats for about 6 years now.  They are both cats that I rescued from a feral cat colony as kittens, which means I am the only human they have ever known.

After being in the condo for about I was advised that another resident had reported me to the board for having two pets. They said I had 7 days to remove one of the pets or request a hearing with the board. I advised the board that the bylaws and declarations said that we could have two.  The board let me know that an amendment had changed this to one pet. The amendment, passed in 2006 reads as follows:
* Each unit is allowed one household pet weighing no more than twenty pounds.  At the time of this addendum, all 
current pet owners are grandfathered in.  This means, current pets are exempt from the addendum.

Also if a current pet owner, who was grandfathered in, has a pet that is greater than twenty pounds and the pet expires, that pet owner may replace the pet and exceed the twenty pound weight limit, but not the number of
household pets.  The Board can review every case on an individual basis and can make exceptions with input from
the owners.
As you can see this amendment had a great bias towards those owners who were here in 2006.  The condo president also sent me information about why the amendment was made:

Let me begin with the brief history of why the pet policy was amended.  A couple of years ago there was a third floor unit, where a couple purchased the unit had had two dogs, a Rottweiler and a Doberman Pincher. These pets were extremely excitable when anyone came in the front door of the building, basically it sounded like they were trying to tear the unit door down.  The unit below them was currently listed.  One day a realtor and a potential buyer came back by for a second viewing of that unit.  Upon entering the building, they heard the dogs and interpreted them to be of an aggressive nature, which I cannot confirm or deny.  They immediately turned around, left the building and called the listing agent to inform them that their client had been interested in the unit but based on what they heard all interest had been lost.

The Board at the time was in the process of giving notice to the tenants regarding their pets and to our luck one of them obtained another job out of state.  To everyone’s surprise they were able to sell their unit rather quickly and the problem took care of itself.  At the next association meeting a motion was made to amending the pet policy.  It was heavily debated and the amendments to the policy were then created and approved.

The Board maintains an equal treatment policy among all residents and the amended pet policy has been enforced on multiple occasions.  One instance involved a potential sale where a couple had two pets weighing over forty-five pounds each, and the purchase had to be abandoned.  Another instance involved a long-term guest that brought two pets on premise and blatantly let them run out the fire escape door unleashed and their excrement was never cleaned up.  Another instance involved a resident wishing to adopt a second pet which was discouraged.  As you can see the Board is vigilant in maintaining this policy while being fair and open minded considering everyone’s needs, whether it be an individual or the community as a whole.

I don't believe this is a fair policy in the least!  I think it is discriminatory towards small pet owners and treats cats and dogs the same, which they are not.  My cats do not leave my condo, unless in a carrier when going to their vet or groomer, which means they don't use the common areas, they are fairly quiet (making noise perhaps when then jump down from furniture to the floor and if they are meowing at me), together they weigh less than 20 lbs, which is the limit.

The president also told me the board would not consider revising the policy amendment.

Now then, the folks above me, who were here in 2006 have a golden retriever that is extremely noisy, but there is nothing I can do because they are grandfathered in.  This also means should something happen to the dog, they can replace with yet another big dog.

I deal with depression, so was able to keep pets by writing a letter to the board and explaining emotional support pets are covered under the ADA.  The current president sealed it from the other board members and allowed me to keep both cats with the provision that if one dies I cannot replace it.  I suppose they see this as fair, but again, I feel the whole policy is skewed!

I have asked the board to put the pet policy on the next meeting agenda, which is the first one they've had since I moved in back in September.  If they don't change the policy would I have to get the new board to agree to the two cats for emotional support?

Tuesday, 7/29/2008

is "citizens for pets in condos" active in New York as well as Florida? or only in Florida?   My sister's co-op is doing the same thing her condo in Fla did.  "you can move in with your pet but when it dies cannot get another one", how awful.  when your pet dies that's especially when you need to replace it, you are older and need that emotional support. 

[Answer: The site is for all of the United States, but our current legislative effort is in Florida.]

Sunday, 7/27/2008, posted on our petition

I have been a pet owner all of my life as has my mom and dad. My mom is now a senior citizen and cannot go into senior housing because of her pets. It is very unfair. Elderly people need the company and companionship of their pets. Many have lost their mates and their pets are their only source of comfort on lonely dark nights.

Saturday, 7/26/2008, posted on our petition

When I moved into my condo 7 yrs ago with my older cat Mittens, pets were allowed. Several years later, they changed the pet rules and said that new owners could not have pets and once the grandfathered pet owners current pet was gone, they could not be replaced . This is unfair since I would not have moved in if I had known the rule was going to be changed. Animal lovers remain passionate about having pets even after they pass on and usually adopt another.

Thursday, 7/24/2008, posted on our petition (from Ohio)

I am appalled that I cannot buy a condo in Florida in this day and age. Especially with the way the housing market is at the moment.

Saturday, 7/19/2008

I just encountered a problem with the Condo Association in my building [in Miami-Dade County]. My wife has live in this beach apartment for over 5 Years. It belongs to her mother, which bought the apartment in 1992. When my wife moved in, she has a little Maltese. We got married in 2006 and I moved in here. I was never given an interview, and I never signed anything. No laws were ever given to me, read to me, or anything of that nature nor my wife.

I acquired a 2 month old puppy at the end of May. The board got wind of it and said there are no pets allowed in the building. The maltese was grandfathered in because one of the board members knew my wife's aunt, etc etc. I didnt know anything. So they told us to basically do everything right and get an interview and sign everything and give a background check and a credit check, etc. So we did that process. The rules stated that the pets must be aprproved by the board, not that  PETS AREN'T ALLOWED. But whatever, we signed and dated it.

I was also asked to write a letter for Consideration to have pets in the apartment. A neighbor just told me that they had a meeting and my now 4 month old Puppy was not accepted. And that the president said that only 1 dog should be allowed per unit. And that I needed to get rid of the dog in 30 days or there would be a $20 fine per day. I was also informed that one of the board members, that had two dogs and the other one died, just got approved to have ANOTHER dog.

I don't see this as fair. [Citizens for Pets in Condos agrees, not fair!] My puppy is getting trained, she is a good puppy and I take care of her. I am a teacher and have the summer off to train her and be with her as much as possible. When I do work I get out of work at 3 and am to care for her immediately.

I wanted to ask for your opinion and your suggestion. If lawyers need to get involved they will. My argument is that I was not aware of any of the rules and my wife and I were never interviewed or sign anything prior to having our dogs.

One of the FORMER, not even current board members is so nasty when he talks to us and always threatening and yelling about he doesn't want any dogs here. Please help or send me on the right path. Thank You.

Tuesday, 7/8/2008

...My story is the same as many others. I live in a 55+ communtiy with Pet Rules. The only people who can have pets are those who can afford the high priced houses in the Pet Sections....We got a letter from the community lawyer telling us if we did not get rid of the dog we would be evicted. We own our house and a share in this community....Our community pet rules but does not enforce any of the other rules. Click here to read the full letter:
page 1, page 2

Saturday, 6/21/2008

...I owned a Condo at xxxxx, North Miami Beach, Florida ... - I moved to the building in June 2007.  

After a divorce an some medical conditions, my son got a dog that after a year living with us is an emotional support for my son xxxxx - a 12 years old boy.  My son has been assisting to therapy for almost a year.  The therapy with a professional and the emotional support given by Hot Sauce, one year old dachshund, are helping him more than ever.  He has a medical condition, syncope.   

Yesterday I received a letter from the association, telling me that I am in violation of the articles and law because only people living in the building before 2003 can have dogs.  Why?  I do not know? but is not fair..  They are giving to my until July 15 to remove my dog from my unit.   I know that other dogs have been removed from the building. 
They also fine me with $50.00 each month until the dog is retired from the building - I will be glad to pay the fine, but.... What I have to do?  The Association wants the dog out from the building. 
Hot sauce has been trained to make him a good "citizen" and he has not caused any trouble to the neighbords or the association. 
Thanks to our dog my son is solving his problems and loosing Hot Sauce will be devastating for him and for all of us.  Hot Sauce helps my son emotionally and if my son is happy that make all of us happy, the doctors, the family, all.   
Can you help me please....   There is any way to avoid to loose our dog...... There is any law that can protect us....  There is any way to delay the date July 15? 
We do not want to loose our Hot Sauce...  With the actual real estate market is going to take a while to sell the condo.   What to do?

Friday, 6/20/2008

My wife is 77 and I am 80, we live at the xxxxxxx Condominium in Tequesta, FL. I served in WWII and flew 100 missions in Korea as a fighter pilot, and the recipient of the DFC and 2 Air Medals.
At the present time we spend 7 months in Florida and 5 months in Virginia with my daughter where we both own a 6 1/2 pound Papillion that is the pride of both of our lives. My daughter usually comes to visit for one week once or twice
during our stay at the Condo, but the Condo has a no pet policy be it full time or just visiting. This policy has been
unfairly implemented recently by the Condo Board ...
We are on in years and I am not in the best of health having undergone radiation treatment for prostate cancer and recently having three stendts incerted after a heart attack. When our little Lucius is with us our lives are filed with joy and my whole health situation seems to disappear. So I am asking you to help me in our quest to just permit
our pet to visit for those short times  each year and these visits are during the months of May to December when most of the residents are absent. The dog is always carried in a bag and never walked on the property being paper trained.
Any advice you can give us on how to go about resolving this unjust problem will be greatly appreciated.

Friday, 6/20/2008, posted on our petition

We are dealing with the Home owners Assiociation right now also to keep our companion dogs for my 90 tyear old DAD

Thursday, 6/19/2008

I have a seizure alert dog.

Even with all the rights to be protected by florida law-413.08 -service dogs allowed in condominiums- my condo- the xxxxxxx, in hollywood, hired a lawyer to force me to move- but I am fighting them

[Note: Denying someone a service animal for a physical disability is a clear violation of disability and fair housing law, obvious to even someone not in the legal field.]

Tuesday, 6/17/2008, posted on our petition

unfortunatly ive lived in a condo for most of my life with my parent and i have always wanted a dog but was never allowed by law. saving an animal from a shelter and having a best friend would impact my life in a great way so please keep up the hard work and i would love to see this bill past soon.

Monday, 6/9/2008, posted on our guest book

After having our last dog for 15 wonderful years, we thought we'd never want another. Now we find life without a canine companion terribly lacking. Nothing fills that place in our hearts like a special dog. Unfortunately, our condo board vehemently opposes animals of ANY kind. I look forward to the day when the law is changed so that responsible people are no longer denied something that many of us consider a need and not just a want. Thanks for everyone's good work.

Thursday, 6/5/2008, posted on our petition

I work for an HIV/AIDS organization and some of my elderly clients have to suffer in isolation without the love that a pet could bring to them because of these outdated policies. Research shows the extensive benefits of owning pets and these are tripled for the elderly especially those suffering from chronic illness. We must take action to change this.

Tuesday, 5/20/2008, posted on our petition

My dog was given away because we moved to FL from NY and were not aware of the strict rules on animal housing in condos. Over four years have passed and I been sick with agoraphobia. It gets lonely and I'm 21 years old so you can imagine just how alone I am. I been wanting to get a puppy, normally I dont go for small breeds but I have this time. At her adult life she will be 8 lbs. and about 14 inches.

Monday, 5/12/2008, posted on our petition

I live in a condo association now that does not allow pets I bought the condo back in 2005 when the real estate market was still hot so I had limited time to make an offer and to make a decision. I thought I would be living there for only a year before I could make enough equity to put down on a house so I could get a dog now I can't.. My whole life I had a pet and now that I cannot have one I don't feel like the same person. I love the joy and comfort an animal gives you. They always show love and affection...

Wednesday, 5/7/2008, posted on our petition

I was so hapy to find this site. I am about to battle my association over something as silly as my dogs weight!

Monday, 5/5/2008, posted on our petition

I now live in a 55 and older community and had to give up our dog to move in. My husband has never been the same. Our dog used to have such a calming affect on both of us and I miss that. I miss the snuggling.

Friday, 5/2/2008, posted on our petition

It is unconscionable that we cannot have our 7 lb Maltese in our own private condo home. With appropriate rules and enforcement, irresponsible owners can be legally and appropriately disciplined without causing those who do act responsibly to suffer.

Friday, 5/2/2008, posted on our petition

If I am willing to take care of my non-violent pet. That includes cost and all medical care. Then it should be up to me as a homeowner (yes even in a condo) to own a pet if I chose. That is my constitutional right!!!!!

Thursday, 5/1/2008, posted on our petition

After living in my condo for over 9 years , my condo assoc. composed of newly joined members has decided to have a no pet rule for renters and a 1 pet rule for owners. I bought here because I was allowed to have more than 1 companion. I have lived here since before we even had a condo assoc. I was grandfathered to have several animals . Now they are saying this applied to the animal's life only so that if they pass away , the animal can not be replaced. Two of my animals passed away and I did get 2 beautiful new ones (since you can not replace an animal it is not an OBJECT) Now they are telling me the grandfather clause was for animal's life. In the original condo docs. it states that one can have a dog(s) under 25lbs..... Animals have cure a severe depression I suffered from for over 40 years. they are my LIFE.....!!!

Wednesday, 4/30/2008, posted on our petition


Thursday, 4/24/2008, posted on our petition

As author of Defend Your Condo & Homeowner Rights and publisher of the first Homeowners Defense Kit paperback trilogy (www.STARRPublications.com), I want to commend Citizens for Pets in Condos for developing and promoting this invaluable petition for legislative change. I spent two years of my life fighting (and ultimately winning) a frivolous condo pet battle. Condo pet owners across the nation should be spared such an ordeal.

Wednesday, 4/23/2008, posted on our petition

Please help allow my pets to visit with my Grandchildren.

Friday, 4/11/2008, posted on our petition

My husband and i currently have 2 condos (i.e. 2 mortgages) We would love to sell this one and move into the other, but they dont allow pets. Due to the current mortgage crisis, we are unable to sell the "no pets allowed" condo, but could probably sell this one. We're in a rut and are ready to petition the condo board to allow pets.

Wednesday, 4/9/2008, posted on our petition

had a potential tenant of my condo who I had to dismiss bc the condo president decided that he could not have pets, yet the president himself has a pet. The declarations states that owners and tenants can have pets, but the bylwas only say that owners can have pets. The problem is that these directors read the declarations and bylaws only in their best interest.

Tuesday, 4/8/2008, posted on our petition

My dog, Jade, is being kicked out by our condo association. ...She is family. I am horrified of losing her. She's not an aggressive dog, she's very loving, friendly, and playful. Everyone who has ever met can attest to that. The association is now trying to get us to get rid of our dog. People who bought their condos from the original owners are allowed to have pets, while new tenants are not. This is an injustice. We have to get rid of our family members and then be taunted and mocked by other people who are allowed to keep their dogs. This association is constantly changing their rules and making up new ones to force the tenants to do what they want us to do. They have way too much power; and now they want us to get rid of our beloved dog. Please, help us change this. We are not giving up our dog. She's family. And family stick together.

Tuesday, 4/8/2008, posted on our petition

I am unable to find low cost 55+ housing because of my beloved housecat who does not bother anyone, never goes outside except to the vet in a pet carrier, does not make any noise and always uses the litter box which is kept very clean. I think the no-pet rule unfairly discrimates against responsible pet owners.

Friday, 4/11/2008, posted on our petition

...Most of these residents actually hate animals, have written to other condos in area about the nuisance of their dogs, believe that the hazard of  people flushing catbox litter will clog pipes, etc. I have heard all of this and more. Barking, chirping, etc. etc. ad nauseum. 
I have thought about getting a petition going and/or take a vote to see if other residents want pets, but like I said before, I live with a few vicious people and cannot take the risk of hazards from their ire.
The only way we will have pets here is if and when the antiquated deed restrictions are overthrown and adequate pet guidelines are added to our documents.

Sunday, 4/6/2008, posted on our petition

I would love to be able to have a dog in my condo. My mom is very ill and is worried that her beloved dog will be put up for adoption when she dies. If I could have dogs in my building, I would take her in a second. Why are people who live in condos not able to have dogs? This is totally unfair. It is bias.

Sunday, 4/6/2008, posted on our petition

our hoa is trying to oust our beloved dogs now....please say a prayer for them

Friday, 4/4/2008, posted on our petition

I want to move to the beach from my current household....however no matter what money is offered they will not allow me to live there because i own 2 boxers.....this is unbelieveable....my dogs are trained and great animals....i want a change

Friday, 4/4/2008, posted on our petition

What a joke!!! I just purchased my first home in Miami and come to find out the condo association does not allow animals. I have a small yorkie that I'm just going to hide for as long as I can. Hopefully this petition can change things before my yorkie is discovered. Please, we need to change this law in Florida. Our small dog has brought so much joy to my fiance and I. This place is crazy. I'll probably try to sell when the market ever decides to turn around. what a headache.

Thursday, 4/3/2008, posted on our petition

I am a recent law school graduate and weimaraner owner who is now running into problems finding an affordable place to live for both me and my dog. I chose to take a job in the government sector knowing that it paid much less than other jobs I could have chosen because I wanted to serve my community and now because of my income I am limited to renting a condo; most of which do not allow pets and if they do they are not allowed over 20-25 pounds which leaves my 4 month old weimaraner out of the picture. I refuse to give up my dog so I will just have to keep looking until I find something. I hope this helps people in situations like mine. Thank you.

Friday, 3/28/2008, posted on our petition

Our condo has had an official no-pet policy since rules were revised in 1991. However, until recently it operated under a "don't-ask-don't-tell" policy with many residents having either a dog or cat(s). Now, since the advent of a resident's child with special needs who has a companion dog and the condo board receiving a letter from my wife's doctor regarding our moving in soon with her 2 cats, we are receiving threatening letters from the condo attorney while residents with officially undisclosed animals are being left alone. Enforcement of no-pet rules is very uneven-handed, and local arbitration has been less than fair. It's time for our laws to protect all our citizens and help the honest instead of punishing them. [Comment from Citizens for Pets in Condos: What this person is describing is selective enforcement. It is illegal to selectively apply association rules.]

Monday, 3/17/2008, posted on our petition

i live in a condominium in Winter Haven Florida that does not allow animals. I feel that this is currently a horrible law. There are so many innocent animals right now ready to be euthanized because of not enough loving homes that will allow animals. Something has to be done and soon.

Friday, 2/29/2008, posted on our petition

Please save my cat's life along with my own health and well being by supporting this legislature, I live in a pet restricted area, and have kept hidden my sweet pet from the association.

Tuesday, 2/26/2008, posted on our petition

I am an elderly woman with a lot of health problems and my chihuahua is the only thing that helps me bear my pain. My condo allowed dogs when I purchase it fifteen years ago but since then they said they had an incident and whoever had a dog can keep it but may never get another.This is why I bought this particular condo in the first place . I feel as though my privacy is invaded. They need to get a life, most of these people are healthier than I.They should only have my pain for one day and my dog gets me through that day.

Sunday, 2/24/2008, posted on our petition

I am about to have surgery and need my dog the condo ass. made me get rid of him, he is a maltese tea cup all of 4lbs. what could he posiblty do to there property ??? they do allow cats bot they are bigger then my dog

Thursday, 2/21/2008, posted on our petition

Bought a condo in August that allowed pets without restrictions 40 days after purchase Board changed rule to no perts over 50 lbs. Only use condo seasonally and now have been told that being I didn't register my dog prior to the new rule that she can't live there.

Wednesday, 2/20/2008, posted on our petition

I have cats and love them. I am 60 and am looking to buy a condo and am having a tough time because most condos don't allow pets. It is a crime for people and animals that need good homes and love.

Tuesday, 2/19/2008, posted on our petition

As ageing seniors and no disclosure that pets were only on a probationary period,we purchased our HOME [condo] and then were required to call for a vote to change the amendment which required 75% the unit owners or 21 affirmative votes. The vote was 20.5 not the required 21. Hence we lost. It is most important and humane for pet owners as well to keep their loved pets. Our little one, Lulu, is a 7 lb. maltese. Please HELP.

Monday, 2/11/2008, posted on our petition

As a previous President of a Condo Association, I know how important this issue is. We have struggled getting this issue passed for quite some time. There are always a few who have a problem with this and they are not full time residents. If they had to live alone like alot of people do, they might think twice. I hope this petition helps.

Wednesday, 2/6/2008, posted on our petition

Having a pet gives some people a reason to get out of bed - this should meet the criteria of "service animal" and be allowed for people who would not otherwise be permitted to have a "pet"

Wednesday, 2/6/2008, posted on our petition

...I work with the senior population and have a senior mother who is alone. She has felt lonely since the death of her spouse and always wished for a pet to ease her pain. It's proven medecine.

Saturday, 2/2/2008, posted on our petition

They just had new bylaws printed stating NO PETS. I live in xxxxxx [larger complex] where a few associations are allowing pets. If at the gate they see a pet, you cannot get access inside. My husband & I want a small dog.

Friday, 2/1/2008, posted on our petition

They just had new bylaws printed stating NO PETS. I live in xxxxx where a few associations are allowing pets. If at the gate they see a pet, you cannot get access inside. My husband & I want a small dog.

Thursday, 1/31/2008, posted on our petition

My husband is a 24 hr home dialysis patient. We have a condo lot at xxxxx that we have owned since the mid '80's. There is a "No animals allowed" rule on the books but until last year was never enforced. We brought letters from our Doctor stating that the dog was a benefit to my husband emotionally and the board of directors refused to allow the dog. We are not in the park this year as we were traumatized by the board of directors letters and picture taking of me walking the dog outside the park gates. I carried or walked the dog from our trailer to the van and drove her out of the park to walk her. She was never flaunted. Please help us, we are so unwelcome in xxxxx now and they are bombarding us with fines and legal costs that we did not incurr. They say they were in contact with HUD and the Florida Commission of Human Relations. We have not seen any correspondence to that affect and they are saying we owe them money for their lawyers.

Friday, 1/25/2008, posted on our petition

I have been living in this condo association for 13 years and have a beautiful, loveable 6-1/2 lb. yorkshire terrior, who, by the way, is an indoor dog and helps me with my fear of being alone in the house, as the ONLY time he barks is when someone is at the door and that is what he has been trained for. For the past 10 years I have been going through major depression, health issues and many losses, including my mother and my former husband. The first day I got this little therapeautic baby, I brought him to my neighbor for them to see and they told me that the association was passing a law again any new pets. When I had first moved into the condo, you were allowed pets 20 lbs or under but had to register with the association, but at that time I had 2 cats and could not take them with me when I moved, as the movers left the door open at my previous residence and the cats ran away. One of the main reasons I moved from Miramar was because I was robbed 3 times, and the last time I was in the house sleeping and if I had had a dog instead of the cats, the dog would have allerted me. Anyway, I have had my baby, Peek-A-Boo for almost 10 years and 7 years ago, on the first interraction with the Board Members, they were going to fight me but then they saw how upset I was, so they told me that they would Grandfather the dog in and not give me any more trouble. I took their word and they never gave me anything in writing (my mistake). Then again, about 5 years ago, the same thing happened. Now remember, this is an indoor dog, who does not go out on the association property. I was in my home and the postal person came to the door and had a package, and naturally the Peek barked because someone was at my front door. The postal worker complained to the Association president and he came to my door harassing me again, after promising me that all would be ok, and then, again, said that him and my neighbor would take care of it and not to worry. By this time, the neighbor that I had originally taken my baby to visit the first day I got him was on the board, and he came to my home, picked up the dog, kissed him and said "Don't worry, we'll take care of it for you. You have been a good friend and neighbor and have been through allot these past years ( I had just lost my mom at that time and the only family I had left here was my daughter and x-husband, who was also a friend, but I lived alone)." I took them at their word again. About a year after that, the third incident occurred when a friend of mine came down from Massachusetts hoping to make Florida his home on a sailboat that he was in the process of purchasing, so he was staying with me until the final sale and paperwork was completed. One day, while I was at work, my friend took Peek-A-Boo out on my patio, which is closed in and considered the inside of my home and not on common property, and Peek was so happy sitting out there, watching the ducks around the water and he never once barked because he knew things were OK as long as my friend was there. One of the neighbors who had just moved in a few doors down, was doing some gardening and noticed the dog. She went to one of the Board members and asked why I was able to have a dog, since when she moved in it was told to her that there were no animals allowed. The board member did not know me and went to other members of the board, which started a whole problem with the Association, and the 2 members who had promised me that all would be OK would not admit that they even knew I had a dog. The woman who complained about my having a dog said that if I had one and she could not, she would sue the association, which started a whole chain of bad things. My 2 neighbors, whom I have known since I moved in 13 years ago, started harassing me in the parking lot, at my door and they sent me a letter stating that I was in violation of the laws of the association, that I never got permission to have an animal reside in my home and that I never made any request to the association for such a privilege or accommodation, and that "DUE TO THE BEAUTIFICATION OF THE COMMON GROUNDS AND PROPERTY, AND PROPERTY VALUES, I WAS TO EITHER MOVE OR GET RID OF THE DOG". At that time, I had been under doctor's care for depression and anxiety and had been taking medication, and I was dumbfounded, as these people, in the past, had promised me that I was OK and that they would not bother me again. This made my condition worse, and one day the 2 board members stopped me in the parking lot and threatened me about getting sued and fined for having the dog and that their attorney was going to send me a letter. One of my neighbors a few doors down from me saw that I was very upset and I explained what had happened. She told me she had never even known that I had a dog and that she had been living there for 7 years. She gave me some information about some websites, as she used to be a paralegal, and told me that there have been similar cases, which were handled by the Civil Right division of Broward County and that I should contact them, which I did. They sent me forms to fill out and also gave me a request form to fill out and send to the association, certified mail, requesting accommodation for my Peek-A-Boo and that I requested a reply from them within 5 days, and if not, I would file a claim against them with the Civil Rights Division. I did what I was told and did not know that the Association had not received the certified letter yet, but my neighbor, one of the people that was on the board and knew from the beginning that I had the dog and had told me all would be OK, came to my door a few evenings later and asked me to come outside, since my friend from Massachusetts was in the house and did not want him to hear what he was saying. He said that the board members and the property management had met that day and agreed to Grandfather the dog in but my friend had to leave because I had never asked permission from the board to have someone stay with me, under my roof and it was policy to request permission and register the person as an occupant. At that point, I did not want to argue and I started to cry and the board member was very abusive in language and conversation with me, but said that they will draw up the papers and give them to me the next day. Well, the next day they received my request for accommodation for the therapeautic animal and they jumped the gun because I mentioned the Civil Rights Division, so they immediately called their attorney, who told them not to do anything and not to Grandfather the dog in, and he would handle it and all promises were off. . He said he never loses cases like this and he would get me out. The Association and Property Management rescinded their promise to Grandfather the dog in and requested that I present a doctor's note from my physician, which I did. The attorney scrutinized the letter and said that it was a lie, and suggested a meeting with myself, the board members, the attorney and the representative from the Civil Rights Division. This day was a nightmare, as they accused me of lying and "sneeking the dog into my home in the middle of the night" without asking permission and not obeying the condo rules. One of the board members that had OK'd all of this for me 2 times (President) lied and said that I never requested permission from him for accommodation. The person representing me from the Civil Rights division had just received my file the night before, because the original representative was being transferred to another department, so she was not very up to date with the past months of letters and conversations and did not have very much to say while these people were screaming and accusing me of wrongdoing. Nothing was resolved that day, but the attorney requested permission to speak with my doctor, which I gave him as I was so upset and did not have anything to hide and I just wanted them to stop harassing me. When he called my physician, he interpreted every answer with his own version, and stated that my doctor did not say that the dog would be helpful with my health and that it was not necessary. A cat would be just as good (which by the way is allowed as it is an indoor animal). To make a long story short and I am sorry I am taking so long but I would hope that you are understanding the events that transpired, after that meeting, more letters and requests, a rebuttal from my physician who was furious at the fact that this attorney used his answers against me and did not tell the truth gave me another letter and sent this to the attorney and the Civil Rights Division , who by now had another person working with my file and was updating himself. He was courteous, very understanding and said that he was an attorney himself and familiar with these cases and that my documentation would be fine as the only thing that condo associations need are a doctor's note explaining the need for the animal and that it should have ended there, especially since the dog was an indoor animal. Next meeting, there was a new President of the association who was not at all familiar with this problem other than what he had heard from the other members, and he figured that at that point, 2 years had gone by and they had accrued a very high service fee from the attorney and if they won,I would have to pay all of their attorney fees, so he wanted to continue on with the case. They even went as far as saying to me "Sell the house and you'll make money and then even said, as a for instance, "if we let you keep the dog for another 4 years, would that work?", as if I would have to get rid of the dog anyway, if he lived past the 4 years. This all made myself and the Civil Rights person ill and we decided there was no reasoning with these people. Since then, the attorney requested more medical documentation and I went to a Pschologist, who documented and sent the attorney her findings and that she felt that 1. moving at that point would be very harmful and stressful to my health; 2. Pets, and especially dogs, in this instance was the best thing for me as she also determined and diagnosed that I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, stemming back from my home in Miramar when I was robbed while I was sleeping and could have been harmed. She also related that my condition has also been caused by loss of family members (my parents, brother and former husband had died) and I only had 1 daughter who was having anger management problems and substance abuse problems, and that moving the dog from my home would be very harmful to my health. This documentation was also scrutinized and the attorney would not accept this so we are now, still going through more anguish and pain and I have not felt like this was my home since all of this began. It feels as though any day I will have someone come to my door with a paper telling me to evacuate or get rid of my best friend of almost 10 years. How cruel can people be? Last year, before they tried to schedule another and final hearing, the attorney for the association tried to supphena (spelling?) all of my phsycholgist's notes and records of my visits. Is this not going too far? The phsychologist called me and her attorney and her attorney said, absolutely not. She had already given him the information that he requested, diagnosis and the need for the animal, and that was all he would get. All other records and notes were privileged patient/physician info and he had no rights to them. To date, the Civil Rights Division has been trying to set up a hearing between myself and the Board Members and their attorney in front of 3 impartial parties for their participation to hear all and make a final decision. Before I go any further with this, as I mentioned before about their initial letter about the beautification of the property that my indoor pet was destroying, my backyard outside of my patio had been destroyed by the association's landscapers who pulled out all of my landscaping and shrubbery because they said they were going to replant new landscaping. This being done, there were no plants out there to absorb the rain or water from the sprinklers, and both sides of my patio had turned into mud and sludge and as a result, you could not walk outside of my patio to barbecue, because you would sink into the ground, which also happened to my barbecue. I contacted the property management and association numerous times, and after 3 years of living with the mud and dirt outside of the patio, my friend and I decided that we would have to take care of this ourselves. I spent about $700 for plants, pots, mulch,pavers and pavers for the barbecue so it would not sink again. I also took before and after photos so when the association talks about the "beautification of the property" they can see what they left for me to fix and see what I did to remedy this. They also said that if I was so attached to the animal, why was I not taking him to work with me? I support myself and I depend on my income. I just turned 60 in January and for the past 5 years have been working for a company that has been growing by leaps and bounds, and with that many employees, HR would not allow animals in the building, no less one sitting there with me all day. I have now, since, been allowed to work from home, still with the same company, so it is easier for me to handle some of the stress and be with my little Peek, (the 6-1/2 pound terrior that does nothing but give me love, strength and comfort and does not leave my home}. Very shortly, we will be going for our last and final hearing, which has been postponed too many times. What I am requesting from you is if you know of anyone at all that can help me with this matter, as the time is coming closer and my anxiety is escalating. I would like to have the same enjoyment of my home that these people have living their homes. I had just recently been on a Leave of Absence from work because, due to stress and nerves, my body has been reacting, and I suffer from sciatica, pinched nerve, herniated discs and now arthritis. This has really hit me hard and has been going on for too long. I have no ambition to fix up my home, and no ambition to leave the house for shopping or social activities. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 1/25/2008, posted on our petition


Wednesday, 1/23/2008, posted on our petition

I am sick with pulminary hypertension and being housebound most of the time I believe having a small dog with me would improve my health. I would do anything I could if I could have a dog in my villa. Thank you so much.

Sunday, 1/20/2008, posted on our petition

My 2 dogs are family members. I am a responsible canine companion caretaker and my boys are happy, well adjusted and mostly well mannered dogs. They are neutered, walked on leads and I always pick up after them. Right now we are having great difficulty in finding an affordable condo community who will accept us. It just isn't just.

Saturday, 1/19/2008, posted on our petition

We purchased our Cairn/Shihtzu in August 2007, after our Condo Board voted on a Resolution allowing dogs & cats no more than 18 lbs. in size. During the summer when half the Condo Baord was away, the rest of the Board members voted to revoke the Resolution vote, now we fear the Board will attempt to force us to give up our adorable puppy, who brings so much love to all our elderly court neighbors. We will certainly persue our right to keep our loving puppy, as my Doctor also reccommended we get a pet to help with my medical well -being.

Saturday, 1/19/2008, posted on our petition

We too had to fight our condo board for our comfort dog, as we are retired. Our doctor advised my husband to get a dog for his disablity.........I fought and won.

Friday, 1/18/2008, 4:31 PM

My dog weighs 65 lbs and is way better behaved, barks lees, and is cleaned up after better than ANY of the little dogs. I actually got in almost a knock down drag out fight with some woman because she didnt like my dog being over 35 lbs. I was like: lady get a life, my dog wasnt doing anything to bother you. It was funny. Nothing ever came out of it but a warning letter. Lol, she was like your gonna get kicked out n blah blah blah people are way too concerned with other poeples business-ESPECIALLY when you live in a condo! I hate it.

Wednesday 1/16/2008, posted on our petition

My son wants to move into my condo that I'm paying the mortgage and condo fees on. He has a rescue dog he got while he was away at college. Because he's not the official owner they won't allow him to have any pets. This is his companion and I can't see how Florida statutes are considering him a tenant even though he doesn't have to fill out a lease. He should have the same right I do.

Tuesday 1/15/2008, posted on our petition

We have been coming to Florida every winter for 20 yrs. Several years ago we inherited a Greyhound mix. We informed the Motel we had been staying that we now had a dog and we are not willing to leave him behind. The Motel that previously had not been pet friendly, said we could come. We stayed there 5 times with our dog. Things change. The motel changed hands. This year we wanted to find another place, pet friendly, of course. We found one. However, we are aware that if it wasn't for the dog, we could rent a condo far cheaper, but most of them don't allow pets. No pets, No rents - from us. Thus I fully support what your website is doing and wish you success.

Tuesday 1/15/2008, posted on our petition

I have been aching to have a small dog at our condo, but unfortunately they refuse to have any pets because it is written in their "Doc's" they are not allowed. I live with my wonderful husband and we are in our late 70's and are capable of giving a dog a lot of love and care!!

Sunday 1/13/2008, posted on our petition

My daughter had to give up her Golden Retriever to buy the only affordable housing in Martin County FL It is not fair to be penalized because of that

Saturday 1/12/2008, posted on our petition

When my husband and I moved to Florida, we couldn't afford any other residence than a condo. We had to give up our Golden due to condo rules. Since then I've been dealing with incredible sadness and guilt. I would do anything to get our family back together again. My daughter asks for him everyday. I feel like I've lost a child.

Monday 1/7/2008, posted on our petition

Please start allowing largers companion animals to reside in condos with their loving owners! The only reason I don't not live in a condo much closer to my work is because I am discriminated against because my dog weighs more than the normal 20lb limit! Please help and take action for all of the responsible pet owners out there.

Monday 1/7/2008, posted on our petition

I am an animal lover and owner as well as being a Property Manager for Condos in Southeast Florida. The buildings I have managed that allow animals are always inhabited by kinder, gentler people and the ambiance is much more friendly than an building that did not allow animals. As long as the animals owners abide by the rules and walk the dog where they should be walked and pick up after them; the world would be a better place with condos allowing pets!

Friday 1/4/2008, posted on our petition

I live in a 12 unit condo and due to the bylaws written in the 70's, we are not allowed to have a pet. I work first shift and my husband works 2nd, which leaves me alone most evenings. A pet would mean the world to me, as it would keep me company and give me something to take care of and care about. I have to listen to loud stereos for hours on end and loud cars reving up in front of my window every day so what's it going to hurt someone to hear a dog bark once in a great while. Condo owners should be able to have a pet just like a homeowner, as long as it's not a habitual problem to all the other owners and as long as they pick up after it (in the case of a dog). I have to listen to loud stereos for hours on end and loud, reving sports cars in front of my windows each day. So, if an animal barks a couple times of day, their noise still outweighs the pets.

Saturday 12/22/2007, posted on our petition

We once owned a condo in Pompano on the beach,it was beautiful, but after a fews years I couldn't take the stress of leaving my maltese and bischon back home in Pa. We would have loved to stay at the condo a month or so, but after about 8 days I was so nervous, I just wanted to go home. Pets are like children to many of us. Please do something.

Wednesday 12/19/2007, 1:02 PM

I am currently involved in a dispute with the condo board of xxxxx in Hollywood, FL.  I have provided them with a letter from my doctor, and they have now (3 months after accepting the letter) sent a letter from their lawyers...

Monday 12/17/2007, posted on our petition

i am disabled thinking of moving to fla. 55 and over community. i have a pet which give me joy and lift my depression, i have a phy, letter to this effect. however 55 and over places have a no pet policy. this should be addressed. at least people with disability should be allowed a pet.

Monday 12/17/2007, posted on our petition

My grandmother lives in a Condo down in Pompano Beach, FL. Her building does not allow animals, of any kind. With severe back problems and various other ailments, she is unable to leave the confinements of her home very often. Having an animal, of any kind, would make such a difference in her life. She has commented to me, on several occasions, how happy it would make her to have a companion; this simple comfort, though, continues to be denied because of no-pet deed restrictions. Please, please, please help my grandmother & others like her to experience the friendship & warmth that comes from living with an animal.

Sunday 12/16/2007, posted on our petition

I have an 85 year old Mother who lives alone in a condo and would love to own a pet

Saturday 12/15/2007, posted on our petition

I purposely bought this codo, being the owner of a fourteen year old white shepard that I had since a pup,so I could keep my dog till he left this world......Older people need the companionship of a loving pet....

Thursday 12/13/2007, posted on our petition

I have lived in a condo for 15 years and have wanted a small dog. I work for an assisted living facility in Deerfield Beach for people who have alzheimers disease, so I know first hand what a pet can do to imporve your physical and mental health. I would bring my pet therapy dog home on weekends, Johnny was well behaved and I would carry him to the street to walk him, and my condo was horrible to me, so I had to stop.

Wednesday 12/12/2007, posted on our petition

I recently moved back to Florida where I live (own) a condo where they only allow pets 20lbs & under. While I lived in NJ I got my baby girl. I asked 3 different times if she could come down until I sold the condo, she is staying with my elderly parents, they said NO all three times! I'm in the process of trying to sell so I will be able to buy a house so we can be re-united. I miss her terribley, and with winter upon my parents up north its to much! If they would only let her here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 12/11/2007 7:06 PM

My condo association passed an ordinance outlawing dogs over 20 pounds. My sons have  a dog. They are disabled and would be greatly affected by losing their pet. What can I do?

Monday 12/10/2007 12:44 PM

In my association, there are no Bi-Laws that even address the issue of Pets. There are owners that have had Pets for at least 5 - 7 years. These are indoor pets that have never posed a nuisence to the community at all.

Suddenly, a Board of Directors was voted in that decided that they want to go after these owners with pets and make their lives miserable. The Board has spent thousands of associtation dollars in attorneys fees in the coarse of 9 months harrassing these owners with letters and threats.

The association's attorney happily collects $250/ hour and draws up these lengthy letters threatening harrassing the unit owners, without regard for grandfathering rights for pet owners.

Monday 12/10/2007 9:30 AM


I am being forced to sell my condo and find another place to live because my 79 year old Mom's pet Scottie died and they won't allow her to replace him.  For her mental well being she needs another pet.  She has always been a very responsible pet owner and trained her dogs.  They have never been bothersom to anyone.  The condo rules written in the 70's are out of date and expensive and difficult to change in most condo communities.


Thursday 12/6/2007, posted on our petition


I have recently talked with a friend that needs to give up her home due to the tremendous up-keep and moved into her condo that she has been renting out. Unfortunately, she was told her 12 year old shitzu would not be allowed to live with them in the condo. They are devastated!!! How can we help them?


[Note: unless people e-mail us at info@petsincondos.org, we have no way to respond, unfortunately. We do NOT get contact information when people sign the online petition.]


Monday 12/3/2007 12:59 PM


I live in a co-op in Fort Lauderdale which does not allow pets.  I have lived here for 7 years and I also have major depression.  If I get a letter from my psychiatrist, does the board have to allow me to get a dog?  Do I need their permission, or can I just show them the letter and get a companion dog regardless of what they say?  I really can't afford a law suit and am unsure about what is allowed...Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

[our response, in part - You DO need permission of the board or you may be setting yourself up for a world of trouble...The 2008 Emotional Support Animal bill aims at providing more clarification.] NOTE: We are NOT attorneys and cannot give legal advice.

Sunday 12/2/2007, posted on our petition

I am in the same situation my mother in law got a puppy , a pekinese,then 2 month letter .I received a letter from law office condo . association saying that SHE HAS TO GET RID OFF HER DOG AND PAY SOM FINES because we not allow to have pet but she just lost her husband an d she is in depresiion and anxiety.

Thursday 11/29/2007, posted on our petition

I am a resident in a condo dwelling as well and according to our bylaws, some pets were grandfathered in. Which is unfair to the new and honest residents who would love to give a loving and responsible home to a pet in need.

Thursday 11/29/2007, posted on our petition


Finding housing while having a pet is so hard expecially with a Siberian Husky. He is so kind hearted and I am a responsible pet owner I think it is unfair that I cannot find a place that allows him.


Wednesday 11/28/2007, posted on our petition


I'm not moving to Stuart without my two cats. I could not believe how many condos don't allow pets. This is very unfair, especially to our pet families!


Sunday 11/25/2007, posted on our petition


I need my pet. I live in a condo park on a lot and home I own and my cat bothers no one.


Sunday 11/25/2007, posted on our petition


I have been served with papers for mediation. My husband has been prescribed an Emotional Support Animal. The condo is not accepting this document.


Thursday, 11/22/2007 10:02 AM

While I totally agree with thr aims of your organization, my changed circumstances make me irrelevant. My family and I have relocated and have bought a house in the rural area south of Augusta, GA. The only way we will ever return to Florida is in chains and at the point of a deadly weapon. Good luck in your endeavors.

Thursday, November 15, 2007 11:41 AM

I have just received a notice from my condo association demanding that I remove my cat by November 19. 2007. I have suffered from depression for many years and have been treated with medication. However, even though my cat is very helpful to me, I have never asked my doctor for any form stating that she is medically necessary for me. She is always there for me and I could not bear losing her. Please help me.

One question I do have for you is this. What are the ramifications of just ignoring the order to remove my pet? I realize that can fine me $25.00 per day up to a $1000.00 max. But after that, then what can happen. In the mean time I am going to follow the suggestions that you have posted on the web site. My first line of defense is to obtain a letter from my doctor. Please advise me of anything I should do.

I am looking forward to your reply. Please, a speedy reply would be greatly appreciated, since I do not have much time left to comply.

[our response, in part - My understanding is that the fines are a way for them to stall to see whether you will cooperate before they sic their condo attorney on you. If they prosecute you and you lose, you may also be charged for their attorneys fees. All in all, it is a VERY unfair system. During this delay period, it might be good to line up an attorney in case you need one. You should look for a disability lawyer, or one who is pro-animal.] NOTE: We are NOT attorneys and cannot give legal advice.

Tuesday 11/13/2007 10:29 AM

My mother resides at a condo in FL. She has lived there for 15 years and does own her unit. Last year my daughter left to attend an out of state college. While she was there she was bought a Shih-Tzu puppy. She found she couldn't keep him at the dorm so my mother brought him home with her (at that time we thought it would be temporary until she moved off campus). My mother has a Westie that weighs approx. 18lbs. & the Shih-Tzu weighs about 5lbs. She has had the Shih-Tzu since May 07 and has fallen deeply in love with him and him with her. The two dogs have become best of friends as well. My mother also has stage IV colon cancer. She finds great joy and happiness with these two little guy's. When she isn't at home with the dogs she is at the clinic for many hours receiving chemotherapy at which time the dogs find comfort with each other. Now what my problem is the Condo board has made rules that unit owners are allowed to have two pet's under 20lbs. either 2 cat's or 1 dog and 1 cat. I have pleaded with the board for permission for her to keep both dogs and also provided them with a letter from her Oncologist/Psychiatrist stating they are therapy dog's and detrimental to her health, happiness and well-being. The board said "NO"! I also offered to take the little dog home with me at night and he can stay with her during the day, again their response was "NO". My mother has had no problems or complaint's from neighbors regarding barking or not cleaning up after them. Actually at one of the meetings other unit owners were trying to defend her but the appointed not elected board still said "NO". Now they have told her she has to get rid of him or they will start fining her 25.00 a day up to 1,000.00. I also offered to just pay the 1,000.00 for them to leave her alone and they still said "NO". It's hard enough to go through chemo-therapy to prolong her life, feeling sick, trying to stay positive and then to have hateful people on her case is just to much. All she wants is a little happiness that these two bring her knowing she only has at best 1-2 years to live.

Monday 11/5/2007 9:41 PM

I was working with a realtor who was made clear they had to be pet friendly community. She called me and said that I had to see this place. It was so beautiful and I decided it was where I wanted to live. I went to settlement and bought the condo. I was never given anything in regards to the bylaws or polices of the association. I received a packet from xxxxx 3 weeks after I purchased the property. It was then at that time that I saw that there were no pets allowed. I already purchased the place so I didn’t think much of it. I received a letter 10/30/07 that it was brought to the attention of the management office that I have a cat and I was in violation of the bylaws “no pets”. I was appalled by the letter stating that I had 10 days to respond in writing or I would have a lean in the amount of 25 dollars a day until I cured the violation. I wrote a very strong and professional letter. The head of the management office called me and stated that she is very sorry but there is nothing she can do and for me to keep her posted on what I was doing about the situation. Basically it came down to my home or my cats. I can’t get rid of my cats they are my children and I am at a loss for words at this point. They are having a board meeting on November 15th and I am at the library everyday and online to figure out a way and strategy on how to approach the situation. I have neighbors in my section who are willing to stick up for me. They love my cats almost as much as I do. My neighbor upstairs also has a cat and we are trying to figure a way out of this.

When I signed the FIRST contract I noticed that they had a 35lb weight limit on dogs and cancelled it. The sales agent for the developer kept calling and saying that they were not enforcing the rule. In my apt complex where I lived they were not strictly enforcing the pet rule and so when I rode through on several occasions and saw that there were indeed dogs the size of my pet, I let the salesman write up another contract and went through with it.

Before I could unpack good they started harassing me about my pets, plants and everything. I started trying to sell after only 3 months of living here. The realtor is doing the best he can. They are still harassing me about my dog even though the Association President saw her when he came over to take my application and approved it inspite of the fact that he knew my dog is over the limit.

My doctor wrote them a letter telling them I need my dog for emotional support and still they have not approved her.

Poochie is very old (13) with many health issues. I raised her from a baby.

Monday 10/29/2007 12:01 PM


My partner and I agreed to buy a townhouse at xxxxx. After agreeing on a price and signing the initial papers, we were told, after being misled by the selling agent, that there is a 50-pound weight limit on dogs in the community. Our dog, Murphy, is a 90-pound chocolate lab.
Now, the condo president is willing to work with us. She just wants a reason, any reason, to say yes to us and they'll make an exception.
Two years ago, we rescued Murphy from an abusive situation. He was 14 months old at the time. My partner and I were living in Michigan, and my partner, xxxxx, was depressed, on medication for his depression and was overweight at 175 pounds. Since getting Murphy, we needed to relocate and came to Oakland Park, Fla. Since that time, Murphy has toned up and become a happy dog (Murphy was also 20 pounds overweight from lack of activity, he didn't have a proper gait and his muscles were atrophed from lack of exercise) and xxxxx hasn't had to take anti-depression medicine since we moved. Also, Ricky is down to 130 pounds and a 28-inch waist and we firmly believe that both xxxxx and Murphy helped each other get to a better, happier place and continue to do so.
I'm afraid xxxxx  could slip back into depression if we ever had to give up Murphy, and finding another home for Murphy just isn't an option.


Thursday 10/25/2007 6:24 PM


My neighbor and I have both emailed you.


Its about xxxxxxx Condo NOT allowing dogs. We had a petition with 40 out of 56 signatures (more if I would have gone around to others, but I had enough signatures) and we FINALLY had our meeting on Tuesday.


Well a quick summary the meeting got out of hand due to one person who couldn't wait for the end of their official business and got rowdy. They ended the meeting after a few minutes. But before they did the board voted yes to cats (which WERE ALREADY ALLOWED??? So I dont understand that) and yes to birds......but they said NO to dogs.....would you like to know why? They stated that DOGS bring "germs and flee's and are an unwelcome pet). meanwhile the girlfriend of the president who is our $550 a month janitor does nothing but hang bird feeders and feed the squirrels which is against condo docs!! Squirrels have flee's and germs but she allows them?


I found out today that  two different board members have unofficially given the "ok" to  two separate people to have a pet just dont tell anyone......but now the two board members are upset because I am friends with those people and I KNOW that they have a dog so now they feel pressure like they almost have to pass the dog amendment, but so far have not said a word!


Please advise as I am so frustrated! They are doing things illegally and unethically!


Wednesday 10/24/2007 5:57 PM


My building had enacted a pen ban before I moved in but apparently the documents from the vote were lost. Now they are trying have a re-vote and the board has sent out a letter telling everyone that they will get confused and to "Just vote yes" on the  pet ban because it is technically already in effect. The last time they tried this, there was not enough votes to pass the pet ban…


Saturday 10/21/2007, posted on our petition


We have a condo in Jupiter... and have had to fight to have our dog visit us. We will not live without our dog... so future, more permanent housing will force move to more tolerant setting. We do not want to live around people who do not like pets... or children.


Thursday 10/18/2007 3:54 PM


We are trying to get our condo rules reversed to again allow dogs in our complex. One of the homeowners has gone door to door and the majority of the unit owners want dogs. The Board says they have the last word and its NO. How do we go over their heads, I thought majority rules!


Wednesday, 10/10/2006, posted on our petition

I work at a humane society and it's very heartbreaking to see the number of dogs and cats that are surrendered daily simply because the owner has to move and cannot find affordable housing that allows their beloved pets. We have a great pet overpopulation problem here in southern Florida, if more people could keep their pets it would be a step in the right direction.

Wednesday, 10/10/2006, posted on our petition

We fought the board and won. They tried to set us as an example for having a small nine lbs dog, despite their own "do as I say, not as I do" policy which almost half of the members had their own dogs/cats. There is no reason why people should live under no pet restrictions.

Wednesday, 10/10/2006, posted on our petition

I desperately want to adopt my friend's puggle who is 20 lbs and such a sweet little dog. I am frustrated because my building will not allow animals. First of all, there are only 7 residents that live full time in my building of 24 units. Am I supposed to find a new home so that I can adopt an animal?

Tuesday, 10/9/2006, posted on our petition

I can't live in my condo because it has a no dogs clause. We have to keep it as a rental

Tuesday, 10/9/2006, posted on our petition

My parent's live in a senior community in wpb florida, and there are people there who have small animql's and cat's but will not allow my parent's to have their 4lbs yorkie live with them! My mother is very depressed over the situation and has got a letter from her doctor and they still refuse them to have their dog!!!

Tuesday, 10/9/2006, posted on our petition

At this time, I live in a single family residence, however, I have just been through a divorce and cannot afford the house. For the past few years I have been looking online for condos that will accept my 2 precious chihuahuas, but 99% of them do not. If they do, (and this applys to rentals as well), they are usually in a less than desirable area, they are much higher in price. My dogs are my family, so giving them up is not an option. Please help! Thank you.

Monday, 10/8/2007, posted on our petition

As a pet owner, I never realized how hard it would be to find mobile home parks that would allow large dogs--that is until recently when we tried to find a place to buy for winter vacations. Looks like we may be spending another winter in snowy north. Good luck on your petition to get well-mannered pets allowed in privately owned dwellings!

Monday, 10/8/2007, posted on our petition

We have a maltese and I never even thought about the pet law when I bought the house. I did not even pay any attention to the sign. My wife and I do not use our home there very much because of the restricitons on pets. We love our pet and we just can't leave him with others so long so we just can't enjoy our home

Wednesday, 10/3/2007, posted on our petition

the condo association is unreasonably amending/adding terminology to the rules and regulations of the condo that would allow them to evict us, or have my dog removed from the property if they think she is a "threat". It is exactly this kind of power that we MUST TAKE AWAY FROM THE CONDO ASSOCIATIONS!!! PLEASE HELP ME KEEP MY DOG AND MY APARTMENT! PLEASE HELP ALL PET LOVERS KEEP THEIR PETS AND THEIR HOMES, TOGETHER! DON'T MAKE US HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN LIVING WELL, AND THE PRICELESS COMPANIONSHIP OF OUR PETS!!!

Thursday 9/20/2007 12:04 PM

my wife who has Kidney cancer had her Dr. write a letter that she needed our 5&9 lbs. yorkies for emotional need and our board which I am on turned down this request, said if I bring the dogs I will be asked to resign and expect to be thrown out of the condo. Talk about being anal.

Know of any condos for sale because my place is going on the market.

[our response, in part - please check our housing page, where we list some information that can help]

Tuesday 9/18/2007 8:30 AM

Thank you so much for your website. It definatly gave me the information I needed to keep my dog. I am currently fighting with my condo association about keeping him, but I am very sure that this turn out ok.

Monday 9/17/2007, posted on our petition

When I moved into my condo in 1976 I knew they had a "no pet" policy. However, my broker told me that there were many surruptitions cats on the Beach, and not to worry. In fact our cats died in 1898 and 2000. We replaced them with a lovely Birman. The Board Members at the time had been in our unit and had seen our various pets, and said nothing about them. They are all quiet indoor cats. Now we suddenly got a letter from the new board telling us we were in violation of the "no pet" rule and to "govern ourselves accordinly." We suspect that because we're in bankruptcy (I have become disabled) and someone on the present Board wants our unit, we are now being harassed. Because the prior board accepted our cats, should my cat be "grandfathered in?"

August 29, 2007, posted on our petition

I am a condo owner facing litigation because of my two chihuahuas and golden retreiver. I have had my boys for over 5 years, and consider myself to be a responsible pet owner. Responsible pet owners should be allowed to keep their pets "family members" in their own home.Wednesday,

August 29, 2007 4:08 PM

We are currently dealing with a situation that may result in us having to remove our pets (aka family members) out of our condo.  We bought the condo last year and have been trying to negotiate with the association ever since.  Do you know of any attorneys in the St. Petersburg area who I could speak with?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 2:52 PM

I am having some issues with my association.  They have had a weight limit on all pets of 25 lbs max, however when I moved in they weren't enforcing this rule.  My dog has been living with me for over 2 years now; due to their recent tightening of the condo rules I am being expected to find her another home.  I am trying to get the board to agree to a weight limit increase. .. 

Tuesday, August 07, 2007 9:54 PM

Christy is 5 1/2 years old.  She has been with me since she was 6 months old as a adoption that my parents made.  I have two young girls that love her to death.  She was never jealous of them when they were born.  She is a chow/lab mix.  She is great with the kids and licks them to death.  She is housebroken and does not chew on anything except rawhide and pig ears.  She stays off furniture without reminding her.  She has been part of our family for so long she is like one of my own children.  She is my 4 year old daughters best friend.  She likes rides in the car and walks.  My 1 year old climbs all over her and pulls on her and all she does is lick her.  She is very protective of her family and a good watch dog.  It tears me up to have to get rid of her.  We received a notice today that we have till the 12th of August to get rid of her.  Realty compnaies that manage our house changed,  the old realtor told us it wouldnt be a problem, I never got it in writing, the new company is evicting us if we dont get rid of her.  We just moved in and dont have money to move again.  I do not want her to have to be put to sleep, she is a good dog that deserves a good home with a loving family.  Please help me.  I have to keep hiding from my girls why I am crying.  Contact us if you can help save this dog.

Monday, 07/16/2007, posted on our petition

I live in a villa! I bought this place, I'm not a tenant! People in villas live on the ground, not upstairs in apartments. I think at least cats should be allowed in villas, cats don't even defecate in the street! I would give a homeless cat a home tomorrow, and a good home! I come from South Africa, always had animals and I'm shocked by these laws!

Tuesday, 07/03/07 8:54 AM

Five years ago, my father passed away and my husband and I inherited his condo which is xxxxxx in Delray Beach. We invested monies into fixing it up and added on a patio, etc. and we never signed any papers or were told that "no pets were allowed" at the time of moving in.

It never even occured to us!!

We are considered "snowbirds" and go down Jan through March only and have been taking our chocolate lab with us. We soon discovered no dogs were allowed but continued to bring him as we have no place to leave him. No one has ever complained about Sam.....he is 7 yrs. old and never puts a paw on the property except to jump into our car and out again as we take him out of the development to do his business. He never is outside and never barks and, therefore, no one even knowing we have him has ever complained. How could they? However, we had new people move in that hates dogs, says they are deathly afraid of them and has brought it to the attention of the Bd. of Directors and even had a lawyer write to the Board's lawyers and last year, we were presented with a letter that he has to leave!! We have given them a note from my dr. stating it is necessary that my pet be with me for my emotional well being. Even with a dr's note, they say NO!! ... At the present time, we have had our condo up for sale......isn't that sad !!!!

Saturday, 6/30/2007, posted on our petition   

My mother is a senior and a pet lover. She recently has gone thru some difficult times in her life and she really would love to have a cat to give her a companion to keep her company. Her condo does not allow this, they will not even let any type of pet but a fish! This needs to change

Friday, 6/29/2007, posted on our petition   

I have lived "illegally" in a condo for several years, hiding and depriving my cat from outdoor enjoyment. Sneak down stairwells to take him to the vet. Carry food and litter in canvas beach bags. It is so silly. I worry about people coming in when I am not at home for fear I will be exposed to the Condo Board.

Thursday, 6/21/2007, posted on our petition   

My father is 95 and on anti-depressants and in need of the unconditional love, attention and company of a small dog.

Wednesday, 6/20/2007, posted on our petition

My Mother cant have a pet in her condo and it is so wrong. She has heatlh issues and this would help her imensley.PLEASE PLEASE help us!

Wednesday, 6/20/2007 8:11 PM

My mom owns her condo and has a cat. She has lived there for almsot 4 years. She is 69 and her cat is 17. Well, when she moved in the condo did not allow cats and she moved her cat in anyway. Heck we all have snuck an exrta cat in somewhere once. Well the president of the condo association saw the cat one day back in april when he asked my mom to move her car as a tree needed to be removed. He freaked out and brought it to the condo board who in turn gave my mom 30 days to remove the cat. Well, she got a letter from her DR stating she needs the cat for anxiety and depression, this is very true as my mother suffers from depression and was hopsitalized in 2004, I took her and admitted her, she stayed for 6 weeks. We gave the letter to the board and after serveral weeks, they called my brother who owns the condo 2 days ago and said she is in breech of contract and she has another 30 days to remove the cat, if not they will take serious legal action. I found this on the internet below. Please take a few minutes to read it, we need your help and advice and if anyone knows an attorney. I have called the condo association today and asked them to call me and meet with me to see what can be worked out. I will bring this information below. Thanks all and God bless you for helping. I have a meeting with the condo association on wednesday. I have called them today asking them to make an excpetion for my moms sake, they jsut want the cat out saying she broke the bylaws on the condo. OK, fine, I said lets move on and find a middle ground for all involved that to remove my mothers cat is not an option! I told them they are dealing with feelings and lives here and to look deeper than your laws! I met with these people today with my brother who is owner of the condo. They are just regular people trying to inforce these stupid bylaws and nto willing to budge fro my mom even after reading the letter below I got from your web site. They said they wouild get back to us after they contact their lawyer.

Monday, June 11, 2007 10:31 PM

Recently my sister's dog that she had for over 14 years died. My sister has always owned a pet and that pet for her is her confidant, companion, love,
friend and her reason for living. When she moved into the Condo in Boynton Beach 14 years ago she was allowed to have a pet. Her section of her
developement does not permit a replacement pet. She is sick, she is depressed, she cries every day. I am really concerned about her health. I
am flabagasted that with all the research confirming all the health benefits of a pet for senior citizens they can actually do this. Florida which is a
meca for senior citizens, is also their worst enemy. If there is anything I can do to help you get the laws changed, even from where I live in New
I certainly would try. If I can aid her in any way please let me know. It just seems so cruel and makes no sense. It certainly is
arbitrary, it is a form of prejudice whereby people living a building away can have pets but she cannot. She cannot afford to move unfortunately and I
pray that her health returns but right now am concerned for her. I find it so difficult to understand the logic and legaleze of such legislation that
allows this discrimination and cruelty to the very people who have helped build the economy of Florida.

Monday, June 11, 2007 9:44 PM

I've owned a Condo in xxxxx, Boynton Beach Florida for 14 years. I moved in owning a dog and was verbally told I can replace her when she died. A few years ago the village board amended rules to say no dogs may be replaced. However, within the same gated community with its common outside walls are several villages in the same development which do allow pets and replacement pets. I am sure you are aware of all the research being done that proves senior citizens live longer and remain independent longer and not a burden on taxpayers when they are permitted to have a pet companion.

Even Therapy dogs brought into nursing homes help to elevate the health status of depressed and sick residents. Your state encourages and in fact lures senior citizens to its borders in most cases WITH their life companion pets and then at the most crucial time in their lives, being the last decade they are crushed by the death of their pet and the cruel realization that Florida is cold and insensitive to the needs of the very senior citizens they have lured down. If there is any way you can aid in the changing of the law it would certainly help extend my life and those of my fellow citizens grieving over lost companions. My health has plummeted, my blood pressure has gone up, I am depressed and inconsolable.

Monday, June 04, 2007 3:10 PM

Please help me! I would love to keep my dog but my condominium association is not letting me. I thought that as a condo owner I can have any pet I want, but that was not true. I love my dog. I cant get rid of her. Her name is Rachel. I dont know what to do. Either I will move or hide my doggie.
There is already a low passed in CA that allows condo owners to have pets.
Why cant Florida have something like that?

Sunday 5/27/2007 7:38 AM

I think this argument over pets is the most stupid I have ever been involved with. I knew that there was a "no pets" policy when I moved in here 4 years ago, but things change over time. Am I supposed to move every time something happens to my health that requires me to violate the condo rules, even a little? I think it is totally ludicrous to expect that of people who have been model owners since they moved in.

Wednesday 5/16/2007 4:02 PM

I had been following HB 1373 and SB 2816 and was terribly disappointed to learn that both died in committee. I am disabled and my psychiatrist had prescribed an "emotional support pet." Based on conversations with my condo President of the Board, it was "implied" that, with the doctor's letter, there would be no problem. I did get a Shih Tzu puppy after sending the letter to the Board. However, I received a letter that the board "unanimously denied (my) request to have a dog in my unit." I have contacted several Federal agencies to see if one could come to my rescue. I have the pup for over 1 month and I will not give her up.

Monday 5/7/2007 12:00 PM

I am so SICK to my stomach regarding the overweight dog issue.  This is the same stupid issue we have been fighting in my condo for the past five years.  My dog, along with very few other dogs are overweight by 10-15lbs.  We are permitted two pets no more than 15lbs each.  However, as you may know we love our dogs and one flaw owners have is that we tend to over feed our dogs……it’s a love thingJ  ... the dog issue was on the boards agenda and they had Mr. xxxxx from xxxxx (law firm) participate in that meeting.  According to xxxxx, dogs that have been in the building for more than 5 years are grandfathered and even those who moved in three years ago.  xxxxx’s reasoning was that it is “understood” and that the board never reinforced the rules.  However, our stubborn president wanted to pursue legal actions against us owners who had dogs over the 15lb. weight  limit.  xxxxx stated that if the board chooses to go to court they will not win.  Thank God we have two pet owners on the board who declared it was a stupid thing to even discuss weight issues….and as of today things are quiet.  THANK GOD!!!!!

Wednesday 5/2/2007 4:33 PM

I moved into my condo in August of 2005, SPECIFICALLY because there were no pet restrictions (e.g. as to size) in the condo docs.  Since that time, the Board has adopted several rules that restrict my access to the lobby and valet, when accompanied by my dog.  Can you help me fight this?

[More info] The new condo rules make it virtually impossible for me to take advantage of the valet service, which is one of the reasons that I moved into this development.  It is a five star residence, and I tip the valet monthly, to park, retrieve and wash my car, and to deliver packages from the car to my apartment.  The Board wants me to park my own car in the garage, and walk through the (un-air conditioned) garage to the elevator that serves my apartment.


The new rules state that you may enter through the lobby with a dog, as long as you carry the dog.  Since my Golden Retriever weighs 85 pounds, this presents quite a problem!  The absence of size restrictions was the single motivating factor in our relocation, as we had waited 10 years in an apartment nearby, wanting a dog.  Now I find myself paying large fees to live in a five star residence, and being prohibited from taking advantage of the level of service for which I paid a premium to purchase (and to maintain).

Friday, April 13, 2007 9:48 AM

[This] is my dog. He is a wonderful, playful, intelligent, and incredibly loyal dog. Unfortunately I am no longer able to keep him. My condo rules do not allow for pets over 8lbs. They have let me get away with it for over 2 years, but enough is enough.


He is a 3yr old Lab/chow mix. He has all his shots and I even pay medical insurance for him. I need a good home for him or I am going to have to take him to the human society.


Please, please, if you are interested or know somebody that might be let me know.


I will be willing to pay for food for a year if need be.

Sunday 4/8/2007 6:52 PM

Today [we] went to a Board meeting from our Condo to hear about keeping the dog.  As it turned out they want us to get rid of the dog.  We have retained xxxxx as our attorney...
I am sick over this and would like it to be resolved as soon as possible.
People in this building say they see my dog, but he doesn't go out.  How is that possible?  They lie for the sake of being one of the in crowd.  That is the board wich is like a dictatorship or the Nazi party...
Yes the condo rules say no animals are allowed yet there are cats in the building...They even told us to get rid of the dog and get a cat and it will be okay....
I just think some people don't care about others.  They follow the sheep and think that is the way to be.

Saturday 4/7/2007 10:27 AM

Close friends at my condo xxxxx and xxxxx, two weeks ago had a hearing by the condo board that dismissed their doctors letter for emotional support and started fining them $75.00 a day that they kept their little miniature Yorkie xxxxx.  They are now being forced to move out.  This is a travesty.

Monday 4/2/2007 10:05 PM

I would like to say "good job " we need more people sticking up for our pets !

I don't have a medical condition but I will tell you that we had a very hard time finding a condo/town home because the rules at most places are that no pets are allowed ! We ended up not buying a place , we're renting and they're are tons of dogs ! Good dogs ! Everybody has a pets now, a lot people are single and pets are a great way of socializing, with the neighbors !

I hope they can change the laws, HOA is controlling peoples lives in a negative way !!

Thank you

Tuesday 3/27/2007 8:02 AM

...as of now I have been in the court system for about two and a half years. HUD took my case and it went in my favor in the [local] Court twice. Now the building has taken it to the Supreme Court in xxxxxxxx. They will then take it to the Appellate Division in xxxxxxx.


I think I am afraid that they can keep this standoff on going, I hate to relent to feelings of despair with this on going legal fight. You/I, never have seen so much legal paper work generated. I have at least five pounds of paper and words....all because I asked for a companion dog. (I am 67 and lost my dad unexpected in the same week my position at work of 22 years along with the fact that my daughter is terminally ill).


I live in a  co-op that is all wooded in the back. Only wanted a small dog to get me out of bed in the morning and to be a companion.

Sunday 3/11/2007 10:48 PM

II have a small dog in a condo that allows 2 birds and 2 cats only. I believe that law was amended from 1 cat and 1 bird a few years ago. My dog never barks - is never left alone (I take her with me) is crate trained. She is pad trained and I did let her out by my door at night and picked her waste up. I live in one of the 10 townhomes that share one wall and these units present no noise issues. I would be the first person to be upset if we had a bunch of loud dogs and irresponsble owners. The condos across the street have this problem.

There are violators of the pet rules - a lady rescues cats and has housed more than 2, reported as many as seven. I saw her a few years ago at the vet with new kittens. This is well known - but not enforced. Our board seems to pick and choose what by-laws to enforce and which ones to make exception to...

I have suffered from serious depression in the past and fight it. I live alone and have not been so happy since getting this little 3lb. chihuahua puppy.
I used to stay home for days on end, and work erratically due to my moods. I now get out every day. I focus on caring for the dog. We go to parks and never walk on the condo grounds. I had a cat that died at the age of 11 2 years ago. I realized after pet setting for a chihuahua, that I was not near as
allergic to the dog as I am to cats. Maybe because I can wash her.

Friday 3/2/2007 12:09 AM

I live in a no pet Condo, however, I have had a pet cat since moving in 7 years ago. The manager okayed  it, as long as it was a house pet, and a comfort for my husband who is ill, and the cat brings him comfort and a touch with reality. She provides him a comfort and someone to care for.

I am not the only resident here with a pet, and as there were already some here, they all said the pets were grandfathered in, and I saw no reason to question it. They were well mannered small dogs, and gave comfort to the owners, which was evident.

There were other rules in the Condo also, among which many are not enforced, and the board ignores any complaints on the broken rules. Now it seems, there must be one animal hater, choosing to dwell on the no pet issue.

I believe in rules, however, why ignore happiness to Senior Citizens for a few board members who do not have love and compassion in their heart?

I wanted that rule taken off as long as it is a comfort feature, and decided to put this computer to good use for the few of us who only want to live and let live.

I also am handicapped, having suffered a back fracture 16 years ago, and love having a pet on my lap to love, and as I can not  lift over 10 pounds, she is a Godsend for me.

That is drifting from the subject I guess, but comfort and love are very important to me and to my husband.

Do not dementia patients, heart patients, and the disabled in other ways deserve something.

HOA's are run by the same board, year after year, and others have the same problem. Look at the little lady who had to have a court battle to keep her little dog. She won, but why did she have to go through the agony, the HOA only lost in the end.

I am afraid I have taken too much of your time, buy I am willing to fight for what I believe in, and do not need harassment at this point of time in my life.  I live day to day not knowing how long I will have a husband, and luckily I was a nurse, and care for him 24x7. The president of the board knows all of this, it is her son who seems to hate animals, and he lives down the street in another section of our development where their rules are different, but all ruled by the same association, yet he is on the board in ours. Make sense to you?

That is my situation as of right now, and want to have things corrected for  the poor animals needing love and care.

Please tell me, am I wrong in fighting for the rights of humans and animals?

Thursday 3/1/2007 10:02 PM

I have been in my condo for 3 short months.  When I purchased the condo the buying agent for the developer assured me that my 52 lb dog is acceptable (I even brought her over to meet him) eventhough, the condo docs said that a 35 lb dog is the limit.  He stated to me that he had many dogs in the development which were

over the limit and no one had waged any complaints about it.  I thought about what he said and decided to cancel my first contract.  He called and reassured me that my dog would not be a problem and so I went through with the sale after I rode through and saw many dogs the size of mine.  Now I have received a letter stating that meetings are being held to discuss enforcement of the 35 lb rule.  Do I have a right to sue if they ban my dog?  If so, should I sue the developer?  Or should I sue the association?


I have depression and my dog doesn't have long to live but, I want to keep her around as long as possible...

Friday 2/23/2007 1:29 AM


...I have a yellow lab, xxxxx, who is my service animal.  He is used for mobility assistance and as a psychiatric service animal. I have supporting letters from doctors in both fields. xxxxxx has passed the cgc and therapy dogs int testing. He goes almost everywhere I go. The president of Carnival Cruise Line has sent me a letter "we look forward to seeing you and xxxxx again in the future"! I say almost because my Florida condo association wont allow me to have him in my home! I offered the docs letters, xxxxx's credentials along with a demo disc showing what he does for me, along with having revealed VERY personal things about my disabilities (which I did not have to do).

I was told by the condo board that I had to "testify under oath as to my disability, and had to prove I had no other options than using a dog". I filed with the Florida Commission and they found that I was discriminated against. I am in the process of filing suit against the association and each board member personally..

I could use any help you may afford. I opted for a private attorney.

I had a friend book a one night stay at the condo complex. He paid in advance. He then informed them that he was bringing his service animal. He received a letter back saying he could not bring his service animal and that he needed letters from his doctors and he would have to explain that he has no other means to help him overcome his disability! The board would then have to vote/approve his one night stay!

Can you imagine a family needing a room while traveling being told by a hotel that the hotel board would have to meet to consider the request and you must prove that you cant simply use a cane instead of a guide dog???

There is a "no animal" sign posted at the entrance to the property. They tried to change the condo docs to state "No animal on the property at any time for any reason" .Even after the Commission found in my favor, the sign still stands in arrogance...to heck with Federal and State Laws. The arrogance is amazing!

... This case has the potential to prove how important the ADA really is in the face of such arrogant defiance.


Tuesday 2/20/2007 2:31 PM


I have lived here in California all my life.  ...My mother is 83 and I am currently 49--we are roommates with our two cats.   I am partially
disabled and live a very slow lifestyle (physically.)   Now is the time to find real estate; but ... I am very limited.

Since I was about 25 (25 years ago,) I have wanted to buy a condo in Florida--I always backed out because of the no-pet situation.  I started looking again and faced the same facts--no animals.


Monday, February 19, 2007 7:38 AM

Hi--I'm in Augusta, GA now...  Almost everyplace here accepts pets except you have to usually put up a hefty non-refundable deposit.  It's okay with me since I know my older cats may get sick and leave odors and stains I can't control.  [This person moved from Pompano Beach, FL.  More evidence the pet lovers are jumping ship.  Something NEEDS to be done to save the south Florida economy!]


Monday 2/19/2007 7:37 AM


I live in a no-pet condo of 160 units. We did an informal survey and learned that 60 units were in favor of pets. A very sad situation indeed. The newer buildings allow pets, but the old ones like ours are stuck with condo commandos...


Friday 2/16/2007 4:36 PM


I,ve been living in my condo for 2 &1/2 yrs w/ hidden cat--I,m a 74yrold ,very poor senior, my landlord knows I have cat,he doesn,t care,but if the association found out ,I,d be evicted--I lost my 16 yr old silky terrier 4 yrs ago,& when I moved here Idesparatly wanted a dog but they wont allow any pets,so I got my cat & I wont give him up,I despaatly want a small dog & am physically able to take care of a dog --I wish that something could be done legally to make the assoc.where I live have to accept dogs & cats,  I live in one of the "high points" in delray beach,flo--(NONE OF THESE SENIOR COMMUNITIES ALLOWS PETS)  THE LAWS HAVE GOT TO CHANGE


Wednesday 2/14/2007 10:08 PM


I am looking to buy a home in palm beach county near or in boynton and am trying to find places that allow two small dogs under 18 lbs each.  [Please check our housing resources page.  The good news is that more and more housing is opening up to pets.  The hold-outs at some of the older complexes will find out the hard way that times are changing.]


Monday 2/5/2007 9:01 PM


My mother-in-law’s psychologist recommended to us that she get some sort of support animal. She has suffered with some emotional issues (I’m not a psychologist but I know it’s some form of depression). She has gone through very difficult times over the last period of years as her step-son was murdered, three of her brothers passed away, her husband is going through cancer as well as her bout with a potential fatal disease.

The condo board and it’s lawyers told us they think she’s trying to “scam” them and are afraid of opening the “floodgates” of other “pet seeking” condo owners. They said if she was blind or deaf they’d understand but the fact that a psychologist made the recommendations (and wrote a letter) isn’t “enough”.


Sunday 2/4/2007 1:11 AM


...The thought that someone could restrict my ability to enjoy the companionship of pets seemed absurd. That all changed 3 months ago. I own a condo in Waterbury, CT and my board just decided to ban all new pets in our complex. I was shocked that people would even consider taking away my right to own a pet. I quickly learned that this is a hot topic in many states. Your website has helped me and my lawyer so much that I felt the need to say thank you and good luck. While I am exploring my legal rights in CT I have been contacted by many other condo owners who express similar concerns. ...[NOTE:  So Florida is NOT the only place where condos make war on people with pets.  We need to set an example in Florida, as was done in California, that people simply will not tolerate being treated this way.]


Thursday 2/1/2007 9:56 PM


I'll be moving to Gerogia and am able to have pets!  No laws, just Georgia being practical.  Of course I have to pay a nonrefundable amount but it is worth it.  Don't have to hide cats anymore!  [NOTE:  This is an indication of why Floridians ought to worry about the economy here if we don't do something about no-pet deed restrictions.  More people moved out of our state than moved in, in 2006, including one person on our list who moved to North Carolina.  The many baby boomers who are just starting to retire are going to gravitate to places where they can choose their own lifestyle.]


Friday 2/2/2007 11:45 AM


I have a question as to if there is anything that allows condo associations to have a pet policy that states you  may own a dog but they are not allowed to urinate on the common ground. I am being fined by my condo board, but I would have to take him down the block if that is the case.


Tuesday 1/9/2007 3:26 PM


...last night our board member three out of five, decided to pursue a lawsuit with us owners who’s pet is above the weight limit.  My pet along with another unit owner have a dog that weighs 20 pounds over 15lb weight limit according to our documents.  We have been in that condo for seven years.  In July 05, the same Board president required us to submit a vet document with info about our dog’s weight, vaccination and a picture of them.  However, nothing was done.  Now a year later he wants to go after us. 


Wednesday 1/3/2007 7:54 AM


...hopefully we’ll be able to utilize some of that info [from Citizens for Pets in Condos] to persuade this condo to allow us to live there.  It’s so funny – it’s this new development with only 16 condos and only 6 of them are occupied – the others still haven’t sold or are being resold by investors.  And here we are saying, “we’ll give you money” and they won’t take it because we have a ten pound indoor cat.  Silly. 


Monday 1/1/2007 9:28 PM


I am a 50 year old disabled man with scoliosis of the spine due to TB. I have recently moved here from the UK and married my American girlfriend. For my birthday she bought me a beautiful Lhasp Apso puppy. We called him "Jagger" as we are big fans of the Rolling Stones ... I am in chronic pain and on medication. In the UK I was also on medicine for depression due to the constant pain. I have trained Jagger to fetch and bring things such as my drugs from the table and to pick up stuff that I can not bend to pick up myself. We have both fallen in love with him and he is a valued member of our family

My wife was out walking him recently, when a neighbor stopped her and told her that there was a "no pets" policy for people who live in townhomes such as us. We had no idea. However, people who live in the single family homes on the same development are allowed to have dogs. She also told my wife that someone across the road who had a dog was made to get rid of it and was fined $1000 on the spot and $500 a day until she did. Now we are very worried. Will we have to get rid of our beloved Jagger?

I have three questions.

Isn't this rule inequitable and illegal? Why are one set of people (those privileged to live in single family homes) allowed to have pets and those in townhomes are not? It seems like "us and them".

My second question is; as a disabled man with a history of chronic pain and depression, could I be deemed as exempt from this rule if I could claim that Jagger was not a pet but a "service dog" (which he is).

Lastly, how can I go about getting a doctor to confirm this...?

Please help us if you can. We are both terrified of losing him. Every knock on the door brings a lump to our throat. My blood pressure is up through the roof and we are having to sneak Jagger out the back to go to the bathroom.
It's really like living in communist Russia and totally unfair.

Thanks so much for your time and happy New year.


[part of the answer from Citizens for Pets in Condos:


I am sorry you are experiencing these problems.

Your condo/home owners association may have the right to ask you to remove your beloved pet.

I agree that this would be inequitable, but it might be legal. It is not uncommon for different buildings in developments to have different rules. You need to familiarize yourself with the condo documents. If you don't see anything written about pets, you can send a CERTIFIED letter to the board, in the form of a QUESTION (with a question mark at the end) and ask them for a copy of the pet rules. I don't suggest even going that far if they have not sent you a letter asking to remove Jagger.

If you have been clinically diagnosed with depression, you may be able to get your dog allowed as an emotional support animal. Study this page on the Citizens for Pets in Condos web site -

... I would go through the phone book and try to find a psychiatrist. In my experience it is more likely that boards will accept a letter from a psychiatrist than any other specialty. Tell the doctor about your history of depression and about any medication you take now or have taken in the past for treating depression.

Your other choice, of course, is to sell your place and move. I know that is not an easy choice either, especially with your disability. Some condo boards can be absolutely heartless.

Good luck.

Thursday 12/28/2006 6:00 PM


I am desperate.  The condo board has written several letters and now told me I have to get rid of my dog.  I have had him here for three years and he has not been any problem.  The first letter said my dog was found running loose near that pool.  That is just not true.  My dog is always under control and this never happened.  Then they wrote and said I did not pick up after the dog – also not true.  I always take card of that.  If he has a loose movement, I wash it away with water.  Now they said I have to remove him because he is over-size.  He is a 65 pounds, which is larger than what they allow.


Other people have multiple pets, but the rules say only one pet, so they are not following the rules, either.  [Citizens for Pets in Condos response:  That is what is called selective enforcement.  The board is acting illegally by asking you to follow rules when other people are allowed to break them.]  The board said those people were grandfathered in.  .  [Citizens for Pets in Condos response:  Your dog should also be grandfathered in after three years.  You need a lawyer.]


Thursday 12/28/2006 1:41 PM


[My case] has been in the hands of the Office of Equal Opportunity since July of this year.  They have interviewed people in the condo and take the facts from them instead of the doctor.  If I were my doctor I think I would go after for slander.  It is so ridiculous what they have put my husband and I through.  I do not know why the condo association even requested a note from my doctor.


The response from the OEO is that now doctors are just arbitrarily writing up these prescriptions for people without any real need.  That is a ridiculous perception as doctors have taken an oath and have gone through so much to become respected in their fields.


I feel this is such an insult to the medical field and this group of professions should be up in arms regarding this whole scam... my need for a service cat was [for]

anxiety attacks.  Before my cat I had to used medication.  Since I have the cat, I do not take any medication.  The board of directors is going on the premise that I always lead a normal life.  It may have looked that way but they did not know how difficult it was to make it look that way and I was on medication.  Now my cat is  my medication and I do not have the side affects that I had before.


...  I have been so exposed at my complex that there is no reason to hide anything anymore.  They have put me through the mill and now I cannot come back to my beautiful condo this winter.  I miss it so much.


Sorry to whine, but you caught me at a downtrodden time.  I am totally worn out and am still waiting for an outcome.


Thank you for asking [how my case was going] and I agree that having to get a percentage of owners to agree on allowing pets is really not any help.  There will always be too many people afraid of "The Board" and  there are not enough people that feel stable enough to sign a petition to stand up for anything.


Take care and keep up your energy because the turkeys can sure wear you out.


Thursday 12/28/2006 11:46 AM

I signed the pets in condos petition. I think having pets is a quality of life issue and people should not be discriminated against for their pets. Even in rentals. Being a responsible pet owner is the issue, not the pets.


Wednesday 12/20/2006 9:00 AM


I am glad I have decided to look for answers in the internet and found you and many other people that went or are going through  problems to keep their beloved pets.


I will do whatever I can to keep [pet's name]. I cannot give up on him after almost 14 years together. He was the only good thing that I could keep after a dreadful divorce and for all these years, he has been my friend and the reason I want go back home everyday.



Tuesday 12/19/2006 12:58 PM


I just bought a condo that does not allow pets but I have seen many cats and dogs around. The association gave me 10 days to get rid of my dog and I am trying to find some help everywhere. It is with great joy that looking for answers thru the internet I found your site. I have a 14 years old Cocker Spaniel that my condo says I have to get rid of or, as it was suggested, put him to sleep. He is with me since he was 1 month old. He is my truly best friend here in US. I am from Brazil and I have been living in Florida for 4 years. I do not want to give up my baby but I do not know what to do. Can you help me with any suggestion? Looking forward to hear from you.


Friday 12/15/2006 8:40 PM


We have a serious problem here in our condo. We have board members writing checks to homeowners for all kinds of reasons and we reported them to various agencies so of course they are angry. Well now they are getting pay back. We submitted a petition back in Oct to the management company that runs our condo.

The owners back in Oct handed PAMI the management company that runs our condo, a petition to be put up for a vote at our annual meeting in Jan 07. It was to vote on change in the docs on pets. Per the statutes there were more then enough signatures on this petition to bring it up for a vote at the annual. Well the 2nd mailings went out to the owners and the issue that the petition covered was not included for the people to vote on or for them to send proxies in to be voted on.

Now this was purposely left out because I was the one that spearheaded the petition and they are trying to get back at me for reporting the board members and their friends for misappropriation of association funds. What legal recourse do we have to get this put into the meeting in Jan and to fine them or hold them accountable? . . .

Isn't what the management company and the president did by not including the petition illegal? What can be done to get them to resend the 2nd notice for the owners to have a chance to vote on an issue that people want to have a say. If this doesn't go for a vote then people that are in "violation" will be fined and after years of no one doing anything to the people that are in violation, the new board and management company are cracking down and that was why the people got the petition up in the 1st place.


People need to know Sarasota suffers as much as Miami and Ft Lauderdale. All the research I have done shows Miami being the leader in complaints.

Monday 12/11/2006 6:58 PM


I have two parents who are seniors and snow birds and who are very upset because they would love a dog, but the senior community where they live allows no pets at all. Why? Every psychological article as well as medical journals point to the fact that seniors live longer if they have pets: their blood pressure is lower, they walk more and most important: for many seniors this is the reason they live.....another living thing that loves them. Pets do love and can help so many older people fight against loneliness.


Sunday, December 03, 2006 8:44 PM

[I am] a retired woman, living alone, who did NOT want a pet, but, could not bear to see her daughter's cat sent to a shelter.  Right now, I think that my cats have done more for MY mental health than numerous doctors' visits, continuing medication, and exploratory testing. 

My cats welcome me when I come home...they snuggle next to me when I sleep...they nuzzle me in the morning when I start to stir..and then drape themselves across my computer desk when I am trying to send an e-mail or write a letter.  They rely on me for food and other sustenance...and give me a reason to wake up in the morning. 

Life,  truly, can hurt when you're a retired person.  Your children, if you have them, are very busy in their own lives.  Your past employers continue to compete in the rat race.  Your friends, if they are still working, are not able to give you the attention that you received when you were WITH THEM, daily, in the work environment.  And..if they are, they expect YOU to help them with something. 

A pet...such as my Starry Starry Night or my PT give me what I might not receive from others, every day.

Each of them is waiting by my kitchen door when they hear my car enter the garage.  Each of them has selected a place in the bed.  PT is on my right side, leaning against my right side as I sleep on my stomach.  Starry Starry Night sleeps between my legs.  She drags 2 or 3 toys from her toy basket every night to play with in the bed.  When I start to stir, she walks up to my face and nuzzles me...then she starts flinging her toys around....as if she wants me to play with her...which she does. 

My cats have given me something  to look forward to.  I'm SO busy in politics, and usually tilting at windmills, that sometimes, the only POSITIVE reinforcement I receive is from those silly little cats...snuggling up to me, letting me know that, I truly am important...and loving me...when sometimes, I make it difficult for others to do so!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


The Law that states you cannot replace a pet when it dies is inhumane and cruel.  We lost our little dog after 15 years and must watch as new owners enjoy the pets or even worse this condo rents for a week at a time and people who just visit (rent) bring in pets and we must sit and suffer in silence.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 8:45 AM


...  I am currently being sued by my condo association for my dog that was approved before we moved into the building.  Now they are telling me that he is to big and that I have to remove him.  Do you have any suggestions for me ...?


[answer from Citizens for Pets in Condos:


It is hard to imagine a dog that was once allowed getting too big.  How did the dog get oversized?  Did they add a size rule AFTER you moved in with permission?  If so, your dog should be grandfathered in.  Was the dog a puppy when you moved in and it has now grown to full size?  If so, the people who gave you permission should have taken the dog’s age into consideration when they gave you permission.  You might possibly have an argument there.  Was the dog close to the weight limit and just gained weight?  If so, the board is being pretty unreasonable.  It is still the same dog and the weight difference should be a minor consideration. 


In the meantime, I would suggest getting letters from neighbors saying they don’t mind the dog being there.  If the dog has been trained, I would present those papers.  If not, I suggest getting the dog trained.  Reasonable boards have less of a problem with dogs that are trained not to jump up on people, etc.]


response back from writer:  When I purchased my home I was told that there was  20lb weight limit.  At the time of the interview I disclosed that the dog weighed 30-35 lbs and that he was a small beagel, but happened to be overweight.  He was approved and now they are saying that I lied to them.  Which is not true. 


Sunday 11/26/2006 6:52 PM


...Our Association is really out of hand, not even fish allowed?

I hope the government helps as this is like living in Russia or Cuba!

Enough is enough. I do not want a barking dog as a neighbor, but having a deaf husband, having a dog would be helpful.

We do need help, and someone to listen !


Sunday 11/12/2006 6:58 PM (from someone having trouble selling their condo)


I have to tell people that come in to look at my condo that we only take 1 20 lb pet.  So far one woman had 2 dogs, and another had 2 cats - they have a big problem. 


Thursday 10/26/2006 7:06 PM

I own a condominium in Florida that I visit 6 weeks a year.  The bylaws limit co-owners to 1 pet up to 25 lbs and also prohibits replacement of pets once they have passed on.  Perhaps I should not have believed the realtor who told me the rules were not enforced however I did believe her.

The condo was built in the early 80's and the bylaws have not been amended in the 25 years - even though the Board is violating some of the provisions.  However, currently the Board is choosing to enforce the bylaws related to animals - (I say currently because for three years one of my neighbors - - - a Board members - - -owned a cat and a dog and no action was taken against him - the dog died this year).

Allowing pets but not allowing a replacement pet was a selling feature for the developers to attract more buyers and satisfy those that thought they would eventually have a pet free community - - - thinking pets would have a limited timeframe.  However, time has proven that this provision just discriminates against longer term owners who may want to have a pet or replace a pet since new owners can buy and bring in a pet.  

My friends and have a 5 pound miniature [dog] that was … a gift - - - the board has been advised by their attorney to enforce the pet regulations and force [them] to either get rid of her pet or sell the condominium and move even though her doctor has sent them two letters.  It is absurd to me that [they] might have to move and that they can sell to a person that can move in with the exact dog that [they] are being litigated for having and being forced to move out.  This doesn't seem right to me or make any sense.  The Board refuses to update the bylaws or even give the co-owners an opportunity to vote on changing this provision.  We presented a petition earlier this year requesting that co-owners be given an opportunity to vote on the regulation. We even provided the Board suggested language to change the bylaws. The Board's response is that it is next to impossible to gain the needed 75% response to change the bylaws.  There have been no changes in the 25 years of the association and as I mentioned they are currently violating other provisions.

...  I find the weight discrimination for animals also archaic.  There are either good pet owner or not good pet owners..  Well trained animals are not a nuisance.  An ill mannered pet is a nuisance no matter what it's size.  With all the new research showing the health benefits of pets, their ability to smell cancer before it is detected by tests, their ability to help the blind, handicapped etc, I believe that institutions like the condominium association- - - with 25 year old misunderstandings of companion animals seem to be a frontier that NEEDS TO CHANGE, especially when 50% of American's have a companion animal.  This is not just an ADA issue - - - this is an issue that applies to all people. 

As an aside, my dog is 63 pound, well trained by voice command - - - does not bark.  Yet my dog and I are discriminated against because of her poundage.

…  I have searched for a new place to move because eventually I want to stay for months with my dog and have found that new condominiums with reasonable pet rules are beyond my budget and those within my budget either do allow animals or don't allow anything over 25 pounds because they all have old rules written all about the same time.

I absolute hate having to make a choice between a pet and living there and believe that no responsible pet owner should ever have to make this choice- - - I actually know that for me it isn't a choice, I would have to sell and move or not go there.  But I don't think this situation is right for either myself, …or others in our situation.

Thursday, October 05, 2006 2:45 PM


The most relaxing thing is hearing 'Big Boy' purr, so loudly and both on the intake breath and the outtake breath.  Sure beats tranqualizers.  I love retirement! 


Monday, November 6, 2006


live in condo 31 years my yorkie die w weeks ago had him 15 years am disable need to get another yorkie to be my companion condo is giving me a hard time got new yorkie 45 days ago and they have already fine me 50.00 and I have lived here 31 years always had a little dog.  doctor has written letters of my disable  I HAVE OVARIAN CANCER AND ALL ALONE NO ONE LEFT IN MY LIFE...


Friday, September 29, 2006 9:38 AM


I have a canine companion and also live in a condo in Plantation. I am always concerned when I see the restrictions on pets in condos. Even where I live I'm only allowed one dog, and it would be better for my little guy if he could have a companion while I'm away at work.


Monday 9/18/2006 1:55 PM


Our board attorney is from xxxxx and xxxxx, his name is xxxxx.  He is one big jerk/bully.  They now want to create a fining committee in our building.  The board wants to fine us if we do not carry our dogs.  Keep in mind that we are permitted two dogs and our declarations specifically state that we can walk them as long as they are leashed.  However, [the attorney] believes that the board has the right to create such a rule.  My partner who is a physician stated at one of our board meetings that they cannot require anyone to carry a pet.  In addition, my partner stated that many people have medical conditions that may hinder them from carrying their pet.  Our board president, xxxxx replied and stated that  if people cannot carry their pet then they should not have one….   CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!!!!  OUR RIGHTS TO HAVE A PET IS ALWAYS BEING VIOLATED!!!!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006 3:33 PM


Three years ago our condo president xxxxxx, forced an elderly lady into the gym, as she was returning from walking her dog, and forced her to weigh herself on the gym scale and then she was forced to carry the dog and weigh herself with the dog.  Can you believe that happened!!!!  He wanted to know the weight of the dog? Our president also stated at previous meetings that if the elderly or infermed unit owners cannot carry their dogs that they should then not have one….. Last year we were all required to submit a letter from the vet with our dogs weight and vaccinations.  According to the board they had to approve us having our dogs.  But we have all been in the building for over 7 years, they are trying to rid us our family dog.


In fact our dogs are only a few pounds over the weight limit and the board is yelling about that.  Some dogs are just 5 to maybe 10 pounds overweight due to “fixing them”.  Our dogs should all be grandfathered because they have been in the building for seven years or more…


Tuesday, September 05, 2006 10:22 AM


I agree with you 100%. My husband is constantly writing letters for his patients who have been told to get rid of their dogs by home associations, these are old people who have had their dogs for years and have lost a spouse and now their only companion, their dog, is being taken away from them. There are two patients in my husbands practise where the care giver takes the dog home at night and smuggles it back to the owner during the day because they realise how important these dogs are to their patients, it's a disgrace. 


Tuesday, September 05, 2006 11:32 AM


I live in a condo in Miami, Florida.  Our declarations, specifically state that we are permitted to have two pets weighing no more than 15lbs each when fully grown.  In addition, it states that we can walk our dogs on and about our condo property as long as it is leashed.  Unfortunately, our dictator president and board members feel that they can change rules making all dog owners to carry their dogs.  We had a board meeting last week and the attorney for our condo xxxxx from xxxxx and xxxxx stated that the board could enforce such a rule.  He also indicated that they must create a fining committed to begin fining us if we choose not to carry dogs.  I am dumb-founded how stupid the lawyer and the board is.  We have been fighting this stupid rule for the past several years.  I have told the board to take us to arbitration…I only hope we have a smart judge if this occurs!!!!


Sunday, September 03, 2006 2:47 PM


As a counselor with a graduate degree in psychology, I can attest to the fact that the NO PET rule in condos is cruel and insensitive. What good can a pet do for a person, especially an elderly person? Many studies have shown that owning a pet: lowers blood pressure; helps the pet owner live longer, gets them out walking and most important takes away loneliness. I am not a senior, but I moved into my townhouse community because they allow pets. It is a joy, at the end of a busy and hectic day to walk in the area and see people walking their dogs. We stop, we chat, we become FRIENDS. Why stay indoors and be alone? Having a pet increases the possibility of making friends and adds to the COMMUNITY. A feeling that is sadly lacking in South Florida. Mainly, I believe, being caused by people as insensitive and uncaring as the letter writer.



Monday, August 14, 2006 10:56 PM

I just recently signed your petition, and have been in the process of contacting as many people as I know in an effort to get more signatures on the petition.  Thank God for you and all of the others behind this drive.


     I will be turning 55 in October and because of financial difficulties will be having to move into an adult community that does not allow pets.  I have always had a pet or two sharing life with me, and the thought of losing that privilege as well as the liberty and my civil right to have a four legged family member living with me absolutely breaks my heart.


    My last pet was an English Bulldog named Chyna Doll. She was and is the love of my life. Chyna passed away a year and a half ago at the age of 12.  My life has not been the same since.  For her I would have lived on the street if I had to.


    I pray that in the near future I will have the opportunity to visit the nearest animal shelter and take home another "baby" or two to love and cherish.  Let's make that happen, for me and for so many others.  Thank you.


Friday 8/11/2006 9:16 PM

I'm 61 yrs old, live alone, haven't any friends (I came down to Fla 12-2000 & was already quite physically limited). . .   I have 2 cats.  I have not registered them and-or registered them as pet therapy.    I fear living alone as I feel I might become suicidal due to the lonliness & my disability causing several limitations.  Silence is deafening to me, as is the emptiness of something living in my home.  I've owned cats my whole adult life and even though at times I thought it might be easier to not have this responsibility, mostly since I became disabled, I fear and don't trust myself to be without a living companion to keep me going.  Thank you for fighting for this.  It's long overdue.


Wednesday 8/9/2006 8:54 AM                                                                                                                                                                                                   

I live in Jupiter in a condo that does not allow animals, but they did years ago and those pets are grandfathered in. I just wanted to let you know how helpful you site is to me. I down loaded the letter form for my DR's to use. Maybe that one will help because their personal notes including note on there prescription pads didn't.
I know that the board never changed the law legally and my by laws and condo doc's are out of date but they were the ones that I got in 2003 when I moved in. I am hoping that the courts will show that they no changes on record. This is important right?? If the board of directors decided to just change it among themselves and not with the courts, state, county, etc., etc. Then I feel I should legally be able to have a dog under 20 lbs. Because my condo doc's say I can.
I am on xxxxx a new anti-depresdant, I do not want to be one them!* xxxxx etc, etc, cannot take the place of loneliness. I have lost some of my memory from this drug and they are not good for me.


*note see Why Medication is NOT the Only Answer to Treating Mental Illness


Friday 7/14/2006 5:41 PM



Friday 7/14/2006 10:25 AM

I live in ..... Jupiter Fl. I have a 2 bed condo, they did alow dogs, but the changed the law before I moved in.  In the last 2 years I have lost both my parents that I moved in as a care giver to.  I just lost my fiance' to cancer this week , I have no kids and I live alone.

I have 2 notes from my Dr's because of my depression. The condo comando's will not honor the Dr's letters.
  They say no dogs. I do not have the small yorkie yet. I asked permission and I got turned down.    What do I do?

Friday 7/14/2006 12:04 AM


I saw information on the news about the petition for allowing pets in condos.  On your website, you emphasize the importance of pets for the ill or elderly.  Please do not overlook the importance of dogs for safety. 


I am a 23-year-old female who owns a condo in a "no pets of any kind" association.  3 years ago, I was given a small dog who was so badly neglected that it took thousands of dollars and many surgeries to help her.  Today, she is the happiest and most well behaved dog I have ever seen, and her health is much better, too.  I did not intend to break the rules, but I couldn't let that little dog suffer an even worse fate than she already had gone through.


Late one night, my usually quiet dog began barking and wouldn't stop.  I looked out the window and saw 2 men in dark clothing trying to break in to my neighbor's back door.  My dog continued barking, and I was so scared I immediately grabbed the phone to call the police.  The barking caused other neighbors to wake up and turn on their lights.  Then the burglers ran away.


After that night, I felt so much more safe with my furry little burgler alarm.  I know that if anything bad happened to me in my home, my little dog would protect me and make noise so someone could know to call for help.  I don't feel alone with my dog at home.


I just wanted to send you an email to let you know there are many young, healthy people like myself who are willing to voice that we deserve to have pets just as much as anyone else.  I just hope my association doesn't find out about my dog before pro-pet legislation goes through.

Thursday 7/13/2006 9:59 PM

I lived in a condo, in Miami, for 18 years that originally didn't allow children;  only pets.   Over the years, the RULES changed to allowing children but NOT pets.  I was grandfathered in, but as pets died the owners weren't allowed to replace them.  When I left with my pet, I  couldn't sell it to a dog owner.  I teach here and live in a community that welcomes pets and it's the first question I ask when choosing a new home.

Monday 7/10/2006 10:59 PM

My girlfriend and I began a rental agreement on March 25th 2006, with our large dog “Maggie”. When we moved in the condo association rules stated that their was a two pet limit and no weight restriction. This was the entire reason that we moved into this place. As anyone who has tried to rent an apartment in Miami Beach with a 92 pound dog will tell you, it is next to impossible. Anyway during a board meeting less than one month after we moved in the board decides to change the rules to 2 pet limit, no weight restriction, but you have to carry your animal through the hallways and in the garage. This is the most idiotic rule I have ever heard of, and this is also impossible. Now we are being fined hundreds of dollar per violation and are completely singled out as violators.

Friday 7/7/2006 9:18 PM

i am one of those who are being evicted because i have a pet.  I kept 2 small dogs after going to New Orleans to help rescue after the storm.  they're owner died in the flood so i decided to adopt them myself. I have been hiding them but now the development that i live in has sent papers .  I am out of work and am not in a position to move but i have to.  My father died and so i moved in with my mom while he was sick and after his death.  she is the home owner.  Now they want me out, that is, after being allowed to live there by the board. 9but before i broke the rules and got my dogs. They are little chi chi's.  But any way, i wish and pray this law will pass. I know that it won't be soon enough for me, but i am praying for everyone else that has to go through this.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006 10:38 AM

It appears that some condos and associations accept the letter from a doctor; however, my association board of directors is going to make a example of me so that no one else (including myself) has the right to have a service animal.  I have submitted three letters to them and have disclosed fully the mental illness and now a signed affidavit by my doctor indicating that I need this service animal and they are still going to take me to arbitration.  At this point, we are filing with the FHA in hopes that it stops the arbitration and the cost to me for their attorney. 


At one point, in March, the condo's attorneys advised the board to comply with my request for a service animal and it was not what they wanted to hear so they are having the same attorneys continue to have my cat evicted.  It is hard to believe how far some narrow minded people will go.  My attorney has suggested that I write a letter to each owner and inform them of how the board is spending their money.  Many people are not aware of the costs involved and he feels that may put a stop to it if enough people think the whole ordeal is ridiculous.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006 11:19 PM

I would like to know if u would know of anyone that could give me a little advice.  My son has a chihau and for the last 8 yrs. had been bringing the dog to visit us.  He lives close by and my husband would pick the dog up and bring her over for a few hours while my son worked.  I was recently sent a letter stating I was in violation of the deed restriction.  It states no dogs or cats permitted on property.  I was never confronted till now and said to them the dog does not live with us and is only visiting us.  We own the condo and the dog was walked into the villa in a dog caddy not on the ground at all.  I thought we owned the inside of the condo but they are telling me no that is common property.  Can u refer me to someone that might know the answer to this.

The management and president said the only thing I could do was try to pass an amendment to change it, which I know will require the 66% to pass.

Thursday June 29, 2006 10:43:33 PM

The HOA board fined my mom for helping out two friends and having dogs in her place that were not "residence" of her community. When she went to the "lynching", the head spokesperson for rules enforcement was abrasive, rude, and totally unprofessional and I witnessed all of this in total amazement. The woman who made this accusation about the non resident dogs was not present at the hearing and they stated she did not need to be.....and sent a security guard in her place. They would not allow the character witnesses for my mom in the room and let me in begrudgingly and with sarcasm. Does the accuser need not appear when making such accusations? Can anyone do such a thing just on a whim and then not need to justify it? At the hearing my mom was told.....the dogs were allowed to stay at her residence as long as the owners were present. When mom stated that one of the owners had a medical emergency and had to leave....they said the dog needed to go as well and could not remain. Please advise if you have any information to assist in this situation. They have instituted a fine and the accuser has yet to step forward and discuss this situation. We need to handle this matter expeditiously as the fines have a time limit on them.

Tuesday 06/27/06 1:54 PM

I grew up in Santa Monica, California. I decided to move here after living in Las Vegas for a while. South beach reminds me so much of home ( Santa Monica) so that is what influenced me to move here. When I was looking I couldn't believe hard many restrictions there were on condos for animals that are 50lbs in South Beach. I ended up buying in a newly converted apt. to condo because there were no restrictions. The places I liked and wanted to move to ALL had restrictions. I lived in Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice and Marina Del Rey beach and never experienced such prejudice. I take very good care of my dogs. They have both been to obiedence school. They both are very well mannered. I have a Husky that doesn't bark at all since their breed doesn't bark and the other just when someone knocks at the door and immediately stops when I anwser or they go away which in both cases isn't long. They both have all of their shots and as soon as I arrived I got their license tags. I must move again due to my 10 year old Husky that needs back surgery and a mass removed. She is in severe pain. She is on anti-inflammatories and pain killers. I can't have the surgery for her as long as I live here with a flight of stairs she must go up. The doctor says it will cripple her if she walks up them after surgery. I have always been responsible when walking them and pick up after any messes they both leave behind. In LA at the beach you get fined if you don't and trust me they will catch you because I have seen it done. I learned from the time they were puppies to pickup after my dogs. it isn't a big deal to me at all. I don't know where else to turn to. I don't know where I may live that will accomadate my dogs needs and mine. I have referrence letters from neighbors in my old neighborhood attesting to how well behaved my dogs are and from the current condo I reside in. Is there anywhere in South beach that could accomadate me? I love it here and I want to stay at the beach but my dog is in pain and needs to have this surgery so I just thought I would write to see if you could help me.

Monday 6/26/2006 5:27 PM 

i am one of those people that are in the middle of having to move because of my pets. I went to New Orleans after the storm to help rescue the dogs and cats that were left behind. Long story short, I now adopted 2 little chi-chi's that lost their owner from the flood waters.

They were found in the attic after 2 weeks with just a blanket. From the recent death of my dad, they have truely been my reason to want to go on in my life. Before them i wanted to give up from depression.

Monday 6/26/2006 1:43 PM 

My mother resides in my apartment in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and since loosing my father five years ago, her husband of 61 years, she went into a deep depression.  I was at a loss on how to help her, not the doctors or any medications would work.  Until one day I was passing a pet store in Florida and being a big pet advocate – I decided to purchase a 5 pound Maltese we named Cuddles and surprise my Mother.  This little white ball of fur was my one hope in bringing my mother out of her depression.  I knew that in the condo rules for the apartment complex she resides in that no pets were allowed. However I also knew of other condo owners in the complex who had cats and other animals that were house trained.  I decided to purchase the dog and house train her. My choices were to give my mother something to wake up for or to slowly watch her sink lower and lower into a place of no return. 

Well I was so right – and it did not take very long for my Mother to start laughing again.  Cuddles has her waking up early in the morning, caring for her, making her laugh and has brought her out of her depression. In addition to my mother’s depression, my mother suffers from other medical issues including severe heart disease.  Cuddles has had a remarkable effect on easing my mother’s health issues. 

One day another tenant who recently moved in to the condo complex saw Cuddles (she tried to run out of the apt.) and this woman just gave up her dog to move in – she complained to the Condo Board and they began harassing my mother with phone calls, visits to the apt and other unkindly letters and outreach. Over 3 years ago, recommended to me by the Florida State Housing Board I hired attorney, Melinda Delpach, based in Sarasota Florida, an advocate for pets. We have been in a legal battle with the Condo Board ever since.  With prescriptions from my mothers cardiologist and internist in hand, Ms. Delpach is working hard to end this case against Cuddles and allow my Mother the pet she now relies on.  

We desperately need ... assistance in making it possible for more people who need their dogs, who want dogs to be able to have them in their condo apartments. As I am sure you must know and believe,   Animals improve the quality of life – little Cuddles has been my mother’s life line. 

I read the article in the Palm Beach News on Sunday and was very happy to hear that [State Representative Julio Robaina] will create legislation to allow condo owners to change their associations governing documents to allow pets.  I highly encourage [his] part in making this legislation a law and applaud [his] efforts.  Thank you.

Wednesday 6/21/2006 10:20 PM

I know there of two cats in the condo, where I live. They are strictly indoor cats, never making noises or messes, and are a comfort to the owners. They have been here for six years, and suddenly someone is complaining about them.

We realize this is a no pet community, but were allowed in by the manager of the condo.


One cat is not professionally trained, but does alert the very deaf owner of anyone coming near. This one also alerted the owner that his wife was in trouble, having slipped in the bathtub, and not able to get out due to a back fracture.

I did search on the internet and found a case that was taken by a lawyer who stated that as long as the management was aware of the one animal, and nothing was done, it was dropped.


I believe one or two people have started this due to what, I do not know.


That is my interest, not bothering others and causing problems because they have nothing better to do !

Who is hurting who in these cases?


Thank you.

Wednesday 6/21/2006 3:14 PM

I have been petitioned to go to arbitration by my condo board of directors because they do not believe I need a service animal.  I have a service cat.  I have three letters from him (per their request) prescribing my cat as a necessary part of my life.  These board members must feel they know more than the doctor.  We have a no pet policy-shame, shame.    4 years ago when we bought the condo, we did not have any pets and I loved the condo so much I never gave it a second thought how my life would change .  My I add for the better because of the cat.

Sunday 6/11/2006 1:19 PM

I live in a Condo in xxxxx and everytime my son goes on a trip he likes to drop his 2 cats off for me to watch them. Naturally, the cats like to sit in the windows like all cats do. We almost got thrown out of our house because residents were complaining about seeing cats and it was against condo rules. This is beyond ridiculous. If my son goes away for a week or two, what kind of world is it that his mom can't watch his cats when I love them so much.

Friday, May 26, 2006 4:23 PM
I am so grateful to you for all your efforts and all the support, you have made this experience less painful and you have given me valuable information that I was able to apply in my situation. I will do everything possible to refer people to your website to see if we can get some legislation to protect our rights...

I live in a condo complex that doesn't allow pets, and I'm willing to
join up with you to change some laws.  I live in Stuart, and if you can
put me in touch with someone in my area, I'd be happy to help.  I'm so
unhappy without a beloved pet...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 1:56:25 AM

i had to get rid of my cat today and now im in horrible shape.
i havent stopped crying and i cant think straight. please what
can i do. my cat helped me alot. i need her and now i had to
give her to someone else but i needed her with me. ive been
having panic attacks and im not in good shape. can you please
help me?please help im so upset and in very bad shape now that
shes gone.please get back with me.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 11:58:12 PM

I have a small dog 8lb. and live in a condo at golden lakes village in west palm

Monday 5/15/2006 1:23 AM

Hi, and thanks so much  for your work. My problem is as follows: I have been diagnosed with Anxiety disorder and Depression. I have a 6 pound Chihuahua who is no trouble to anybody and whom I have had to hide from my condo association, but they found out he is here and are threatening to enforce the rules against having him here. They however allow cats and birds, etc. Is that legal? Also, both my psychiatrist as well as my therapist have witten letters saying that the dog provides emotional support to me and that it would be detrimental to my mental health if he were not allowed to stay with me. Do they have to honor the doctor's recommendations? Please write back as soon as possible, for they have given me only two weeks, and I am devastated.

Thank you. 

Monday 5/8/2006 9:52 PM 

I am a retired 47 year old man, single, with no immediate family here in Miami. I have been disabled since 1997 and have retired from being a pharmacist in June 2001.

If you could kindly advise me on how to acquire permission to have a pet dog, since my condo association is quite adamant in not letting any pets in the building. They have fined a neighbor and tenant, a single female in her 40's who works as a journalist and has taken in a pet that she has rescued from hurricane Katrina. I deeply commiserate with her but her attempts to keep the pet without being fined were futile. She is not a disabled person as defined in Florida Statutes Section 413.08(1)(B).

I haven't disclosed to them my disability status for privacy reasons and since I am not sure if I have a leg to stand on in this issue.

I have recently realized that now is the time to have a pet because I am finally ready to take on the responsibility of being a responsible pet owner. My dog will surely make my life easier for reasons that most people already know. I didn't want to approach them of my plans to have a pet for fear of retaliation or animosity between tenants who can have pets and tenants who can't. There are 2 tenants with dogs, who are grandfathered in (before the by-laws changed).


Please, advise me on how to approach this matter. And if I need a lawyer to handle my case or to just be diplomatic wit the association when my request comes into the next meeting.


Thank you,

[answer:  Both you and the woman who rescued a pet from Hurricane Katrina have a problem.  The only way to have pets when there are established no-pet rules, currently, is to get a doctor's letter.  Disability is not only defined by Florida Statutes Section 413.08(1)(B) ("Individual with a disability" means a person who is deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired, or otherwise physically disabled.)  Federal disability law defines emotional as well as physical disabilities.  Animals must be specifically trained to aid physically disabled persons, but not so for emotional support animals. Federal and state housing laws say that accommodations must be made for disabled persons, and do not specify only physically disabled persons.  (Read more on the legal info section of this web page.]

Sunday 5/7/2006 7:35 PM

Dear Gov. Bush, As a pet owner, I strongly urge you to sign into law the measure recently passed by the Florida House (SB 1172), which, under certain conditions, permits dog owners to be accompanied by their pets at outdoor restaurants. I am asking, too, that you use your good offices, to press for legislation to reform condo laws which prevent unit owners from keeping domestic pets. It is simply inconceivable that in this day and age, when discrimination of any type is not merely frowned upon, but forbidden by law, condominium associations can openly discriminate against pet owners! TV News Reports and newspapers are replete with stories of condo owners who are locked in conflict with their Boards over something so basic as having a small cat or dog within the confines of their unit.

By all means, there SHOULD be rules governing responsible pet ownership, and penalties for failure to properly maintain the animal, but an outright BAN ON PETS???? This flies in the face of a free and democratic society, and demands that condo reform on this issue be enacted as soon as possible. With thousands of new residents arriving in our state every year, many of them moving into condos, anti-pet rules compel many people to go elsewhere. Please, Governor Bush, as a pet owner yourself, you will be doing our state the greatest service, in pushing for the type of reform I have requested. Many thanks for your attention to this matter. [from a loyal Citizens for Pets in Condos supporter]

Tuesday 5/2/2006 3:43 PM

My family and I live in a townhouse for about a year and a half.  Now the H.O.A is trying to repeal their bylaws to restrict dog ownership.  


As it was a pre-condition on the purchase of our home; is it legal for the H.O.A. to change their rules.

I am sure you've had experience in this matter.....What can we do?  


Your assistance is most appreciated.

[answer:  The dog they have must be grandfathered in.  They may have a problem replacing the dog in the future.]

Saturday 4/29/2006 6:23 PM

I live in a condo in Hallandale, Florida.  The condo laws say no pets which can be interpreted as anything not human and could include dogs, cats, birds, and even fish.  I have had two cats for the last five years.  They found out about them in 2002 when they entered my apartment when I was away for the weekend.  They sent me a registered letter in 2002 to get rid of the cats.  I did so temporarily, but brought them back in the dead of night and have had them ever since.  Recently, I went to office to give them a key to the condo which I had withheld from them since 2002 when I changed the locks.  The property manager told me that she and other board members have known about my cats for years. Then one day, the condo president (a total idiot) told me that I would have to get rid of my cats.  He said that it was against the condo rules to have pets and people had made complaints about them.  I questioned every neighbor who lived on my floor and none of them cared.  I took them out of the apartment in carrying cases to go to the vet (once a year).  Some nosy woman saw me and reported it. To make a long story short, I have made up a petition to allow small dogs and cats at this building.  There are some people are totally for it. Others totally not.  Then there are those older residents who lived in the building when it did allow pets and they complained of animal messes and barking dogs probably due to a lack of rules and enforcement by the board..  If the laws are changed to allow pets, there will be very strict rules with regard to pet ownership and a committee to enforce them.  How can I convince the negative people to give pets another chance?  My friend changed the bylaws in her condo, instituted rules and has had pets in her place since 2002.  Any suggestions?

Friday 4/28/2006 10:21 AM

Hello my name is xxxxx and I have been given 10 days to remove my dog from the premises.  My dog weighs 45 lbs and he is a fat beagle.  My dog was approved by the association.  However, the board is telling me that I need to move my dog otherwise they are going to prosecute me.  Please help me and or provide me with any information that might be helpful.  My dog was approved and now the association is covering their tracks and telling the board that I was fraudulent with them. 

Wednesday 4/26/2006 2:58 PM

I removed my dog from my apartment last December, the building board sent me a letter to do that. There are like 22 pets in the building. There is an elderly couple in the building who loves the dog and is a companion for them. I don't understand laws like that, has no reason, we own our apartments then why people can decide what would we have in our apartment, if we don't bother nobody. My dog is 4 lbs, when I take her out I placed inside a bag and nobody see her, my dog pup and pi inside my apartment and I clean it, does not bark. I consider myself a good  and respectful neighbor.

Sunday 4/23, 8:40 PM

Do  you know of anyone who could place my dog in a good home?  I have a 12 year old Bijon Frise.  We are moving to a condo and they don't allow any pets.  They only allow pets in the more expensive units which are more than we can afford - almost twice as much as we are paying..  We want to give her to someone we know would give her a good home.

Monday 4/17/2006 7:38 PM

I am looking for advise on what is going on with a certain builder (xxxxx) here in Florida....They are telling perceptive buyers who are interested in buying a condo or townhouse that they can't have pets weighing over 35 lbs....I have one that does weigh more than their requirements.. They allow you to have 2 dogs as long as they weigh 35lbs or less....I feel this is discrimination against larger dogs.....and my rights to buy a condo in that development, because people who buy homes in the same development are allowed any size dog....Any advise would be appreciated....Think this is very unfair..

Wednesday 4/12/2006 12:19 PM

My elderly mother-n-law has a elderly little dog that her condo association says she must get rid of.  She is only here from January to mid-May.  She is ill with emphysema and the dog is dying of prostate cancer.  It is killing her to have to give this dog up.  They need each other.  She was widowed in December after 55 years and rescued this dog as a companion.  I don't think they can live without each other. Can you help in anyway?  Or give us some advice on how to fight this.  She has had her Vet. write a letter stating all this as well as her primary Physician. Is this enough or do we need more?  Please help.

Signed xxxxxx, very concerned daughter-n-law.


P.S,. We live in South Florida

Sunday 4/9/2006 2:12 PM

Hello. My name is xxxxxxxx.  I am a 7 year owner/resident of xxxxxxx Condo in Lauderhill, FL.  I am also serving my third year as Treasurer.  I hope that you can be of assistance to both myself and other residents. 

Nearly six years ago, I was given permission by the then Board of Directors to have birds.  They determined that Birds were not the same as cats or dogs as pets.  Unfortunately, at that meeting we did not have a recording secretary and therefore it was not recorded. 

A year ago, a seasonal resident was told they could not keep their dog here, even though they had a doctor’s note stating that the wife had a mental need to keep the pet with her.  This resident went to an attorney who stated that if residents were allowed birds then we were in violation of the “no pet” rule.  As a result of this, the current board of directors approved by a vote of a majority of the board, not the residents,  to include birds, fish and reptiles as “pets”  and will now require residents to sign an affidavit stating they do not have any “pets.”  If found in violation, they would be fined and if they do not get rid of their pets, they would be taken to court and subject to pay all court costs to get them to sell their unit or get rid of their pets. 

That’s it in a nutshell.  A member of the board that gave me permission also serves on the current board.  When I stated he was one of the ones that gave me permission his response was “you don’t have it in writing.”   

I am not the only resident here that has birds, so I am not seeking resolution just for myself.  Unfortunately, there are some here that also have dogs since dog droppings are continually being found on the roof and in the grass behind our building.  Not cleaning up after their pets has pushed this problem to the forefront and now all of us are affected. 

I would also like to mention that at least 6 of my 1st floor neighbors are in support of me keeping my birds, some of which I had raised from the egg.  I’m sure if I polled more of our 84 unit residents, I would find more people who do not object to birds as pets.  A By-Laws committee last year recommended to the board to allow birds as pets and they had five signed petitions.  Since the 2005 president  and the 2006 president are in favor of enforcing the no pet policy to include birds, no action was taken on the petitions.  Instead, the current president said he will appoint his own by-laws committee to make recommendations for by-laws changes.   

The primary reason I was given permission to have birds by the BOD of 1998 was in lieu of feeding outdoor birds, and the understanding of the then Treasurer of my need to “nuture” after the death of my daughter.  Please help me keep my babies. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my plea.

April 04, 2006 11:56 PM
I met a young couple walking their dog, which could not have weighed more than 3 or 4 pounds.  Inasmuch as dogs are a rarity in this community, I inquired what condo they lived in.  They were afraid to tell me!!  They take the dog out late at night, carry a small bag to toss him in if they run into neighbors, and are fearful of exposure of their "terrible secret."   This is TERRIBLE!!  There has simply GOT to be some way in which this oppressive and tyrannical abuse of "condo rules" can be corrected! 

Monday 4/3/2006 12:22 AM

I'm 25 years old and I live in Lauderdale Lakes. I just bought a condo in xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx (with is an anti-pet environment).

I looked for affordable housing that allowed pets I had no luck. I do not have a pet but I really love animals and I would love to have a cat to share my home with. I really don't think it is fair...there is enough animals that are executed each day. Condo bans only make it worse. I can understand maybe a weight limit but an outright ban is unreasonable...

Tuesday 3/28/2006 4:47 PM

I don't have a pet - I'd like to have one, but my condo has a no-pets rule.  I'm working to try to change that.  Condos that are "pet friendly" are generally much more expensive and I can't afford a comparable pet-friendly condo in my neighborhood.  More importantly, I'd like to be able to save the thousands of beautiful, healthy animals waiting to be euthanized at the county's animal care and control facility. I believe that if condo owners were guaranteed the right to own pets - without the obstruction or the threat of condo rules - many lives could be saved.  Of course, we also need a major PR campaign about spaying and neutering to stem the population explosion of animals who wind up at the county facility.  Many cities, including NYC and San Francisco, have established (or are in the process of establishing) no-kill policies throughout all shelters within their jurisdictions.  There are effective models in place.  In some areas, the programs have been so effective (comprehensive population control and strong adoption programs) that there are shortages of adoptable animals at the "pounds" and adoptable animals are brought in from areas with "surpluses".  Wouldn't it be wonderful, if this were true for Palm Beach County?  

Wednesday 3/22/2006 5:11 PM

We have allowed 2 small  pets per apartment at the xxxxx for 33 years.   Our board just  passed new rules and banned any future pets…..Can they do this???   Half of   the current buyers seem to be pet owners.

Our declaration does not mention pets.....We  do have had some rules about noise  or  pets not  running on the beach, etc  but several owners have pets.....We are trying to sell a condo and 3 of the last 5 prospects had pets and are now afraid to buy.  Our board has the  broad power to take  'reasonable' actions....The condo attorney says you are wrong and that banning pets  after 33 years  is reasonable and can be voted without owner ratification as long as the board deems their decision to be  'reasonable'....Who is correct.??????.     the board,  the condo attorney, or the state ombudsman.. It is very important.

Monday 3/27/2006 11:33 AM

I live in a Boca Raton, FL townhouse regulated by a HOA.  We as owners are allowed pets as owners.  I now want to rent my townhouse and the HOA board does not allow renters to have pets.  I thought that renters have the same rights as owners regarding pets, except for voting and going to board meetings.

Monday 3/27/2006 9:28 AM

I had written you once before and told you that I live in a 6 unit condo in Hollywood and had always been told that it was a no-pet building.  Actually, the by-laws stated that there were to be "no pets unless voted on by a majority of unit owners".  When I brought that up to the then CONDO COMMANDO she was angry!  Needless to say, I took a poll of the other owners and everyone was in favor of having pets aside from the Commando!  Today I have two wonderful Humane Society adoptees who are best dogs ever!  I even ocassionally take in a foster doggie and search for a home for it.

My rule of thumb in life is this:  Do not trust anyone that doesn't like dogs!  There is obviously something terribly wrong with them.


Thanks for all of your hard work!

Sunday 3/26/2006 9:18 AM


I live in a cooperative in Lighthouse Point, FL. No pets. I assume and hope this would apply to cooperatives as well. We’d move if we could, I miss having a dog so much. Most of the people here are part-time residents for 3-4 months of the year but make the rules. Let me know if I can help...

Thursday, 3/23/2006, 8:20 PM

My mother and father live in xxxxx. They have always had a dog and love dogs. They spend six months a year in New York where they have a large house adjoining woods. My own dog, who died last year at age 16, spend every summer with them upstate NY, running in the woods and having fun. They are heartsick since his death that they cannot get a dog. Sammy the dog, became mine when they went back to Florida. They cannot understand why xxxxx cannot allow them to keep a pet even though they own their home.

 Here is what I know. I am a counselor with graduate degrees who knows the following: many studies have shown that seniors live longer when they have pets; they lower their blood pressure; they are less depressed; they are certainly less lonely. What I have never understood is why when all the studies show that having pets give them a reason to live, to walk (lets not forget the good exercise walking the dog is), to feel needed, to walk into a home where there is life. For many of the elderly the only warmth and kisses they receive is from an animal. I am asking please, on behalf of my parents xxxxxx and xxxxxx xxxxx, please change the rules. People, especially the elderly should be allowed to have pets. It is ironic to me that in New York City where it is so difficult to keep pets (walking a dog in the snow at six am, down six flights of stairs) so many buildings do allow pets. In Florida where one only has to walk out the door and see green, so many places allow no pets. It is healthy, human, better to live with pets. If you are worrying about "dirty" grounds it would be OK to fine people; if you worry about a mess inside the apartment, I would think if one owns it, it is their prerogative. You could have a one or two pet limit, but at least allow A pet. Thanks,

Friday 3/10/2006 12:06 PM

I live in a mobile home park with 1200 residents run by a self-appointed management company that has a stranglehold on every aspect of our lives. We as homeowners own our land, yet this company which was the original developer in the early 60's has recently sought to amend their already restrictive rules including having homeowners register their cats and dogs and have to submit pictures of the animals to be placed on file at the management company. Is this legal??? In addition we received the notice of amended changes on March 3 and were informed that we had until the 15th to voice any opposition. This is less then two weeks notice. Is this legal??? Would appreciate any in-put. many thanks.

Thursday, 3/2/2006 4:38 PM

I own a 1 BR condo, which is currently a rental, but I am having to move back in due to a bad breakup with my boyfriend (I live in his house). I want to take my dog with me. The condo bylaws say no dogs unless ADA. If you have ANYONE to refer me to I'd appreciate it. Is there any way to get around the bylaws below and keep my dog? Thanks.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006 3:33 PM

I am the owner of an oceanfront condominium in the town of South Palm Beach;  I am also the owner of a dog. Owing to the highly restrictive policies imposed by my condominium, these two facts became irreconcilable, and led to a protracted  legal battle between the condo and myself, one which was both financially and emotionally draining.  In the end, I succeeded in getting my dog accepted, but ONLY because my attorney found that the condo's by-laws and its rules were in direct contradiction of each other on the pet issue.  I believe that it is long past time for those in position of authority to re-think the ill-considered "no pets" rule that prevails in many, if not most South Florida condominiums.  Most of these condominiums are, in fact, comprised to a large extent, of a senior populace.  Numerous sociological studies have shown that seniors benefit physically and/or psychologically from the comforting presence of pets, such as cats and dogs.  In addition, barring prospective buyers from condominiums simply because they may own a pet is both senseless and self-defeating.  Have you any idea how many such persons have been forced to look elsewhere because of this ill-conceived policy?  "Welcome to our condo......What, you have a DOG??...Good-bye!"  Where is the LOGIC behind this restrictive policy?  In today's world where almost any and all forms of discrimination  (race, religion, sexual orientation, age, to name but a few) are not merely frowned upon, but legally banned,  condominiums are STILL  permitted to restrict their property to those persons without a pet!  Clearly, a reversal of this absurd policy would open up the sales market, and it would reasonably follow that property values would increase.  Think about what it would mean if Florida condominiums began to open their doors to the acceptance of pets......the state could be seen as both progressive and visionary in its thinking, with an eye to its future.  By doggedly clinging to timeworn and illogical rules such as the restrictive "no pets" policy, condominiums across the state allow themselves to founder in the backwash of antiquated thinking!  Regrettably, and far too often, condominiums have become seemingly obsessed with over-burdensome and wholly unnecessary rules, many of which are in need of revision or removal.  You, sir, and the other members of your committee, are in a position to get the ball rolling on the whole question of condo reform.  The pet issue is of particular importance to me, given my own personal unpleasant experience, but I believe that Condo Reform MUST be given immediate attention, taking into consideration a host of factors; these should include the changing demographics of our state, as well as the employment of a "common sense" approach to determine whether certain rules are really necessary.  There can be no denying the fact that many of the existing rules and regulations of South Florida condos do NOT meet this criteria.  Condominium communities should be those in which people are made to feel both welcome AND secure in the knowledge that theirs will be a comfortable, enjoyable, and carefree lifestyle.  I call upon your committee to take that first big step to begin to institute progressive changes in Condo Law, beginning with the ridiculous "No Pets" regulation.  Change ought not to be seen necessarily as a bad or frightening thing.  Those who persist in burying their heads in the sand, and refusing to even consider such change, do themselves, their condominium, their neighbors, and their state a disservice. 

Sunday 2/26/2006 6:51 PM

I am a baby boomer and currently am the proud parent of two canines, Chloe and Stellie. My parents, who live in xxxxx xxxxx, consider these dogs to be their canine grandchildren, even though they also have two human grandchildren. For years I have had to sneak my dogs into [name of condo development] so they could visit their grandparents. One of my dogs was even trained to lie down in the back seat and “hide” whenever I said, “We’re going to grandma’s house.” We would try to go at night so that it was easier to make our “getaway” into their condo without being seen by any condo commandos. My parents would already have their door unlocked so that we could enter as quickly and surreptitiously as possible. Luckily, the neighbors who lived nearby did not have a problem with the canine visitors.

It’s really too bad that we had to go to so much trouble so that my parents could have contact with my companion animals. Recent research has confirmed the benefits of interacting with a companion animal, such as lowering blood pressure, decreasing anxiety and depression and enhancing overall health.  Having a companion animal gives seniors a reason to live, provides them with protection, especially those who live alone, forces them to increase their physical activity and promotes social interaction-all known factors for maintaining the health and wealth welfare of senior citizens. Researchers have also discovered that some dogs are capable of predicting seizures and others can differentiate cancer cells from normal cells. Millions of Americans share their homes with at least one companion animal. Yet millions of condos here in South Florida prohibit them from even entering for even a short visit. It’s ironic that seniors are the very people who would benefit most from taking care of a pet. And it’s even sadder to think that thousands of animals in shelters who are waiting for a good home, will be either euthanized or will languish for months or years, when so many seniors could be capable of giving them a great home.

In the next few weeks, my parents will be moving to an Assisted Living Facility nearby. At least these retirement homes “get it” and almost all of them allow companion animals. It will be so nice to openly and freely bring my dogs in to visit their grandparents instead of having to always sneak around.

As a baby boomer, I can tell you that as we get closer to our retirement years, most of us will not stand for places that do not allow us to keep our dogs or cats with us. I would suggest that all of you start to look at this issue more closely and recognize the incredible benefits that are inherent in living with a companion animal.

Sunday 2/12/2006 2:19 PM

...my case ended up with HUD and in court the first two weeks in December 2005..three days in court and hours on a stand. I was beat up!

Ref: I am a 65 year old lone female living in a co-op with wooded trails directly behind my building in an upscale area in Westchester, NY. Two years ago I lost my dad and position of 22 years within one week. I have a son and daughter, my daughter is very sick. My job and dad kept me getting up and out. I am now chronically depressed.

And wanting a small dog as a companion.

 Had the doctor's note and he showed up in court.


 I whole court episode turned into a nightmare. I had a  BOB (bottom of barrel) representative from housing, up till this point they/HUD gave me (false) hope -- the building hired two NYC lawyers.

Tuesday 2/7/2006 8:56 AM

...I love how you said "children with fur"! My two kitty cats are just that way to me, too!...

Sunday 2/5/2006 12:48 AM

...I'm in the process of selling my condo and a woman wanted to look at it since we allow small pets (20 lbs).  She had two small dogs and my condo only allows 1. 

The rules need to be rewritten and don't limit the size of the pet or quantity if they are properly taken care of.  If they have a well behaved large dog, what is the difference.  The smaller dogs are usually more chatty.


My Whippet is quiet and I was lucky they let me keep him - he weighs 34 lbs...

Fri 1/27/2006 2:19 PM

Hi.......A  woman in a bldg down the street referred me to the website.  You wouldn't believe what I went through to get my dog accepted in this condo!  Cost me a great deal of money and aggravation.......had to put my dog in a kennel for 7 months while the issue was being adjudicated.  This a beautiful oceanfront community, but filled with anti-animal individuals who are absolutely close-minded on the issue of pets in the area.  I could practically write a book about my experiences here!  Coming from New York City, I thought I knew all about people, but not until I got here did I find out how mean-spirited people can be! 

Thurs 1/5/2006  1:37 PM

My Name is xxxxx & we just applied to xxxxxx for a condo/I refused to sign the Pet exclusion page/& we submitted a letter from my doctor stating that my husband who is on a 100% disability due to limited vision&diabetic neuropathies has need of a pet for metal&physical stability.etc/ We have been waiting for a response for almost a week to continue the application process/ What are my legal rights?/ Can they stop us from moving in with the letter?/ our pet is a 20lb pug-My husband got her the 1st day he was advised of the problems with his eyes/his eyes have been getting progressively worse&some day he might have need of a service dog-but not yet/ do you have any information or helpful hints to expedite our cause/ any info you can provide will be helpful...

[answer:  xxxxxx, number one, please go to my web site and sign my petition (just follow the link from the web page).  It is important to let government officials know that there is a groundswell of home owners who want to make their own decisions about how they live.

Our web page has answers to your questions.  You can check out all the information, including following the various links to other resources, on this section of the web page:  http://www.petsincondos.org/ifdenied.htm.  You do NOT have an automatic legal right, but court cases have been won based on interpretations of a combination of disability law and housing laws.]

Tue 11/15/2005 9:31 AM

If I have a Doctor's letter stating that I need my dog for my chronic depression condition should I present it to my condo association prior to going to Florida or wait until they say something to me about having the dog there.  My condo does not allow pets of any kind.

Mon, 14 Nov 2005 07:02:11

...I am widowed, 47 and have a cat , which, I don't know what I'd do without her.

She is all that I have and love her dearly...

Fri 11/11/2005 1:13 AM

Please help !!! I live in a condo which I inherited from my dad who passed away last year.  I was living with him for about 2 yrs before he passed and have kept the condo.  I moved in with my little yorkshire terrier even though there are not pets allowed here.  He is paper trained so I never take him out and many people in this condo complex have cats, and birds.  However, I came hom from work today to find a notice that it was reported that I have a dog and I must get rid of it.  This is a 55+ community and to my knowledge, no one else received any such notification to get rid of their animals.  I might add, that since my dad's passing I have suffered depression and am on medication for it and the only thing that gets me thru is my little , sweet, and loving canine campanion. 

Is there anything I can do and is my only alternative to move.


Please help if you can provide any information and/or legal rights that I might have. 


Thank you

Wednesday 10/12/2005 2:38 PM

I am the president of a condo association in Lauderhill. When I was first elected, back in April 1997, the major plank in my platform was that many rules and regulations were overly restrictive and bordered on an invasion of privacy. While, after my election, I discovered that there were sound reasons for any number of those rules, I still objected to the No Pets rule. A few years back, I got that rule changed, allowing unit owners to keep pets under the following conditions:

1) It must be kept indoors all the time.

2) There must be no objectionable noises or odors.

3) Violations would be strictly enforced.


Friday 9/9/2005 10:59 PM

Dear Sir or Madam: 

I need your help to keep my puppy Paco.  Our condo association is telling us we are only allowed to have one dog and we already have another dog.  We live in the state of NJ and are in good standing with the Condo Association otherwise.  I have attached the letter that I wrote in our defense with this email.  I am praying that the Condo Association won't break up my little family. 


Please let me know if you have any other suggestions.... I am desperate! 

Thursday, August 18, 2005 11:59 AM

I am being treated for depression.  I have been seeing a psychiatrist for many years.   This small 10 lb. dog has decreased my blood pressure, anxiety and depression.  After reading a number of documents from the website you directed me to, it seems that if my Doctor writes me a letter I should be able to bring the dog with me.  I am not a permanent resident at the condo.  The most I would be there would be 4 months a year.  Do you have any other suggestions or advice? 

I not only signed your petition and e-mailed it to several of my friends and colleagues.  If I can be of any further help please let me know. 

Thank you so very much.

Thursday, July 7, 2005 5:19 PM

Dear [Citizens for Pets in Condos]:

           ...I am a board member at xxxxxx in Miami.  Now they are harassing me along with other unit owners regarding are dogs.  Our current president has stated to other unit owners who are vocal that “he is tired of the dog people”.  We are permitted two dogs per unit no more than 15 lbs when fully grown.  The board has decided to change our rules and now require people to carry them.  Unfortunately, we need our hands and arms free to lock our doors, open other heavy doors in our building to exit, push elevator buttons, carry disposal bags, etc. -  all this while carrying two dogs.  We are all injuring ourselves while we maneuver opening doors with our elbows, butts and backs etc……The board attorneys (xxxxx and xxxxx) state that it is a reasonable rule for all unit owners to carry their dogs.  I have made many efforts to convince the board that we have people with medical conditions, etc.… but they didn’t care.  Our original documents state that we can walk our dogs as long as they are leashed.  In addition, our building is marketed as a dog-friendly building.   Today we received notice from the managers office that we all must register our dogs.  We are required to submit a vets note with updated vaccinations and dog weight.  [Cyber Citizens for Justice]  has referred me to your website and it is excellent.  However, I need your personal suggestions. 

 Wednesday, June 08, 2005 12:33 PM:


I am a senior citizen...that right there took a lot to admit.

I am trying to get a small dog as a companion, yes, I am depressed and have many problems BUT so do many others.

I lost my dad and job last year in the same week. I can find no reason to get out of bed in the morning. Tried to find a position volunteering, all they are looking for is someone to stuff envelopes.

I have a lovely wooded area directly behind my apartment/co-op and I am normally a very outgoing person. Love to hike & would love to have a little dog to hug.

I just filed a complaint with HUD but as of today it looks like they the board are hiring a lawyer to fight my request, does not look good.

Any advice?

Thank you.

Thu 5/26/2005 3:00 PM










Thu 6/16/2005 10:23 PM

...Thanks also for your work with Citizens for Pets in Condos.  That's a good cause, as anyone knows who has seen all the animals doomed to shelters or worse because of "No Pets" policies. 

--Matthew Scully, former speech writer for President Bush and author of “Dominion:  The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy”

Fri 8/12/05 10:14 AM


I know that there is nothing legal that can be done about this particular point, but I want to let you know that parts of the wording of the no pet clause is highly offensive to me and I am sure it is objectionable to other people as well.  When the text says that an owner may be required to “DISPOSE OF” their pet, it brings up images like those below.  It is in VERY poor taste to speak of peoples pets as if they are things, or worse yet, pieces of garbage.  People being treated this way, being told to part with animals that they LOVE, are hurt even further by this insensitive language.  It makes the board sound cruel and heartless.  Was this the impression you want to make?  I really think that all that was necessary was to say that people must be responsible for their animals.

Are pets really disposable? 

Pauline Dewberry says, "...how in Heaven’s
name can [someone] just discard a much-loved
family pet?...Our companion animals give us
humans so much more than we could ever
give to them – don’t they deserve our all in
terms of love, affection, and respect?  " 

Read more in "Disposable Pets" .

related quote: "We ought not to treat creatures like shoes or household
belongings which, when worn with use, we throw away." ~Plutarch

Author Milan Kundera writes about the Russian take-over of his native Czechloslovakia.   First the conquerors shot all the pigeons, then all the dogs, and finally got to their true purpose:  dominate the human beings in their new territory.  Just like there is a correspondence between violence to animals and serial-killers,  there is a correspondence between grabbing power and ill-treatment of animals.  Is that why so-called "condo commandos" want all pets removed? - so they can better dominate and contol the people?