Issues & Answers

Issues and Answers

Responsibilities of Pet Owners/Guardians                                                               Solutions by Issue

Citizens for Pets in Condos believes that pet problems are really owner/guardian problems.

A few irresponsible people can ruin it for everyone else.  As Brigitte Bardot, former French film star, said,“Unfortunately it’s always the dogs paying the price for their master’s ignorance, irresponsibility and bad behavior.”

Responsible pet ownership can provide numerous benefits to the individual owner and the rest of the community. But pet owners should be conscientious in controlling their animals to eliminate the need for the association to address this as an issue.  There is some evidence that having pet owner committees to administer reasonable pet guidelines works. (see ASPCA Model Pet Ownership Policy and A Good Practice Guide). They want pets and want to make sure all people who have the priviledge of having pets abide by the rules so the priviledge is not removed. They can help when a pet guardian is ill or hospitalized temporarily and can help re-home a pet if something happens to the owner. Print our handout – “Why Train Your Dog?”

Pet Owners must shore the responsibility of making sure their pet does not disturb and disrupt life for other residents


Ideas and Action Plans

Getting C.G.C. (Canine Good Citizen) certification from the AKC (American Kennel Club) makes for a better behaved dog and give others fewer reasons to complain

One thing that responsible pet guardians do is to train their animals to avoid the kinds of behavior problems
that cause objections

Here’s a suggestion. How about trying the four “K’s”?

K-eep your cat indoors.  

K-eep your dog on a leash.

K-eep pets reasonably quiet so they don’t disturb your neighbors.

K-lean up after your animals. (OK … so we cheated a little on that last “K”.)

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