change to Public Charity

Help Citizens FOR Pets in Condos Celebrate our Status Change

After a 5-year period of acting as a public charity, the IRS has finally officially changed our 501-c3 status from Private Operating Foundation to that of Public Charity.
Please consider making a donation of at least $5 to help us celebrate. You can donate via PayPal on
(using your bank account or credit card) or you can mail a check to Citizens for Pets in Condos, PO Box 26071, Tamarac, FL 33321.

Some wacky IRS history: In the first pass of becoming an exempt organization, the IRS seemed to think we were a condominium complex. Next they classified us as a Private Operating Foundation (an organization that gives away money to causes) and it has taken us years to get that straightened out with them, plus an investment / processing fee of $400 to get this done. That was a big chunk of our operating funds, leaving us strapped for upcoming expenses like state fees and web hosting costs.

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