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Housing Options

So-called “55+ communities” and associations with pet and rental restrictions are taking a big hit

— or are plainly unable to sell. read more here

from Jan Bergemann of Cyber Citizens for Justice

The official AARP (American Association of Retired Person) position on pets

“expanding the right to have
pets increases the stock of housing

that pet owners may choose from.”

Click HERE for a guide to changing the rules in your community to allow pets.

“…allowing pets in condos has a positive effect on condominium prices in the South Florida condo market.”

See Pet Policy and Housing Prices

Listings of pet friendly apartments, condos, townhouses & homes

where your dog, cat, ferret, bunny, bird or other pet is allowed:

Our local south Florida listings

People with Pets (national)

No Paws Left Behind Pet-Friendly Apartment Search (national) (fill in a zip code, then click on MORE, then Pet Policy) (national), click on advanced and select Pet Friendly

You can search Apartment Guide by location and also by whether pets are allowed.(first fill in desired location, then select Pets under Special Features). offers a similar  feature  (search by location and then select Pet Policy from the “Refine your search” options to the right side of the page).

So does (see choices under the “more” drop-down list)

Assisted Living
(It is easier to find a place to have a pet in assisted living housing than in a condo!)

Find pet friendly apartments at MyApartmentMap

At least in south Florida, it can be easier to find an apartment than a condo allowing pets.
our policy about renters and pets

Pet Vacation Homes

(Pet Friendly Rentals Homes Condos Hotels Holiday Villas)

Find pet friendly vacation rentals in Florida on Vacation Rental Pros

Guidelines to finding pet-friendly housing, from HSUS

Responsible pet owners make ideal tenants (and we say the same for making good unit owners!)

What's Everyone Barking At, by attorney Joshua Krut

source: Miami’s Community Newspapers, Aventura edition, 2/8 – 2/14/2012, p. 8.

[We agree with Mr. Krut. See samples of reasonable pet guidelines here.)

Most of the condo “non pet” rules are outdated. They are inherited by new owner’s based on

rule’s set up 20/30 years when the Condo first opened. As building’s change they rules should

be updated to let all owner’s be happy, even the minority shareholder’s of the condo’s who would

like to own pets.
— comment on our petition

“I’m a realtor and most of Palm Beach island is restricted against pets of any kind. If you own a condo that allows pets, you actually have a much more desireable building and it’s easier to sell. It’s a benefit and owners should vote to amend their rules and regulations. All the new towers on Singer Island allow pets!!” — Kevin Dickenson, Realtor, commenting on our petition

As half of a working couple considering Florida for retirement, I think I’ll persuade my partner to abandon the idea. We don’t want to live without our companion animals! We’ll seek out real estate in another state and add to THEIR tax revenues. — comment on our petition

Allowing pets opens up the market, says a resident at The Addison in Boca Raton, FL. Within a month after establishing a pets-allowed policy three units were sold.
“…From my experience in real estate I do understand the resistance to these changes. Most condos that had been friendly to pets soon changed their by-laws account of a few people who deserved this action. Leaving an animal unattended in an apartment for days and barking through the night at the annoyance of other residents is a valid reason. The practice of careless owners messing up and littering on property is another one. Generally the number of owners that practice this kind of abuse is rare. Most everyone loves their dog and would think less to be a part of such cruel and irresponsible behavior. Yet an account of the few negligent owners the majority suffers.

“The availability of condos that are friendly to pets is indeed a rare find. The benefits of this rule however serves these owners in hard times and in strong markets. They sell very quickly.

“With the growing demand for pet friendly residences it should be a reminder that pets do what they are trained to do behave and love and serve their masters. It should be a responsibility to each owner to love and respect their pets by maintaining those laws pertaining to enjoyment and sharing of common elements with those that may not be so understanding as to what a dog is to a loving family”.
— comment on our petition [Note – Because of these concerns, like ASPCA and Doris Day Animal League, Citizens for Pets in Condos encourages formation of Pet Committees to deal with pet nuisance issues. Read more here.]
– – –

Ruth Arnold, broker and owner of Rare Homes and Properties in Pompano Beach, says the market will affect pet policies more than any court case. She sees Baby Boomers demanding change, “I’m not going to buy, if I can’t bring my dog,” eventually translating into, “If I can’t sell my condo, the board needs to open up to buyers with pets.” In a matter of months, Ms. Arnold has watched communities — one being Leisureville in Pompano — amend pet policies, immediately raising property values by five to 10 percent. – It’s a Dogfight, by Athena Ponushis, 5/26/2011, Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter Florida Weekly.

Citizens for Pets in Condos believes that no-pet deed restrictions make properties less valuable in today’s culture. South Florida Business Journal reported a $1 billion dollar drop in residential property values in 2007. Read more here.

“…on average it doesn’t seem to be the case from our data that people with pets cause more damage,” says Josh Frank, co-founder of the Foundation for Interdisciplinary Research and Education Promoting Animal Welfare (FIREPAW). ‘And even in cases when they do cause damage, it’s less than

any pet deposit,
so it’s not an amount that affects the profitability.'”

As a Realtor, I know the value of a condo DECREASES when pets are not allowed. It is time to realize that people do know how to clean up after their pets, and will do so. Open up the world to the friendship of pets!

— comment on our petition

Not being able to have pets in condos has ruined many sales in our complex. Ladies living alone want to have companion small pets (4-legged) but our condo rules state NO pets. It would be wonderful to be able to allow small pets. Would make life easier for many elderly single homeowners. — comment on our petition

How Pets Can be Good for Both Renters and Landlords (Sunday, May 24, 2009) by Marilyn Wolf, BS, CPDT –
Pet Trainer & Behavior  Consultant, New Port Richey, FL

Condos and apartments that allow pets increase the market  thus increasing the value of their units,

Many more  home buyers are looking for pet friendly communities to live in with their dogs and cats when

compared to those few who look for pet banned communities..

“Some condo and many co-op boards won’t allow dogs. They will, however, accept people who are noisy, less amusing and certainly not as well groomed. I wouldn’t care if these boards controlled boring buildings, but they happen to run a few of the properties we most covet. ” (source Let’s neuter co-op boards).

Note: Many places that say “Pets Welcome,” are actually only talking about cats and small dogs, under 15 pounds.  People who have the larger dogs really have to be careful, because many of these Pet Friendly places, be it condos or rental-apartments, don’t indicate that they only allow the small pets, not the larger ones.

Beware – just because a development allows pets, rules can
change.  If they do change, your existing pets should be
grandfathered in, but you may be prevented from replacing your
pets down the line.  This caution is of particular concern
for new housing areas, because developers tend to have less
restrictive rules to try to sell out as quickly as possible.

ASPCA advocates
supporting a bill “A 2645” in

New Jersey to make more animal-friendly housing available

If you live in NJ, please urge your legislators to support A 2645 which
would prohibit landlords from refusing to rent to persons with companion
animals. (3/7/06)

NOTE – Even though there
are these relatively few housing choices where pets are allowed, there
is still a SERIOUS problem finding places to live with larger dogs. That
is a shame because often the larger dogs are calmer and bark less.

From our friends at Cyber Citizens for Justice


Here is something we have said since many years: The more restrictions the less potential buyers. Please read: “Wynmoor residents fear rules may hurt sales” at: Wynmoor is a typical example for these old 55+ communities. They restrict nearly everything — and haven’t figured out that the new generation of retirees looking to buy condos (if there are still some coming down to Florida) hate too many restrictions — starting with pets! But as the saying goes: Can’t teach on old dog new tricks!

quote from What can you do if your condo doesn’t allow pets, Palm Beach Daily News, 5/4/2009:

…Many brokers here would agree with Douglas Rill, president of Century 21 on the island, who said, “We have found that it’s harder to sell a condo if they don’t allow dogs and cats. You can generally get more money for a place in a pet-friendly building. And no-pet properties may lead people to buy elsewhere — for example, Singer Island, where almost all the new condos allow pets.”

There has been a recent study of pets and condo sales in Fort Lauderdale by Tim Allen, professor and director of the Carter Real Estate Center at the College of Charleston. He said that his study of condominium sale prices, “clearly demonstrates that allowing pets has a significantly positive effect on condominium prices in this market.”

Rick Theise, president of the condo association at The Reefs, has found this to be true in our area as well.

“We find that 20 percent of those interested in moving in won’t even look at a place if it’s not pet-friendly,” he said. “And after they do move in, allowing pets makes a building friendlier because the pet people get to know each other.”…

Chicago Condos Online has a buyers’ checklist that includes this question:

“Are pets allowed? If so, is there a size or number limit?”

Phoenix’s prestigious Zazu Pannee Park Regent has redefined corporate relocation and temporary short term housing to include, among other things, Pets Welcome + Pet Watch Service.

Snowbirds care about allowing pets in condos! A Toronto, Ontario, Canada web site has a link to us: Houses for sale in Toronto

According to
Where to Retire Magazine‘s
“America’s 100 Best Master-Plannned Communties,” by Mary Lu Abbot,
July/August 2007:  “The Latest Amenity:  Dog Parks.  A
number of [the 100 best] communities now cate to owners of pooches with
enclosed parks, where residents can take their dogs and let them run
free.  While the dogs play, the residents socialize.”

Being pet friendly is part of a new marketing strategy to attract more buyers

Residents of UF-affiliated senior community share a youthful zeal for pets,
poker and partying in the streets.

5 tips on what to look for when choosing a home for you and your pet

(Some developments cater to the furrier members of

“Ask about your
neighbors, then buy the house.” –Yiddish proverb


will people learn that more restrictions reduce the number of potential
The fat times where people lined up to buy condos and homes
are history. Times have changed! ” — Jan Bergemann,
Cyber Citizens for Justice

residents of Del Webb Communities have pets.  The community’s Covenants,
Codes & Restrictions (CC&R’s) may contain rules governing the types,
numbers and sizes of pets permitted, as well as, issues pertaining to
pet restraint, sanitation, and the extent to which pets are permitted in
common use area of the community. 

If we
can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Del Webb
Communities @
” or 1-888-717-9777.” 

“It is time for us to unite and take action to protect ourselves and our sweet pets from the many bizarre rules and regulations imposed upon us by condo comandos! It is almost impossible to find a home in South Florida that does not have some kind of a homeowners association. Most people don’t realize that when you become a “member” of one of these associations, you give up your rights under the United States Constitution! Who do these people think they are? Give a little bit of power to “little” people, and it becomes a BIG PROBLEM! Let’s turn the tide on them. Save a beloved pets from these ridiculous rules!” — comment on our petition

Helpful Realtors, by county:


Susan Grimes realtor


William Murphey
“Real Estate Answers for Pets
and Their Families”
Tropical Springs Realty
Phone: 954-249-8300
Address: 1750 University Dr Suite 126, Coral Springs, FL (Broward County)



Pet Friendly Condos – Dan Maza, PA

Tracey Schmitt, pet owner
and pet friendly realtor specializing in Aventura, Bal Harbour, Williams
Island, Sunny Isles, Bay Harbour and Hallandale Beach:
Cellular: 305-323-3269
Office: 305-932-1771 x 174
Fax: 800-906-5545



more pet-friendly realtors in Miami-Dade listed on Florida Pet Pages

JamesLeiderspecializing in north Miami-Dade


Charlene Reiff, Realtor
My goal is “Keeping YOU & Your PETS
ph: 561-395-6424
fax: 561-394-4627
cell: 561-715-0179


Florida Properties
9174 Glades Road, Suite A4
Boca Raton, FL  33428
561- 883-0024


A guide for homebuyers looking for pet-friendly condos on the Gulf of Mexico is now available.

To receive a free copy of “My Pet Loves Naples,” contact Jutta V. Lopez at

Go to Florida Pet Book for more pet-friendly realtors.

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