Pet Committee

What is a “pet committee” and how does it work?

from Best Friends for Life, Humane Housing for Animals and People*

“There are very few issues in a condo as emotional as threatening pet ownership. A fair, reasonable policy can be tailored to each association. We formed a Pet Committee which consists of ALL pet owners who police each other. After all, if there is a problem, it impacts all pet owners, not just the offender.” – Patricia M. Pacitti, ARM, LCAM – Property Manager

A pet committee consisting of pet guardians, residents without pets, veterinarians, and knowledgeable persons from local humane groups can
help residents and management in the solution of pet problems. By acting as the first line of complaints as well as complaint resolution, the
pet committee can alleviate the housing manager’s involvement with resident’s questions and complaints concerning pets. The number of
individuals should be uneven—ideally three to five—to allow for a majority rule in a vote decision. Emphasizing “caring for each other”
rather than “policing each other,” the pet committee provides peer pressure and peer support for responsible pet guardians. The committee
could assist residents by:

  • Providing educational material on proper pet care and
    responsible pet guardianship.
  • obtain discounts on such procedures as spaying and
  • Helping each other when an animal guardian has some kind of emergency (medical or other) and has to be away
  • Resolving complaints and requesting management
    assistance when necessary.

See also ASPCA Model Pet Ownership Policy and A Good Practice Guide,

Former Citizens for Pets in Condos board member, Bobby Albre formed a pet committee in her condo complex. She found that a pet committee also helps in situations when someone becomes temporarily incapacitated. A pet committee can also help deal with the “unspeakable” – whn someone passes away. Some of the hidden reasoning for not allowing pets in senior communities is the worry about what to do with animals left behind.

*originally from Doris Day Animal League, which is now subsumed under the Humane Society of the United States

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